Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Rain

Episode 11 of Hospital Playlist Season 2 starts with Song-Hwa leaving a birthday present and card on Ik-Jun’s desk. Suddenly, she gets a call from the ER because Ik-Jun has been brought to the hospital with a head injury. She rushes over and quickly checks if he is able to move his arms. Thankfully, he is.

The next day, Ik-Jun, Seok-Hyeong and Jun-Wan come to visit Ik-Jun. Song-Hwa tells them that he will be okay and shouldn’t need surgery. The foursome step out to discuss his case and how to tell his family. Song-Hwa insists that she wants to stay by his side for the next few nights.

In a flashback to 1999, a young Song-Hwa asks Ik-Jun to go out for dinner as it was his birthday, Unfortunately, he turned her down as he had a blind date.

Back in the present, Jun-Wan calls Ik-Sun to let her know about her brother. She insists to leave work for a few days as she wants to be there for U-Ju.

Jae-Hak and Hyo-Ju get some good news from Seok-Hyeong who tells them their baby is very healthy. He also tells Hyo-Ju to eat well and stay healthy for when she will undergo chemo.

Ik-Sun visits her brother who is to be doing much better now. She tells him U-Ju is coming to visit despite his protest. Suddenly, Jun-Wan comes in the room and things are still a little awkward between him and Ik-Sun.

Song-Hwa patient, An Sang-Mo , has a brain tumour. She tells him and his wife that she thinks it is benign. She suggests that he gets surgery to remove it as there are brain swelling. After more tests, Song-Hwa learns that he is also suffering from an ophthalmic artery aneurysm so they will have to use coils.

Song-Hwa visits Sang-Mo and his wife and explains his situation. They need to treat the aneurysm first before the tumour but there is a risk he could lose his vision. Sang-Mo doesn’t want the surgery as he doesn’t want to go blind. Song-Hwa explains that if they don’t do anything, this could risk his life.

In the evening, Song-Hwa plays cards with Ik-Jun and the two are having a great time. Ik-Sun slowly comes in bring food but when she sees them, she quietly walks out. Jun-Wan sees her behind the door and she tells him not to come in as she believes they may be dating.

U-Ju comes later in the evening and jump in father’s arms crying. Ik-Jun reassures his son and his aunt promises to look after him well. Seok-Hyeong looks after him next and reveals that he is having dinner with Min-Ha on the weekend.

In the morning, Jeong-Won talks to his mother about Gyeo-Wool and tells her what has been happening. Rosa is very sorry for her and is glad she turned out so well despite all of this. She then mentions Seok-Hyeong leaving for the US but Jeong-Won doesn’t think he is going as he hasn’t mentioned anything.

Min-Ha and Seok had their dinner but she wasn’t able to eat much because she was so nervous. They head to the cinema next where they are surprised to see Rosa and Mr Ju sitting in front of them. They all meet after the movie and Seok-Hyeong admits that they are on date.

In the morning, Jeong-Won asks Seok-Hyeong if he is moving to the US. He replies that he isn’t but for now to tell Rosa that he is.

We catch up with Du-Na and her mother too as Song-Hwa speaks to her. Song-Hwa believes that Du-Na will eventually be able to talk and use her limbs freely like before. She then visits Sang-Mo who has now changed his mind thanks to Seok-Min who has explained his condition to him and his family with greater details.

After a long and tiring day working, Min-Ha gets a call from Seok-Hyeong who asks her if she wants to eat anything. He later drives her home and as they walk to her door, Min-Ha asks him if they are actually seeing each other. Seok-Hyeong replies that he likes her too and gives her a hug.

Song-Hwa starts her difficult surgery on Sang-Mo and notices that the aneurysm is even closer to the ophthalmic nerve as they thought. After some tense minutes, the surgery is a success and Song-Hwa relays it to his family. When Sang-Mo wakes up, Song-Hwa checks on him and thankfully, he has no issues with his vision.

Jeong-Won and Gyeo-Wool learn that a resident, Kim Geon, has gone AWOL. He has been feeling very tired lately and under a lot of pressure. Ji-Woo believes he will be back in a couple of days and with Yu-Ri, they will pick up his work and help out. The next day, Geon comes back thanks to Jeong-Won who called him to convince him to come back.

In OBGYN, Min-Ha and Seok-Hyeong have to rush to deliver a baby as his heart rate has dropped and is not going back up. It is a race against time with the baby being in distress so Seok-Hyeong encourages the future mother to push. When he delivers the baby, he sees the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck three times and another doctor rushes to cut it. Thankfully, the baby starts breathing and crying very quickly.

The episode ends with Ik-Jun driving with Song-Hwa. Suddenly it starts raining so Ik-Jun buys some coffee for the two of them. As they watch the rain, Song-Hwa tells him she is little embarrassed but has something to tell him. When she found out he was hurt, the first thing she thought about is that she regretted not telling him how she feels. She likes him and if he still has feelings for her, she would them to start seeing each other. Ik-Jun smiles and as a reply, leans over and kisses her.

The Episode Review

Finally! After many episodes, Song-Hwa has finally revealed her feeling to Ik-Jun and they shared a kiss. It has been a long time comingĀ  but thanks to the flashbacks, we can understand why it took Song-Hwa so long. It had to take Ik-Jun being injured for her to realize how she felt and what a great ending it was for this penultimate episode.

There’s happy news all round when Seok-Hyeong also told Min-Ha that he liked her. She may not have been waiting as long as Ik-Jun but it was still quite a while. It also looks like Ik-Sun and Jun-Wan might be getting on better.

All of this seem to be heading towards a happy ending as we reach the finale next. This season has certainly been just as strong as the first and while we don’t know yet if there will be a third season, we can definitely say that we had some amazing and emotional episodes throughout!

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