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New Heights


Reminiscent of bands such as Green Day and Blink 182, Over It by Honeytalks, is an EP of simplicity and hooks. The band pepper their music with such charisma it’s hard not to like it, and their music actually has substance.

Revealing and honest, Over It takes the listener on a journey through bedrooms littered in loved up letters and the problematic instances. It isn’t a cliched mess this record though, as it has songs which do bring cohesiveness to the cause.

Some might argue that Honeytalks sounds like other bands trying to stay afloat in the pop punk scene. But, as they strut their stuff and command the room, they do have what it takes to go over the line.

Yes, Over It is a raw and punchy affair, with unpolished production, but that’s what makes it unique. Lyrically, the EP hits all the boxes in terms of troubled love and youthful angst, which in truth doesn’t feel overly used here. At times, you may nod your head at the guitars as they reverberate, and the vocals, which order you to take notice.

‘Vacant’ starts off the record in style. A brush with Green Day’s guitar moments, it sounds like the band of old. The bass-line is a wonderful contrast. ‘New Heights’ is a thumping track on a touchy subject and daytime TV. The guitar parts have grooves and are stylish.

‘Radio’ sounds a lot like Blink 182 of old, and it’s a stellar track, sad in its sonic delivery. ‘Backseat’ confirms that this band has attitude, and this track even has punk notes. It also strikes at pessimism.

Honeytalks is a band taking snippets from the legends of pop punk, and to be honest, they’re doing it well.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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