Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of Hometown Cha Cha Cha begins with a quiet reflection, as the theme of regret is discussed. This sends us back to Chief Hong showing Hye-Jin around her potential new home. Hye-Jin is understandably sceptical but eventually comes around. She and Hwa-Jung sign the papers – given Hwa-Jung owns that plot of land – and Hye-Jin prepares to set up her dental clinic.

Du-Sik is not just a pretty face (and a reltor) but also a certified plumber, tiler and a whole litany of other laboring positions – complete with licences to show. Well, it’s settled then and Hye-Jin is due to move in a day after tomorrow, much to Mi-Seon’s dismay.

Hye-Jin receives a warm welcome while she’s moving in though, with all the townsfolk standing and watching eagerly as all her boxes are shuffled inside. Of course, there’s a lot to sort out but the renovations are completed by Du-Sik and he does an amazing job.

The next day, Hye-Jin is encouraged to get involved in the elderly party going on in town. Although she’s initially hesitant, when Hye-Jin realizes it’s a good opportunity to promote her dental clinic, she heads in and makes herself at home. Or at least she tries too anyway.

The kimchi she’s offered is politely declined which is a massive no-no. She’s also pretty rude, rubbing everyone up the wrong way by mentioning all the flaws and issues. She compares this town to the countryside and is generally just pretty rude. As Du-Sik refers to it, she’s being a total “Seoulite.”

When Hye-Jin heads off to make a private phone call, sh does so right next to a live microphone. Unbeknownst to her, everything sh says is broadcast out for he entire town to hear. When Hye-Jin realizes what’s happened, she’s immediately overcome with guilt. The damage has already been done though and our Oh-Yoon begins to doubt himself after Hye-Jin’s horrible words about his coffee house and singing.

One good bit of news for Hye-Jin though comes from Mi-Seon. After she breaks up with her boyfriend, she hails a cab over to Gongjin and takes up the full time position available as an assistant. The only trouble is, the entire town hates Hye-Jin now and won’t even speak to her. Well, apart from the kids anyway. Although to be fair, the kids manage to guilt-trip her into looking after a hedgehog for them for a few days.

After tentatively giving out rice cakes as a peace offering, Du-Sik realizes that Hye-Jin needs to go one step further and really show that she’s serious about making amends. And what better place to do that than the neighbourhood council meeting.

Du-Sik covers for her too, showing up with boxes of snacks ad handing them out to the grateful residents. And of course, Hye-JJin is foot the bill of 125000 won as a consequence. She even has until the end of the day to wire it over!

Th next day Du-Sik forces Hye-Jin to head out and clean up the streets with the other residents. Despite her hesitance, it’s the right move given the clinic receives its first few customers on the back of this! Hye-Jin finally starts to understand and heads back to see Oh-Yoon, apologizing for her hurtful words and pointing out that another of his songs was more her style.

Down by the shore, Hye-Jin heads off to say thanks to Du-Sik but would you know, she slips on the rocks…and lands in Du-Sik’s arms. I sense romance on the horizon! And as we soon find out, Du-Sik and Hye-Jin have actually known each other before, having seen each other as kids. Is it fate?

The Episode Review

Homemade Cha Cha Cha bows out this week’s double-bill of episodes with a great follow-up, one that sees an equal amount of highs and lows for our characters.

Hye-Jin venting publicly about how she feels regarding the “country folk” is certainly telling while she manages to just about make amends by the end of the chapter. Seeing Du-Sik help her out and stick up for the girl gives a feel-good vibe to this one, something that helps keep the show’s lighthearted tone front and center.

This chapter also allows us to dive a little deeper into all the different supporting characters too, including Oh-Yoon the singer and the old ladies around Gongjin. This helps to give the show more depth, and certainly promises lots of enjoyable subplots in the foreseeable future.

Either way, this is shaping up to be a lovely weekend drama and now it seems like we’re going to get sprinklings of romance injected into this too!

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