Hotel Cocaine – Episode 3 “Dia de los Muertos” Recap & Review

Dia de los Muertos

Episode 3 of Hotel Cocaine starts people partying it up at the Mutiny Club like usual. Surprisingly, Nestor makes his first visit to the club in an effort to convince Roman to join him in the drug business. As expected, Roman is hesitant, saying he knows nothing about the drug business. However, Nestor won’t take no for an answer. 

He gives Roman his first task—to look into one guest, Alvaro Gomez. Alvaro is a Colombian man trying to get into the Miami drug market and meet with Nestor’s associates.

Nestor is planning to meet with Alvaro, too, but he wants to do due diligence first. That is where Roman comes in; Nestor wants him to investigate where Alvaro is getting his products since he is selling them at a cheaper price. He also wants Roman to find out if Alvaro means serious business.

The scene cuts to Alvaro meeting with Nestor’s associate in his suite and convincing them his product is better and cheaper. He refuses to tell them more about his boss and only shows them the symbol of the products.

Therefore, until we know this mysterious boss, we will call him La Cobra since that is his trademark. 

Later, Roman confronts Candice about Chucho’s death, but she denies any involvement. He confides in her about Nestor’s request and his ongoing predicament. Zulio’s unexpected visit to the club adds to Roman’s stress.

Zulio demands more information from Roman, who insists that Nestor is still grieving Chucho. Zulio subtly threatens Roman by revealing the mail he intercepted, which contains Valeria’s driving license. This act serves as a chilling reminder that Zulio has leverage over Roman. 

Feeling motivated, Roman approaches Candice for some intel on Alvaro. She advises him to gift Alvaro with some free drinks since the man won’t leave his suite.

Roman uses this opportunity to enter Alvaro’s suite under the pretence of delivering a gift from Nestor. He surveils the room and sees that Alvaro keeps a notebook on him.

Alvaro is not pleased that Nestor sent a gift instead of attending the meeting and harshly kicks Roman out. He insists that Nestor should meet and speak to him directly. 

On the other hand, Burton finds himself in trouble after his sister, Constance, visits. Connie wants to use Burton’s incompetence, especially in managing the books, to take over the hotel.

A few years ago, Burton took a loan that is due in the next few days. Constance knows that Burton lacks the money to make the balloon payment on the loan and is determined to take over the hotel. She offers to pay him out and invites him to her office to discuss the deal. However, Burton is not ready to let the business go.

In the meantime, Roman visits Nestor and meets his wife, Alejandra, this time. Alejandra is excited to plan her party to honour the dead, as per her Mexican custom.

Nestor uses this opportunity to invite Roman and his family. He is hoping to reconnect with his goddaughter, Valeria, and meet Marisol. Roman is hesitant, but changes his mind as he reminisces with Nestor about their mom’s cooking.

After Constance’s visit, Burton meets with his lawyers, but they tell him that he is in serious trouble. He tries to approach Roman for some advice, but Roman is preoccupied with his issues. Burton turns his attention to one of the guests, supposedly a spiritual leader to give him advice.

In the meantime, Roman meets with Zulio and tries to convince him to leave him alone if he gets him a bigger fish than Nestor. Zulio refuses to believe that someone is messing around on Nestor’s turf but promises to check out Alvaro. He also asks Roman to install a bug in Nestor’s home office and refuses to take no for an answer. 

After his meeting with Zulio, Roman and Candice go through Alvaro’s trash and learn nothing other than he is into BDSM. Candice volunteers to help Roman while he attends the party at Nestor’s place.

Candice recruits two ladies to go with her to Alvaro’s room and bring his BDSM fantasy to life. While they distract him, she clogs his toilet to give Roman a chance to get into the room later.

Meanwhile, Roman heads home and convinces Marisol to go to the party with him. Nestor is happy to reunite with Valeria and meet her godfather. She spends time with Alejandra and meets a boy, the son of a Congressman, who is also at the party.

As expected, Nestor has ties with politicians because it is beneficial to his business. As the party rags on, Roman sneaks into Nestor’s office and hides the bug. 

Nestor is too preoccupied with dealing with a man who dared hit on his wife at the party to realise his brother is betraying him. Still, at the party, Roman updates Nestor on Alvaro and mentions all the associates he saw meeting with Alvaro. This prompts Nestor to grow more suspicious of Alvaro, as he is sure he is up to something. 

The next day, Alvaro calls the receptionist to report his clogged toilet, and Roman offers to personally oversee the repairs. He also offers a complimentary breakfast for Alvaro and his men at the pool. He also gets a call from Nestor asking for more information on Alvaro.

Zulio also stops by to inform Roman he is losing patience since Alvaro turns out to be a man with fake documents, so they can’t really verify his identity and his relationship to the drug business. Roman uses the clogged toilet situation to get into the room and find Alvaro’s notebook. He finds the name Marty Owens, a man who works at the port, written in the notebook. 

As his situation gets bleaker, Burton approaches Roman, asking if there is a hotel client he knows who can offer him money. Burton is desperate to clear his loan and keep his sister from doing a hostile takeover. However, Roman warns him not to even think about it.

Most of their clientele are dangerous people who won’t hesitate to have Burton killed if he fails to pay them. Burton agrees, but he seems stressed out. 

On his way out, Roman is surprised to see Marisol and Valeria outside. Valeria is excited about her new car, but Roman is confused since he didn’t get it for her. Nevertheless, he lies to the two women that he got it at a good price using a new discount Burton started for the employees. In reality, he is pissed that Nestor bought Valeria a car without his permission.

After Valeria and Marisol leave, Roman drives to the port and meets with Owens. He pretends that Alvaro sent him to find out about the next shipment, but Owens calls his bluff. This escalates quickly, and Roman beats Owen and his two men.

He forces Owens to come clean about his dealings with Alvaro. Roman is shocked to learn that Alvaro is only importing weapons and motorcycles. He realises that Alvaro is planning a hostile takeover. He talks to Candice about this and she advises him against warning Nestor. She believes that Nestor dying will solve Roman’s problems. 

Elsewhere, Burton finally gets an audience with the spiritual leader, Maharishi. The guy gives him a quote, “When the elephant decides to walk through the village, all the dogs come out and bark.” Burton decides to stand up against his sister. He refuses to sign the contract; instead, he sniffs his cocaine and declares war on her.

A few days later, Alvaro and his hitmen take out most of the top bosses in Miami. However, Nestor escapes and kills the hitmen, thanks to Roman’s warning.

The episode ends with him thanking Roman and his brother’s warning him not to send Valeria anymore gifts. The two agree to work together and find out who is coming for Nestor’s territory.

The Episode Review

Of course, Roman warned his brother. At the end of the day, they are family, and blood is thicker than water.

Now, the two will team up to go after the Colombians, and we are seated for that takedown. However, Roman is not all in yet. He is holding back because he is hoping to get out of all this. Will he succeed in playing both sides and coming out unscathed?

Burton is one of my favourite characters in this show. He is just living large without a care in the world. Sadly, the world, or should we say Constance, is out to get him. His hallucination during the meeting was so funny. He took what Maharishi told him literally, but good for him.

Let us hope he has a good plan because Constance will stop at nothing to get back at him. Why is their sibling rivalry so intense? 

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