Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Two Successful Transplants

Episode 3 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 starts with Min-Ha berating a father-to-be because his wife is trying to push the baby out but he is stuck and she needs to have a c-section. The husband is reluctant though and asks to wait a little more because they believe that babies born naturally are smarter.

Min-Ha insists that they can’t wait any longer just as Seok-Hyeong arrives. He tells them that the most important thing is the safety of the mother and child and that he is going to get her into surgery.

Meanwhile, the other doctors tend to their patients. As always we can see the difference how they all treat their patients. Jeong-Won is caring and patient while Jun-Wan is a little colder. Myeong-Tae, on the other hand, is very blunt. He is called into the ER to do a lung procedure on an assemblyman.

The nurses are surprised that he decided to operate because it has been over 20 years since he has done that kind of procedure. As expected, he struggles with the VIP man while the other residents look very worried.

Ik-Jun gives good news to his final patient of the day; he believes his cancer won’t return and that he is cured. Song-Hwa comes to pick him up afterwards to go get something to eat.

In the hallway, Jun-Wan meets Jae-Hak who is over the moon that he has finished his exam. He follows his professor to the canteen while Min-Chan and Eun-Ji’s mothers get together to eat some side dishes.

During dinner, Song-Hwa speaks to Ik-Jun about the latest patient from the Daddy long legs project. He is a former sailor who needs a liver transplant and his son wants to be the donor. Unfortunately, many hospitals have refused to do it due to the difference in weight between father and son. She asks Ik-Jun to have a look and see if it can be done.

Ik-Jun also learns that the director from the patient’s hospital is an old friend and rival, Baek Hyeong-Do.

Jeong-Won picks up Gyeo-Wool. She is starting to worry people might find out about them because of the way he is around her. For now though, the other doctors think he is just being a gentleman. While Seok-Hyeong has dinner with his mother, she asks him why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He replies that he much prefers being single and quickly asks for the bill to end the conversation.

In the morning, Jeong-Won has breakfast with his mother. Jong-Su soon joins them and speaks to Rosa about his son’s visit. He has been asking about his inheritance which has upset him a little. He tells her she is lucky with Jeong-Won and to prove it, mentioning that Rosa is going to give him some land she owns. Jeong-Won is surprised but suggests she sells it to buy herself a comfortable apartment.

Ik-Jun calls Song-Hwa to tell her he will do the liver transplant. He asks for Hyeong-Do’s number as he has some questions for him. After the call, he orders burgers for him and his son. They talk about going camping together until Ik-Jun gets a call about an emergency. Woo-Jo tells him he understands because he is doing good deeds.

Seon-Bin meets with Song-Hwa and talks about Gyeong-Jin’s mother who has been trying to set her up with her son. Seon-Bin thinks she won’t give up so she thinks Song-Hwa should tell her she has a boyfriend. She suggests to ask Ik-Jun but Song-Hwa quickly dismisses the idea.

Hyeong-Do calls Ik-Jun to talk about his liver transplant patient, Jang Jong-Gil. He wishes he could come and watch the surgery but he has a transplant to do that same day. He asks him to look after him as he admires the man.

Ik-Jun meets with Jong-Gil and his family to tell them that it might be difficult but he will do his best. The old man feels bad that his son has to get surgery because of him so he asks the doctor to make sure his is painless.

The day before the surgery, Ik-Jun visits Jong-Gil and his family. His wife is very nervous but Jong-Gil wants Ik-Jun to tell Hyeong-Do not to worry. During lunch, Ik-Jun calls Hyeong-Do to give him the message. The latter tells him he is quite upset because he may have to reschedule the transplant surgery he was going to do on Friday. The fellow doctor who was meant to help has collapsed from a cerebral haemorrhage.

Min-Chan’s mother receives a call from the nurse with good news. A donor has been found for Min-Chan. Eun-Ji’s mother congratulates her and tells her to rush over. Jun-Wan speaks to the parents and explains what will happen next. They are, of course, over the moon and very grateful. Later on, Ik-Jun and Jae-Hak are about to walk outside to get some fresh air but decide to wait when they see Eun-Ji’s mother, alone and crying.

While both the transplant surgeries get underway, Song-Hwa makes her last visit to Gyeong-Jin and her mother. The brother happens to be there too and takes Song-Hwa out to have coffee.

Jun-Wan tells Min-Chan’s parents that their son’s surgery went well and that he is going to be moved to the ICU soon. Ik-Jun does the same with Jong-Gil’s wife as his was successful too.

Gyeong-Jin’s brother admits to Song-Hwa that he actually has a girlfriend but hasn’t told his mother because he thinks she wont approve of her. He explains they used to be best friends but one day, she told him she liked him. He rejected her at first because he didn’t want their friendship to end but started to think of her as more than a friend. This makes Song-Hwa think about her own situation with Ik-Jun.

Hyeong-Do calls Ik-Jun to thank him for sending Chief Kwon. In a flashback, we see Ik-Jun asking him for that favour. The operation went very well and he thanks him again.

In the evening, the five doctors rehearse their new song “I like you”. Afterwards, Ik-Jun calls Ik-Sun but he is surprised when it is a man who picks up. Unfortunately, Ik-Sun has been in an accident and is in the hospital. He reassures him that she is okay but is getting some tests done because she has a head injury. We also learn that the man is Ko Se-Gyeong who lives in the same building as Ik-Sun.

The Episode Review

Hospital Playlist is back this week with yet another excellent episode; full of the usual emotions, drama and fun moments too. We can’t help but root for our doctors and admire their ethics and dedication for their patients.

This chapter concentrated on transplant surgeries and saw again how skillful Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan are, respectively. Unfortunately, we also saw some difficult and heartbreaking moments for Eun-Ji’s mother. Her child has been waiting for a donor for a few months now and while she kept a brave face for her new friend, she quickly fell apart later on. Hopefully, she will get some good news soon.

While Ik-Jun had also a successful surgery, we saw that his job does affect his relationship with his son a little. Woo-Joo had to grow up quite quickly and had some great words of wisdom for his father. I really love the complicity between the two and hope we get to see more of these.

The conversation Song-Hwa had with Gyeong-Jin’s brother was definitely interesting for her and we can tell by the look on her face that she is starting to think of Ik-Jun as more than a friend. It seems we are finally getting somewhere with those two.

The chemistry between the five doctors and their realistic stories really make this medical K-drama one of the best out there and definitely worth watching every week. It is quite a shame that the season only has 12 episodes though and not the usual 16!

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