Home Team Ending Explained: Did The Warriors Win The Championship?

Home Team Plot Synopsis

Home Team is the latest Netflix movie from Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. It’s based on the true story of Sean Payton who was kicked out of the NFL for wrongdoing and who then went on to co-manage his 12-year old son’s losing football team, The Warriors. Kevin James stars as the disgraced coach, alongside Taylor Lautner as Troy Lambert, the team’s official coach, and Rob Schneider as the new-age boyfriend of Payton’s ex-wife.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is suspended from the NFL for paying his team to make bad tackles on the field. While appealing his suspension he moves back to his hometown of Argyle, Texas, and encounters his ex-wife Beth and 12-year old son Connor. At first, Connor keeps his distance from Sean but when his father starts to get involved with his failing football team, he is forced to spend more time with the man he has become estranged from.

How do The Warriors start to win? What changes? 

The Warriors lose every match they play but when Sean suggests a new game plan to Troy, the team eventually score their first touchdown. Sean starts to co-manage the team and thanks to his expertise, they rise up the leagues.

Against all the odds, they make it to the final game of the season where they have to face The Porcupines. Will they beat their prickly opponents and win the championship?

Do The Warriors Win The Championship?

The Warriors begin the game well and score the first touchdown. But when the Porcupines start to take the lead, Sean implements new tactics to turn the game around. He benches the defenders and instructs the offensive side of the team to run both offence and defence. This sucks for those who have to sit the game out, including the unconfident Harlan who hasn’t been given the opportunity to play all season.

By halftime, the players are tired and Connor accuses his dad of caring more about his need to win than the needs of the players. The confrontation becomes a heated one and Sean realizes that his desire to win is interfering with the relationship he is trying to build with his son.

With only a few seconds left to finally win the championship goal, he finally gives Harlan a chance to play. Harlan kicks the ball but it flies too high, hitting the scoreboard and causing sparks to fly as it malfunctions.

Because of the misplaced kick, The Warriors don’t win the game. But because they have managed to shut down the scoreboard, they have gained a minor victory because the Porcupines don’t get to see their winning score. The fact that they have won the runner-up trophy also gives them a reason to celebrate, as getting into the final game once seemed like an impossibility.

Do Sean And Connor Reconnect?

Yes. Despite the initial hostility Connor felt towards his dad, the two do reconnect when Sean lets go of his ego. Sean is later asked to return to New Orleans to resume his coaching position, and surprisingly for a movie of this sort (although it sticks to the true story), Sean accepts. Still, father and son have the opportunity to bond beforehand and when Sean returns to his office, he proudly places The Warriors winning trophy next to his NFL Super Bowl accolade.


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