Hotel Cocaine – Episode 4 “ The Most Wonderful Time of The Year” Recap & Review

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Episode 4 of Hotel Cocaine starts with Valeria in a sad mood because Andrew, the congressman’s son, turned her down because of his parents. Roman is glad, but Marisol warns him to tread carefully so as not to hurt Valeria’s feelings further.

She changes the topic by asking him to get the Christmas lights. On the news, reporters cover the assassination of the three men, but Roman turns off the TV and assures his family they are safe.

On the other hand, Alvaro reports to his superior, Yolanda. Yolanda is unhappy about Nestor surviving and kills Alvaro. It turns out Yolanda and Alvaro work for a man called Don Henao.

Henao is planning to take over Miami, but that might have to wait until Nestor is dead. After killing Alvaro and dumping his body in the ocean, Yolanda heads over to Mutiny.

Meanwhile, Zulio interrupts Roman when he is doing his Christmas shopping and demands to know why Nestor killed his rivals. Roman tries to explain that Alvaro is the responsible party, but Zulio gets defensive about slipping on his job.

He threatens to come after Valeria and asks Roman to get Nestor to incriminate himself on tape. To make his point, he ruins Roman’s Christmas lights to show him how a team needs to work together. 

At the club, Burton reaches out to Ray Dorado, a bank owner and asks for a loan. Ray offers to help if Burton puts up the hotel as collateral.

Forced into a corner, Burton accepts the deal and later mocks his sister for beating her at her game. However, Constance threatens to have a judge she knows to look into the bank and Burton’s account books. She argues she is helping Burton come to his senses.

After getting more threats from Zulio, Roman visits Nestor, and they talk in his office. They talk about the Columbians, and Nestor admits on tape that someone is coming for his turf. Zulio is excited when Nestor basically snitches on himself.

Later, Roman tells Candice that he couldn’t let Nestor die, but he feels sick for betraying his brother. As they talk, Yolanda approaches to ask how she can get into the club and entertain her business associates without a card.

By the looks of it, Roman is instantly attracted to her and grants her temporary entry. Candice is shocked since Roman never gives anyone special treatment.

At the club, Yolanda entertains her associates and assures them that she is working on killing Nestor. She lies she doesn’t know what happened to Alvaro. 

That night, Zulio visits Roman at the club, and he is happy. His bosses are happy that they finally have enough on Nestor, but Roman is worried about his role being discovered. Zulio promises he will try to keep Roman’s identity a secret and make sure he never has to testify.

After Zulio leaves, Yolanda starts flirting with Zulio, inviting him to the dance floor. Just when Roman starts getting into the dance, she leaves him high and dry on the dance floor.

At home, Yolanda worries that Roman is dealing with a lot of guilt for betraying his brother and saving Valeria.

At the same time, Valeria spends time with Nestor. She thanks him for the car and tells him about Andrew’s parents keeping him away from her. She thinks it is because she is Cuban, but Nestor knows it is because of his business. He calls a meeting with the congressman and threatens him to get Valeria a date with Andrew.

Who needs Cupid and a fairy godmother when they have a mafia uncle? The date goes well but Andrew is surprised when Valeria asks what changed his parent’s mind. He comes clean and tells her about his dad’s ties with her uncle. Valeria is in disbelief when he informs her that Nestor is the biggest drug cartel in Miami. She thought her uncle was in the boat business.

At the DEA’s office, Zulio gets strict orders to use Roman to find out more about the Colombians. Zulio refuses the order at first since Roman kept the end of his deal. He feels bad to have to threaten Roman again to get information on the new players in town. However, his boss insists and threatens to do worse to Roman if he fails on the new mission.

Finally, we get a first look at Don Henao, who is busy in the middle of a jungle harvesting his cocaine. He has a whole operation managing the harvesting and everything else that goes into the business.

He gets a call from Yolanda updating him about the situation in Miami. Yolanda promises to look into who warned Nestor, and her investigation leads her to Marty Owens. She tortures the man in his office until he comes clean about Roman’s brief visit. After that, she kills him and returns to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Burton gets a visit from Ray, who is pissed that Constance is having a judge issue a subpoena to look into his books. He warns Burton to take care of his sister before he does. Burton brainstorms with Candice, and they decide to show Constance some fun. She is uptight, so Burton decides to slip some drugs into her drinks and get her to loosen up.

The two have a good time at the club, and by the end of it, Constance admits she loves her brother. She just wants him to get his stuff together. Burton offers to let her manage the hotel and is excited they can work together.

They agree to meet the next day and talk about the details. Burton notices Ray and offers to get someone to drive Constance home, but she rejects his offer since she has her own driver.

That same night, Zulio visits the club to talk to Roman and tell him about the new orders. Roman is so angry he tries to choke the DEA agent to death. Candice intervenes and saves Zulio.

The man admits he is in the wrong and promises to let the attack go. He even offers to steal the tape and save Nestor and Valeria if Roman helps with the Columbians.

Roman sneaks into Yolanda’s room to get more intel and overhears her talking to Don Henao about Owens. She also tells her lover about Roman and that she has already sent men to kill him and his family.

Roman quickly rushes home and intercepts the hitmen just outside his house. He uses their guns (the guns had silencers on) to kill them. Unaware of the threat outside, Valeria and Marisol continue decorating the house for Christmas. 

After killing the men, Roman goes inside and calls Nestor to have his men clean up the mess. Nestor promises to handle it and apologises for getting Roman’s family into trouble. He vows to keep Roman out of his business, but Roman insists on staying and dealing with the Colombians.

He wants his revenge since Yolanda came for his family. On the other side of town, Burton is called to a crime scene by the police. He finds Constance and her driver shot dead in a parking lot.

The Episode Review

Hotel Cocaine gets better with each episode. Yolanda made a mistake in coming for Roman’s family. She threatened the only thing he cared about and awoke the sleeping monster in him. He is hell-bent on getting revenge.

Together with Nestor, they will be an unstoppable force, but Don Henao looks dangerous too. In this case, there will be casualties, and Miami better be ready for the bloodshed.

Burton has had it rough in these past episodes. With Constance gone, will he turn against Ray, and what will that cost him? He should have listened to Roman and stayed away from men like Ray.

If anything, he should have tried to make peace with his sister and get her to back off from the very beginning.

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