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Daddy Long Leg

The latest episode of Hospital Playlist sees our five doctors’ relationships develop even further; some for the better but for some like Jun-Wan, things are a little more complicated as Ik-Sun has been accepted on a medical program. As we are getting close to the finale, the writing for this drama continues to deliver solid episodes while the cast continue on with their great performances.

Episode 10 of Hospital Playlist starts with Jun-Wan speaking on the phone with Ik-Sun about her brother’s visit while Song-Hwa arrives at the restaurant to meet with Chi-Yong. They mention the medication he has to take for the pain and she tells him to hold out for another year as he will he ready to take the board exam. Seok-Min and Sun-Bin soon join them too then start talking about the future and if dating co-workers is okay. Song-Hwa thinks that it is as people would be there to support each other.

Meanwhile, Ik-Jun spends a fun moment with his son during lunch. He later startles Jun-wan while on the phone to Ik-Sun, asking him if he has the number of the benefactor “Daddy Long Legs” as he has a patient who needs emergency funding. Jun-Wan tells him to call Hyeon Jeong in social services as she will be able to contact him.

In his office, Jeong-Won seems deep in thought about his upcoming change of career and departure on the 29th of December. His mum calls him and mentions again about him finding a girlfriend very soon but she doesn’t care who.

Ik-Jun, Song-Hwa and Jeong-Won meet for lunch. They discuss Cheon’s engagement being called off while Seok-Hyeok sees a pregnant patient who needs surgery to prevent a premature birth. He has many kind words to help reassure her while we see Cheon cutting corners again and being very insensitive with his patient who refuses treatment.

Rosa and Jong-Su spend the day together and speak about Jeong-Won. He is surprised that all her kids want to be children of god but tells her she raised them very well and they all have kind hearts. She replies that her blood boils whenever she sees them and they both agree that it is a shame Jeong-Won is giving up being a doctor as he is excellent.

We then cut to Song-Hwa and Jeong-Won walking through the hospital. As Song-Hwa witnesses how good he is with children, she tells him he should get married and have kids. In the staff room, he finally admits to her that he is “Daddy Long Legs” but he now wants her to take over from him and has already arranged funding for it. She accepts and tries asking him if he is really leaving but he stops her, mentioning how he will talk to everyone later.

In one of the VIP rooms, we see that the mother of a prince from Dubai has been staying. Since they don’t have insurance, the prince pays the expensive bill in cash while Gyeol-Wool arrives in the staff room with a big bouquet full of roses. This creates a big commotion with the rest of the GS doctors who claim she’s proof that GS surgeons can date too. Jeong-Won arrives and is surprised to see that she is seriously dating. She then reveals that she has chosen to assist a surgery Jeong-Won will be performing.

Cheon returns to his patient whose potassium level is increasing but is still refusing to get treated. Both he and Jae-Hak try to convince him as he risks having a heart attack. Jae-Hak then decides to seek advice from Jun-Wan who tells him to use everything he can and to never give up on patients. Later in the day, he tells Seok-Min and Chi-Yong that he managed to convince him by begging the patient, telling him he would also lose his job if he didn’t take the treatment.

After watching Jeong-Won having a tender moment with one of his patients, Ik-Jun decides to speak to him about Gyeol-Wol and asks him he likes her. He explains that she has been working hard and made lots of efforts lately so he wants her to be happy with him. He tells him that God will understand and to listen to his heart.

While the five perform their usual rehearsal, we see a flashback of Gyeol-Wol revealing that the man dropping her off is actually her brother. Ik-Jun then has an idea and tells her she should pretend he is her boyfriend to get the attention of Jeong-Won and later gives her the bouquet of roses.

Song-Hwa, Ik-Jun and Chi-Yong have lunch together. Song-Hwa mentions Seong-Yeong and asks Chi-Yong to make sure no one is too mean to him after his mistake. Jun-Wan asks to speak to Ik-Jun later as he has things to say. Ik-Jun then starts talking about his sister with Chi-Yong who reveals that she has been accepted in the doctoral program and will be going to England for 3 years. This of course upsets Jun-Wan but is unable to say anything.

Young-Hye and her lawyer arrive in the hospital to have lunch with Seok-Hyeong. They discuss her upcoming divorce as Seok-Hyeok wants to make sure it all goes to plan. They talk about marriage but Seok-Hyeok thinks the idea is overrated.

Meanwhile, Jong-Su and Ju Jeon discuss a new patient; the wife of the Minister of Education who had a new liver two years ago but needs another surgery. Minister Son is now planning to give a piece of his liver to her. They wonder if it is a good idea to perform the surgery as the success rate for a second transplant is not very high and they don’t want to hurt the reputation of the hospital. The patient has asked for Ik-Jun to be her surgeon so they decide to ask him first.

They want Jeong-Won to ask him and as he does, Ik-Jun accepts straight away. Jeong-Won is happy because the minister has promised to give a donation to the hospital. We then see a small flashback when Ik-Jun accidentally saw Jeong-Won’s phone and realised that he is the benefactor (Daddy Long Leg).

Min-Ah decides to wait for Seok-Hyeok to finish work and asks him to give her a ride to the subway station while Jun-Wan rings Ik-Sun, leaving a voicemail explaining that it doesn’t matter that how he found out that she got in but that they will talk this weekend. At the same time, Jae-Hak’s patient gives him a gift with a message thanking him for not giving up which touches him greatly.

While driving, Min-Ah receives a call from a man who tells Seok that he calls her 10 time a day. She asks him if he is jealous and if he likes her. He doesn’t give her an answer though so she finally admits to liking him. Before leaving, she tells him he doesn’t have to give her an answer but asks him to pretend it never happened.

At home, Ik-Jun calls Song-Hwa to babysit his sick son while he goes to check on a patient. When he returns, he finds her asleep with the boy whose fever has gone down. As they eat together, she asks him if he has done anything to treat himself lately. He replies that a treat for him is having a meal with her.

The next day, Song-Hwa receives Su-Bin in her office with her daughter So-Mi who has problem with her peripheral vision. Song-Hwa looks at her test results and realizes that the girl hasn’t had her first period yet.

Today is the day of Seok-Hyeok’s divorce. Unfortunately, his father is admitted to hospital with a heart problem. Ik-Jun operates but afterwards explains that his aorta erupted and he might not make it. The episode ends with Young-Hye telling her son and lawyer that she has decided not to divorce him and that she still loves him.

Hospital Playlist has so far done a great job at blending humour, budding romance and tense moments as we follow the adventures of the five doctors. Jeong-Won’s selflessness has been revealed as he told Song-Hwa he is Daddy Long Leg, the benefactor who has been helping patients afford their treatment. The episode also shows just how good he is as a doctor and we are left hoping he will have a change of heart and not leave at the end of the year.

While Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun seem to be getting closer, poor Jun-Wan is unsure about the future of his relationship. There are only two episodes left which really doesn’t give enough time for all the different characters and story lines, hinting at the possibility that a second season may be on the table. It’s definitely needed though and I am sure many people will be happy to see more episodes of this enjoyable and realistic medical drama.

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