Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 starts where it left off with Jun-Wan learning that Ik-Sun has been in an accident. He asks her friend to get her to call him as soon as she can. After what seems like an eternity, Ik-Sun calls and reassures him that she is fine. Jun-Wan is not convinced though because she tells him she has a small bleed on the brain. Ik-Sun insists that she feels fine and will be coming out of hospital tomorrow.

In the morning, the doctors go about their usual routine with their patients and do their rounds. Jeong-Won – ever so sweet towards his little patients – tells the nurse that for him, all his patients are like his children.

Jun-Wan puts Hong-Do on the spot yet again. He notices all his patients have visitors except for Gyeong-Mi. We finally see a softer side to him too when he waves and smiles at her. He then delivers the good news to Min-Chan’s parents, as their son is doing very well after the surgery.

During lunch, Jae-Hak notices that Jun-Wan is not himself and not eating a lot. Ik-Sun is on his mind but he remains silent. Since Professor Cheon is at a conference, Jun-Wan will be taking on some of his patients. He explains that there is not much that can be done for Gyeong-Mi unfortunately. Jae-Hak later suggests that Jun-Wan should post more on social media for his girlfriend and helps him with his first post.

Elsewhere, Ik-Jun plays cupid and organises a lunch meeting for Seok-Hyeong and Min-Ha as well as Jeong-Won and Gyeo-Wool. He then leaves them to it and meets with Song-Hwa for a coffee outside.

As he gets ready for a surgery, Jun-Wan receives a call from Jae-Hak who tells him that Eun-Ji’s left-side motor control is poor. He tells him to do a CT scan and promises to be there after the surgery. While this is going on, Song-Hwa gives relationship advice to Seon-Bin. She hasn’t seen Seok-Min in two weeks and is getting worried.

Later on, Jun-Wan tells Eun-Ji’s parents that their child had a micro-embolism but thankfully the blockage has now been cleared. Unfortunately, he explains that this could happen again and feels they are running out of time. He also tells them that as soon as they find a donor, they’ll do surgery on Eun-Ji. The parents are extremely distressed and the mother is really struggling to keep hope. Jun-Wan tells her she has been doing so well and promises that they won’t give up.

Jeong-Won has decided to take out a loan to set up a patient guardian shelter for patient who live far away and wants to have their guardians visiting them. He tells Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun about his plan but that eventually, he would like to open a children hospital.

Ik-Jun meets Jun-Wan and takes him to have something to eat. He is concerned that his friends is taking on too much and may be sleep deprived. Ik-Jun tells him about Eun-Ji’s condition and how worried about her he is. Ik-Jun tries to stay positive for him and believes he will find a donor soon. Ik-Jun explains that it is also his father’s birthday and hasn’t had time to wish him happy birthday yet.

Jun-Wan later calls Ik-Sun who tells him she hasn’t got her blood tests results yet but she scored the highest on her exam. Jun-Wan is very excited and congratulates her while Ik-Jun watches from the doorway.

Seon-Bin talks to her fellow about a patient, Won Jin-Hwan, she is worried about. She thinks that when they did a biopsy, they may have gone too far with the needle. The professor dismisses her and tells her to carry on monitoring him. She is not convinced and after seeing Jin-Hwan again, she goes back to the professor to tell him he has a bleed in the MCA distal branch. Unfortunately he dismisses her again and tells her to carry on monitoring.

Ik-Jun calls his sister to catch up. She asks him how his friends are and ends with Jun-Wan. Ik-Jun thinks he is under a lot of stress at the moment and believes his girlfriend is making it worse for him. He thinks she is quite selfish and inconsiderate. This seems to shock Ik-Sun who ends the call quickly.

Seon-Bin goes to check on her patient again and notices straight away that his condition has got worse. She calls her fellow angry, and asks him if he will take responsibility for it. The professor arrives soon after and they perform surgery on him. Seon-Bin then decides to stay next to the patient as he recovers from the operation.

Seon-Bin later talks to Song-Hwa about what happened and admits she apologised to her fellow for shouting at him. Song-Hwa believes she is at fault but she’s simply encouraged to be more proactive and believe in herself as that will help save lives.

Ik-Sun calls Jun-Wan later to tell him she has fallen for someone else. Jun-Wan is shocked and asks if it is Se Gyeong. Ik-Sun doesn’t reply and tells him she has to go.

The evening gets a little better for Jun-Wan when it gets a call that a donor has been found for Eun-Ji. He tells Jae-Hak and rushes over to Eun-Ji’s mother to tell her. She starts crying and has a hard time believing it is actually happening. Jun-Wan later speaks to both parents and explains that the surgery may be difficult and the heart may be too big but he will do his best.

Meanwhile, Seok-Min brings flowers to Seon-Bin. He thinks she did nothing wrong with her fellow then finally apologises to her. He then hugs her and leaves to go get her some dinner.

Eun-Ji’s mother runs into Min-Chan’s mother in the hallway. The latter starts crying and tells her how happy she is for her. The two then share a hug, crying.

Ik-Sun calls his brother in tears. She tells him she got some blood test results; her liver somatic index is over 300 and her bile ducts look a bit swollen. Ik-Jun tells her to get on a plane tomorrow and promises to fix it all for her. She may need a transplant so she asks him not to tell anyone – and specifically not Jun-Wan.

The next day, Jae-Hak is surprised to find out that people are visiting Gyeong-Mi. The nurse explains that it is thanks to Jun-Wan, who has done a social media post asking for volunteers to come visit her.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Hospital Playlist concentrates on our cardio surgeon, Jun-Wan and the stress and heartaches he is currently facing.

Poor Jun-Wan starts the day with the news that Ik-Sun has been in an accident and a few days later, she tells him she has found someone else. Personally, I don’t think she is telling the truth.

Has she decided to break things off because she found out from her brother that Jun-Wan has been very stressed? Or is it because of her recent diagnostic? Either way, it looks like she is trying to protect him but to me, I think he will suffer even more now.

The news of her illness was quite a shock too, but thankfully her brother is an excellent surgeon. After Ik-Sun tells Ik-Jun not to tell Jun-Wan specifically, this should definitely make him realize that something has been happening between his sister and his friend. I am sure we will see more of that storyline in the upcoming episodes and I am looking forward to it.

I love how we have been seeing more and more of Jun-Wan’s softer side and the chemistry he shares with Jae-Hak is a lot of fun to watch too. The social media post he did for Gyeong-Mi was a touching moment, and hopefully this will help her recover quicker.

Hospital Playlist delivers yet another powerful and emotional chapter this week. The stories for each of our doctors remain enjoyable and realistic, which make this medical show one of the best ones out there. Roll on next week.

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