Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 picks up where we left off with Ik-Sun telling her not to tell anyone about her condition – especially Jun-Wan. She mentions how she’s been dating Jun-Wan but broke it off and doesn’t know about her condition.

Late at night, we see a depressed Jun-Wan sitting at the kitchen table. Jeong-Won notices that his friend looks down but Jun-Wan remains silent.

The next day, Young-Hye meets with Rosa and the two discuss how much Seok-Hyeong has changed. Young-Hye has one final wish to be happy: she wants to remarry her son.

Ro-Sa tells her that she should only worry about her life and reminds her how she bothered her last daughter-in-law, Sin-Hye, about money. Young-Hye defends herself and explains that her family lied about their situation and were in a lot of debt. She is also convinced that Sin-Hye stole her ring but Rosa brushes her off.

Coincidently, Sin-Hye also arrives inside the restaurant. Young-Hye looks at her diamond necklace and tells her friend she is convinced it is her diamond.

In OBGYN, Min-Ha discusses patients with Seok-Hyeong and invites him for a coffee to ask him a question. On their way there, he reminds her that she only has one question a day and that it has to be work related. They then bump into Sin-Hye but Seok-Hyeong remains civil with her.

During lunch, the five doctors get together. Song-Hwa has been feeling tired so Ik-Jun jokes that she needs recharging and puts one end of the charger in her ear and the other in his nose.

Song-Hwa soon reveals that she has found a place that has snow crabs and has bought 10, which makes everyone happy. She also tells them to fast for 8 hours before they meet to eat them.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Jong-Su eat some clams together while talking about their children and how different they all are. Rosa mentions that all her children except one are priests or nuns. As it happens, one of her sons, Dong-Il, suddenly comes in and brings her flowers from her garden. Rosa is not happy as she was trying to grow these.

Later on, the five friends start eating their crabs. After Ik-Jun mentions that his throat has been hurting, Song-Hwa suggests again that she would like to sing as she has been practicing. They all protest at first before deciding to have a conversation amongst themselves about it. They finally agree to it but only on her birthday every 2 years. She agrees but wants to go to a karaoke, which they do and all sing happily.

The next day, Jeong-Wong brings leftover crab to Gyeo-Wool. They discuss future plans to visit Sokcho together. Jeong-Won then gets her to promise to always tell him if anything big or small ever happen to her. She then asks him to promise her to at least show her affection once a day . He laughs and the two share a kiss.

At the hospital, Song-Hwa and Seok-Bin bump into Min-Ha who is very happy because she just paid off her student loan and has opened a savings account. She is then called to assist with the birth of a patient. During the delivery, the husband comes in and wants to film but he is too emotional to do it and tears up thanks to his pride.

Ik-Jun visits a liver cancer patient, Eun-Suk who may have an inflammation to her bile duct. He suggests that she gets a liver ultrasound and the husband insists on coming with her, which surprises Ik-Jun.

In the evening, Seok-Hyeong talks to Song-Hwa about the baby he delivered. Watching how the husband was with his wife, it made him realize that marriage is not always a bad thing.

He then talks about his marriage with Sin-Hye and relays the efforts he made for her. Seok-Hyeong is aware that he is a coward and asks for some advice. Song-Hwa suggests that he starts talking more, even if what he has to say is useless. Seok-Hyeong decides to put this advice to practice straight away when Min-ha calls asking him if he wants to put money towards a colleague’s birthday present. He then starts asking her a lot of questions.

The next day, the wife of a patient complains to Gyeo-Wool and a nurse that the husband of Eun-Suk always comes to the hospital drunk. She believes that he hits his wife. She quickly heads over to see them but everything seems fine.

Eun-Ji’s mother comes to visit the hospital to thank everyone who looked after Eun-Ji. She the speaks with Jun-Wan and gives him a letter and present to give to the family of the donor.

Ik-Jun explains that she is not allowed to know who they are but Eun-Ji’s mother tells him that she read the article and knows there are only a few heart transplants done in a year. She has decided to give a yearly donation to the family and wants them to know how grateful she is.

Meanwhile, Gyeo-Wool sees Eun-Suk’s husband coming back to see his wife. She follows him and finds him about to hit his wife again. She stops him but he then violently pushes her on the floor. Thankfully, the security arrives and stops him. Jeong-Won also rushes over and takes Gyeo-Wool away.

After being taken to get checked out, Kwang-Hyeon tells Gyeo-Wool that she is too brave and that she should have waited for security to come. Jeong-Won tells her the same and explains that Ik-Jun had security guards sent over because he suspected domestic violence after seeing Eun-Suk flinching near her husband.

In a flashback, Ik-Jun asks Eun-Suk if she needs help and protection. Eun-Suk hesitantly replies that she’s okay but to give her some time.

Back in the present, Jeong-Won tells Gyeo-Wool that Ik-Jun had Eun-Suk moved to the ICU. Ik-Jun picks up Ik-Sun from the airport to take her to the hospital for some tests. He tells her he is going to be looking after her but that if the tests results are not good, she will have to forget about Jun-Wan as she will be hospitalized.

After the tests, Ik-Jun mentions that in her case hepatocirrhosis could pose the greater risk. The inflammation in her bile duct has also got worse. She tells him she didn’t realize how bad it was and thought she was more tired because she is getting older. He decides to drive her to their parents. While Ik-Sun waits for Ik-Jun in the car, she sees Jun-Wan and starts crying silently.

Later in hospital, Ik-Jun visits Eun-Suk who thanks him and all the staff for caring and helping her out while Min-Ha brings Seok-Hyeong an iced drink. She then suggests she ask him out five times. He replies that he won’t be uncomfortable but his answer will be no. She admits that she really likes him and asks to go to the movies that weekend. Seok-Hyeong replies that he is seeing his mother and she has now four attempts left.

A few days later, Ik-Jun visits Ik-Sun in her new military unit in Changwon. We then see them meeting in different places over the next few weeks. They talk about Christmas and Ik-Jun mentions he has been talking to her doctor on a regular basis. Her liver index is higher so Ik-Sun tells him to stop bugging her and date someone. Things get a little awkward when Ik-Jun gets a call from Jun-Wan.

We then cut to Ik-Jun having some quality time with U-Ju. The latter asks his dad if he is going to make a lot of new friends since it is a new semester. Ik-Jun replies that he is and that an old friend is back.

In the hospital, Song-Hwa is back and greeted by her friends. Ik-Jun arrives last and take her out to eat, which closes the episode.

The Episode Review

Hospital Playlist returns with a slightly slower episode this week, focusing more on the characters’ personal lives than the medical cases. We also learned a little more about Seok-Hyeong and his over-bearing mother.

Sin-Hye must have been put under a lot of pressure while married to him, especially if her mother-in-law called over 30 times a day about money. Seok-Hyeong didn’t really support her as much as he should have, which led to her stealing a ring. The conversation with Song-Hwa made him realize he needs to open up more. Min-Ha also finally told him how she feels and perhaps, we will start seeing some progress for these two.

It was heartbreaking to see how much Jun-Wan and Ik-Sun are suffering without one other and I really hope they will end up back together again. Perhaps when Jun-Wan finds out the real reason she broke up with him, he will try and reason with her. Let’s hope Ik-Sun’s condition doesn’t deteriorate either.

The episode ended on a happy note though as we jump forward in time and see that Song-Hwa is now back in Yulje hospital. Could this mean that Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun finally become more than friends? Hopefully, we will find out in the next few episodes!

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