Honey Revenge – Retrovision | Album Review

Track Listing

Seeing Negative (Disappointment) 
Are You Impressed? 
Favourite Song 
Fight Or Flight 
Murphy’s Law 
Worst Apology 


By clicking into the world of pop punk, Honey Revenge sparkle here, with lyrical strands that evoke heartfelt moments. Even when those powered guitar riffs burst in, the music still resonates and stirs the emotions.

The band knows the industry is a hard-fought battle too, a platform where many bands and artists are chewed up and spat out, though on the evidence of Retrovision, the act has their talents in place and their perseverance is unbreakable.    

The album has those trademark pop-punk layers, though this band doesn’t sound manufactured. They sound like an outfit preparing to blaze a trail, sonically and lyrically. Their lyrics aren’t one-dimensional, they’re well rounded and they actually create a story-driven masterclass, one that conjures up memories which aren’t totally immaculate. Desire is a common theme too, as the band wants to see the light kill the darkness with a spark.

There are 12 songs on the LP. ‘Favourite Song’ offers light instrumentals until the chorus comes in frantically. Every lyric is cutthroat as the band describe despair, while the infectious backbeat soars.

‘Fight Or Flight’ opens with empowering vocals and subtle instrumentals that lift up when the chorus seeps in like a poisoned cut. Paranoia becomes this pivotal feeling, and the shadows become frequent barriers.

‘Sensitive’ is a song of resistance, a track which showcases the band at their best. From the beginning, the song impacts with style and well-rounded guitar riffs, exploring themes that are haunting at times.

Honey Revenge sparkle on this release, yet they still hurt in shadowy rooms.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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