Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Bad things sometimes happen to good people

Episode 2 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 starts with Gyeo-Wool ordering coffee in the hospital. Interestingly, this is significant for how the episode ends too!

She is soon joined by Jun-Wan and Jeong-Won who notice that she has Ik-Jun’s card. Both men decide to use their friend’s card and buy everything on the menu. On his way to work, Ik-Jun sees the transactions and rushes over to find his friends.

Meanwhile, Seok-Hyeong and Min-Ha visit the pregnant woman, Kim Su-Jeong. Seok-Hyeong explains that her cervix is a little bit dilated because the baby is breached and pushing on it. He does his best to reassure her and promises that they will monitor her very carefully.

In the evening, the five doctors have dinner together. Jeong-Won tries to tell his friends about the new woman in his life but gets interrupted when they start talking about a new VIP patient Song-Hwa will be operating on. He finally reveals that he’s seeing Gyeo-Wool. Song-Hwa is pleased for him but the boys teases him a little.

The next day, Jun-Wan arrives in the hospital to talk to the mother of one of his patients, Min-Chan. He explains to Jae-Haek about the child’s condition and updates the mother too. He tells her that they will have to keep him on a VAD until they find a heart for him. This, of course, devastates the mother.

Eun-Ji’s mother reassures her as her child has been on a VAD for 3 months and is doing well. She tells her that the doctor may be blunt but he is also very thorough and an amazing surgeon. On his way out, Jun-Wan sees Hong-Do and grills him again with another medical question.

Song-Hwa heads over to introduce herself to Yoo Gyeong-Jin and talks about her brain tumor. Gyeong-Jin’s mother is not happy because she wants her daughter to be given more pain medication. Song-Hwa remains calm and explains why she can’t have any more.

Jeong-Won later comes to see her in her office and is worried she has taken on too much. She reassures him that she is fine and really enjoying everything she has been doing between her two places of work. She later goes back to see her patient to explain the procedure.

The mother doesn’t seem impressed by her as she looks so young and asks to speak to Professor Song-Hwa. The doctor of course replies that she is Professor Song-Hwa. She explains that even the residents are neurosurgeons and have been studying that field for 10 years.

The next morning, Min-Ha visits Su-Jeong who is complaining that her belly feels very tight and feels something heavy between her legs. Min-Ha rushes over to Seok-Hyeong as the baby is starting to come out. They rush the woman over to surgery but unfortunately the baby doesn’t survive, despite their best efforts. The doctors have the difficult task to break the news to the parents, who are devastated.

Meanwhile, Song-Hwa and Jun-Wan are getting ready for their complicated surgery as Jeong-Won tries to take the stitches out from one of his little patients, who is refusing to be touched.

Ik-Jun’s patient, Kim-Jan-Ho, is back to see him after already having had two liver transplants from both his daughters. Looking at the blood test results, Ik-Jun confronts him as he can see he has been drinking again. He finally admits that he did so Ik-Jun berates for being very ungrateful after his children donated their liver. He tells him he wont treat him any more and sends him to another clinic.

Song-Hwa is having trouble with her surgery and removing the tumor. After hours, she finally manages to extract it and gives the parents the good news. Jun-Wan’ surgery is also a success and calls Ik-Sun to tell her all about it. The latter explains she was the victim of racism earlier in the day and tells him how upset she has been.

Outside, Ik-Jun joins Seok-Hyeong as he despairs after losing his patient’s baby. He tells his friends that this doesn’t happen very often and doesn’t know how to comfort the mother.

Later on, Song-Hwa speaks to the parents and gives them the good news that the whole tumour has been removed. She then leaves to go back to Sokcho after a long day well spent.

Jeong-Won comforts Seung-Won’s mother after she hasn’t managed to convince her son to get his stitches removed. He tells her he had to endure a lot during his cancer treatment and that she has looked after him so well. After talking to her, Seung-Wong’s mother seems to be a lot more relaxed and leaves to have diner with her husband and son.

At the end of the day, the five doctors meet as always to rehearse another new song.

The next morning, Ik-Jun asks Seok-Hyeong if there are any chance for him to get back with his ex-wife after seeing them together. Seok-Hyeong replies that there is zero chance. This makes him realize that he needs to make things clear with her. During lunch, he tells her that seeing her always made him feel bad but they both need to move on.

In OB-GYN, we learn that Seok-Hyeong has text Su-Jeong the day before. As he comes in after his surgery, he sees the flowers she left him. He reads the card from her; she tells him she cried when she got his text. She asks him not to be sorry because her husband and her were able to listen to their baby’s heartbeat and feel it move for a few weeks. If she gets pregnant again, she would like him to protect her and him.

Seon-Bin tells Song-Hwa, Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan that a German tv channel wants to interview Song-Hwa after she performed surgery on the famous violinist. Song-Hwa tells Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan that she turned it down because she doesn’t want to take all the credit and wanted everyone else to be there too but they wouldn’t be able to come.

Before leaving, Song-Hwa meets with Gyeong-Jin’s mother who asks if she wants to meet her son. She then leaves and heads to her car to find two take away coffees: one normal and one decaf with a message reading to drink that one incase she’s not sleepy. She chuckles to herself while holding both coffee cups.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Hospital Playlist brings us another great chapter in the life of our five doctors. This time, we delve deeper in their respective surgeries and we see again how different they are towards their patients. Of course, all five remain excellent surgeons and thrive to do their best.

This episode showed a more emotional side to Seok-Hyeong as he loses the baby of one of his patients. This was really heartbreaking for the parents and the doctors too, who tried everything to save the poor baby. I loved the letter the mother left Seok-Hyeong and how she thanked him for caring and allowing her to listen and feel her baby.

Jun-Wan still stays cold and blunt towards his patients and colleagues but we know he is a brilliant heart surgeon, while Jeong-Won has infinite patience and care for his little patients.

Nothing much happened in the potential love story between Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun until the end, where we can assume that he was the one who left the coffees for her. I wonder if she has guessed who left those there?

Hospital Playlist is an excellent medical drama, full of heartwarming moments and all played by excellent actors. The episodes may be long but they certainly don’t feel that way and make Thursdays a day to look forward to!

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