Hospital Playlist – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Some Big Changes

The latest episode of Hospital Playlist has certainly brought quite a lot of revelations and plot development as things are set to change for many of the doctors. We are nearly at the finale too which promises to be very interesting indeed after this latest chapter full of twists.

Episode 11 of Hospital Playlist starts where it left off with Song-Hwa looking at the scan results for Su-Bin’s daughter. She shows them that there is a tumour growing in her pituitary gland which is why she has issues with her vision and not had her first period. She tries to reassures them as those tumours usually tend to be benign and won’t need open surgery.

Song Hwa then heads to see Seok-Hyeong who has been staying by his father’s room all night. Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it and passes away. At the funeral, the five friends sit together to discuss what is going to happen next. Seok-Hyeon was kind enough to let his father’s mistress pay her respects as she is 6 months pregnant. They then speculate about whether the baby will inherit part of the fortune.

The next day, Jeong-Won has a meeting with Ju Jeon to tell him this is his last year. The director is surprised and asks him to reconsider as if he leaves, they will have to close down the ward because the hospital doesn’t have enough paediatric surgeons .

Knowing that Ik-Sun is in town staying with her brother, Jun-Wan decides to bring dinner over. Ik-Jun has to leave to study so he asks his sister and Jun-Wan to look after his son. He almost catches them kiss though when he comes back in to put his son to bed. The couple later talk about Ik-Jun and how devoted he is to his son.

Chi-Yong heads back in hospital to check on their emergency patient who had a bleed on the brain. Once there, he sees that Song-Hwa had the same idea. He then convinces her to go for dinner with him while Jun-Wan and Ik-Sun discuss the future as they only have one month left until she has to leave for England. Ik-Sun worries about having a long distance relationship and whether they will stay together. However, Jun-Wan reassures her, telling her 3 years will go quickly and he will do whatever it takes to make her happy. As we cut back to Song-Hwa and Chi-Yong, the latter tells her it’s his birthday. After she asks him what he wants, he replies that he would like to speak casually to her just once and tells her to drive safely.

The next day, after the doctors have lunch together, Jeong-Won gets called into surgery on a seven year old which will be Gyeo-Wool’s first time leading a surgery. Ik-Jun’s patient has cirrhosis and cancer which mean he will need a liver transplant. The family insist that it should be the wife donating. Ik-Jun then manages to send the family out of the room to be able to speak to the wife who looks very upset. He tells her that she doesn’t have to do it as she risks her life. She tearfully tells him to do the test on her but to lie to the family and say she wasn’t a match. Ik-Jun reassures her and tells her he will speak to them.

After speaking to Ju-Jeon about Jeong-Won, Rosa and Jong-Su leave the hospital. Rosa sees her son with Gyeo-Wool talking and laughing together. This gives her an idea and tells Jong-Su that it will be her last chance.

Meanwhile, Jun-Wan visits his baby patient, Chae-Hyun who was born prematurely with a heart defect. She already had two surgeries and was discharged after 100 days. Unfortunately she took a turn for the worst and had to be readmitted. She now needs a heart transplant but this will be difficult as she is a baby. He then relays this to the parents and explains that they will need to find a donor. The parents remain hopeful though and ask the doctor not to give up.

In the evening, Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun are out for a meal with the staff from NS. After the meal, they start playing a drinking game and when it is Ik-Jun’s turn, they ask him if he ever had feeling for Song-Hwa. He doesn’t say anything at first but later admits that he has. After the meal, Song-Hwa takes him home in a taxi as he falls asleep on her shoulder. She then gets a call from the three boys asking her to join them in a karaoke room.

As they arrive in the karaoke room, Song-Hwa finds all the boys very drunk. Ik-Jun then suddenly decides to play a love song and starts singing to “I knew I’d love you” with words that seem aimed at her. We then see a small flashback of 1999 when he went into the jeweler to buy a ring for her. While listening to the song, Jun-Wan remembers a conversation he had with Ik-Sun about their future. She tells him she was able to move on from her ex because she likes him. As we cut back to the karaoke room, Jun-Wan takes two rings out of his pocket. At the same time, a sad Chi-Yong reminisces about the first day he met Song-Hwa in the lift.

The next day, Su-Bin’s colleagues show her a video her daughter made online for her mother; honoring her and showing how hard she works and how kind she is to all her patients. This touches her greatly especially as she had a fight with So-Mi this morning.

Song-Hwa and Chi-Yong return to see their patient with the brain haemorrhage who is doing much better. However, he is despairing and tells them they shouldn’t have saved him as he is unable to use his right arm. Song-Hwa tries her best to reassure him and explains that he may be able to regain movement with rehabilitation.

Jun-Wan performs the heart transplant on Chae-Hyun as they found a donor. Afterwards, Jun-Wan and Jae-Hak find the parents to tell them that the surgery went well even if they weren’t able to close the baby’s chest. They explain that they will wait until the swelling goes down then try again while Ik-Jun tells the family of his patient that the wife’s liver is too small to be used. The patient is grateful though as he didn’t want her to go ahead with it and damage her health. He also tells his family to leave his wife alone as it is between them.

As all five friends sit together in the staff room, Song-Hwa reveals that she has decided to work at the Sokcho branch for a year as they do less surgeries and she needs to take it easy because of her neck. They are all quite surprised but she promises to come back each weekend for their band rehearsals and to keep in touch.

The episode ends with the lawyer coming to see Seok-Hyeong and his mother to tell them Yang Tae-Yang left a will, while Rosa meets with Gyeo-Wool to ask her for a favour as she can see her son likes her so she would like her to ask him to stay and not become a priest.

The penultimate installment of Hospital Playlist ends with quite a few cliffhangers and the biggest one of course being Song-Hwa announcing her departure. Was Ik-Jun’s declaration one of the reasons why she is planning her move or is it something she has been planning for a while? On the other hand, Rosa is still determined to keep her son by her side and seeks the help of Gyeo-Wool. Whether this will work or not is still unknown but we should hopefully find out in the finale.

The show carries on bringing some really intriguing and moving medical case too and this week was no exception, especially with Ik-Jun and Jun-Wan’s patients. The five doctors remain very dedicated and excellent at their work which makes this medical drama one well worth checking out.


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  1. I wait to see this show with anticipation each week. The actors do an outstanding job in their roles, and each one’s story is fascinating to follow. I am hoping that there will be other seasons in the future that will continue on. I am fairly new to watch Korean shows. I am not Korean but Canadian from Montreal. I do not mind reading the subtitles and am very impressed by these k dramas. I find them highly entertaining and often very touching in the themes they present.

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