Hotel Cocaine – Episode 2 “The Orishas” Recap & Review

The Orishas 

Episode 2 of Hotel Cocaine starts with Zulio angrily questioning Roman about what happened. The DEA agent is angry because people have died, and Chucho is in the ICU. He makes it clear that once Chucho wakes up, he will talk to him and get the tea on Nestor. 

Meanwhile, Roman is scared that once Chucho wakes up, he will snitch on him. If Chucho lives, it doesn’t look good for Roman. He continues staying by Nestor’s side.

Nestor is adamant about saving Chucho, who he considers a brother. Nestor confesses to Roman that he will break into the hospital despite the heavy security to get Chucho even if it is risky. 

At the Mutiny, Roman finds out that people are trying to counterfeit the Mutiny card. Additionally, they tasked him with entertaining Burton and his friend Rick.

Rick is a musician who is currently suffering from writer’s block. He is hoping his stay at the Mutiny will solve his problem and give him some inspiration. Burton tries everything from drugs and cocaine to women, but everything fails.

Still at the club, Roman comes clean to Candice and tells her about Nestor, the DEA, and that he shot Chucho. He asks her to contact one of her nurse friends to find out Chucho’s condition.

Candice discovers that Chucho is doing well, and the doctors expect him to recover. Later that night, Zulio stops by to order Roman to lie to Nestor about the DEA doubling Chucho’s protection. He is worried that Nestor might try to sneak in and abduct Chucho. 

In the meantime, Candice runs into an old enemy, Phil—the man who lied and sold her and other women to a sex trafficking ring. Phil tries to make amends, but it turns out he is being insincere. While he is at the Mutiny, he tries to trick other girls, and Candice warns him to stop, but he mocks her. 

At home, Roman is troubled after discovering that Valeria is skipping her confirmation classes. He talks to her, and she expresses her doubts about God. Her mother’s death affected her deeply, and she is questioning why God let her mom die. Nonetheless, Chucho asks her to have faith in the greater plan and convinces her to attend her last confirmation class. 

The next day, Nestor makes a plan to abduct Chucho even after Roman warns him about the DEA protection. Roman explains that they are too exposed, but Nestor believes the Orisha- divine protection spirits will be on their side. Roman calls Candice to ask her to hold down the fort at the club while he joins Nestor in this wild plan to save Chucho. In reality, Roman is hoping to get an opportunity to kill Chucho during the chaos.

Unfortunately, the DEA tricks Roman and Nestor into thinking they have taken Chucho. By the time they discover they saved a random dead body, Zulio has Chucho safely stocked away, waiting for him to wake up.

When Chucho wakes up, he is unable to talk but writes down Roman’s name. Zulio starts to wonder if Roman is playing him and if he is involved in the attempted murder of Chucho. Later, Roman tries to convince Nestor to go after Chucho again, but Nestor refuses. He is confident that Chucho won’t sell him out to the cops. 

That night, Zulio meets with Roman and assures him that Chucho will talk about everything. Roman pretends he knows nothing when Zulio brings up the night of the shooting. After meeting with Zulio, Roman finds Candice in his office, and she tells him about Phil.

Roman goes into a rage and beats up Phil before warning him never to return to the Mutiny. We learn that Roman saved Candice from Phil and is always so protective of her. She calms him down, and they discuss the mess he is in with the DEA and Nestor.

Roman admits that he is planning to confess to Zulio after Valeria’s confirmation and asks for mercy. However, Candice asks him to have hope that Chucho might die.

The following day, Roman focuses on Valeria’s confirmation, and Burton brings Rick for the service. Rick is still in a slump, but the service inspires him to work on his next album. On the other hand, Nestor prays to the Orishas to save Chucho.

Elsewhere, Candice sneaks into the hospital with the help of her nurse friend and kills Chucho to save Roman. Roman returns home to find Nestor secretly waiting for him.

Nestor informs Roman of Chucho’s passing and asks him to be his second in command. Unbeknownst to them, Zulio watches them from afar.

The Episode Review

Roman thought that Chucho’s death would solve all his problems, but ironically, it only led to even more serious problems. He has to be extremely cautious about how he will respond to Nestor’s request and how he will deal with Zulio, too.

We are also curious about Candice. We get that she sees Roman as her saviour, but isn’t killing a man for him too much? Does she have feelings for him? It will also be interesting to see if Zulio will ever learn the truth about Chucho’s death. Will Candice get away with killing a man ? 

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