Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Divorce

This latest episode of Homemade Love story showed us some development in the relationship for our main characters and while predictable for some, is still quite enjoyable and worth a watch.

Episode 9 of Homemade Love story starts with Min-Jae and Jung-Hoo having tea together after he arrives to apologize. She tells him that this won’t work and nothing will as it’s now too late.

At the villa, everyone is celebrating and singing karaoke. Soon-Jung eventually returns home after working late and joins the party. Jae-Hee later overhears Hae-Deun talking to Ra-Hoon outside about her failed audition.

As the evening comes to an end, Soon-Jung tucks Chae-Woon in. They talk about Seo-A having trouble apologizing, and wonder if she really regrets what she did.

Chae-Woon tells her mother she has forgiven her and asks if she’s okay as she looked sad today. Soon-Jung tells her she shouldn’t always worry about her before Chae-Woon falls asleep in her arms.

The next day at LX fashion, Chae-Woon rides the elevator with Ms Kim. The latter invites her in for some coffee and apologises again for how she was treated.

Chae-Woon tells her she is happy she called her a good person and promises to work very hard. The air is now cleared between the two. However, Seo-A is watching them and is getting jealous.

Chae-Woon walks away and comes face to face with Seo-A. She tells her that she had to work extra hard because of what happened in the past. She wants them to get on but Seo-A is not sure about it. Chae understands but promises to do her best.

Meanwhile, Hwak Se has trouble finding another gig. He knows it is because of what happened with Man-Jung but she did it to help him. We then cut to Man-Jung meeting with her ex who calls her clingy and wants her to stop texting him.

Suddenly, Hwak Se appears and pretends to be her partner. She plays along and the two claim that they will sue him for taking advantage of her and her money. They then walk out as he gives her back her shoe.

While out getting drinks, Ha-Deun comes face to face with Ba-Reun who has been following her. When they walk out, they come across Ra-Hoon. After the two start to quarrel, this causes Ha-Reun to reveal that she is not dating him.

Ra-Hoon apologises to Ba-Reun for rejecting her but asks not to bother him or Ha-Deun anymore. This annoys Ba-Reun as she berates him for the way he has been behaving and judging her.

Jae-Hee finds out from Min-Seok that his father has decided to go ahead with the divorce and has hired a team of the best lawyers. Elsewhere at LX fashion, Na-Ro gets a job as an interpreter.

Ms Kim calls Soon-Jung again and the two arrange to meet. They catch up on what they have been up to and find out both have lost their husbands.

During dinner, they reminisce about the past and their friendship with Min-Jae. The latter calls Ms Kim but doesn’t want Soon-Jung to know she is calling.

In a flashback, we see that Min-Jae was a little jealous of Soon-Jung when she met with Jung-Hoo. After hanging up, she comes face to face with her husband who tries to apologize again. She wants none of it though and insists on getting divorced.

Later in the day, Chae-Woon heads to Jae-Hee’s workplace to get her pay check. Suddenly, he receives a call from Seo-A as she is coming over. He quickly hides with Chae-Woon and lies to Seo-A about not being in his office.

Chae-Woon is not happy as she thinks he is trying to avoid his girlfriend. He denies it though but jokes that she sounds jealous of her.

In the evening, Jae-Hee has dinner with Seo-A. She drops the picture of Chae as a baby that she found in her mother’s office and Jae-Hee picks it up. He thinks that it is Seo-A but notices a little teddy bear which looks familiar to him. This is of course the one Chae-Woon carries around everywhere.

On their way home, Chae-Woon and Hae-Deun arrive in a restaurant where Hwak-Se has started working. Na-Ro also happens to be there and Jae-Hee arrives soon after. Hwak-Se tells them that Na-Ro is now working at Lx fashion, which prompts Hae-Deun to joke about how the two of them working together could lead to something.

Jung-Hoo goes home after work and sees the place in a mess. She also sees Min-Jae’s new social media account, prompting him to decide to call her. He tells her that he wants to go ahead with a divorce by agreement to make sure they don’t waste any money.

The next morning, Jae-Hee finds out that his parents are heading into court. He rushes over but is upset when he sees them come out. He berates his dad as he wanted him to apologize.

Jung-Hoo replies that he doesn’t understand why he had to do that in the first place since he has been working himself to the bone for many years. He tells his son to change his name and not to talk to him ever again. Min-Jae is not happy with her son’s reaction either and walks away.

While driving, Chae-Woon sees Jae-Hee walking alone. She goes to surprise him but quickly sees that he looks very upset. He doesn’t want to talk about it though so she tries to pull him in her car. He stops her which causes both to fall in each other’s arms. Jae-Hee then brings her closer to him just as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee finally had their first moment at the end of this episode as they end up in each other’s arms.

There is still a long way to go before they actually get together properly though and of course, there will be obstacles in their way. The main ones will be Seo-A and Ra-No, and perhaps those two would be best suited together.

Hwak-Se coming to Man-Jung’s rescue was a great scene and when he returns her shoe, it made me think of a modern twist on Cinderella. I am looking forward to see more of those two together.

Soon-Jung is also always showing how kind and selfless she is towards everyone around her. She has a dark past though but is she like this now because she feels guilty? I am sure the answers will come soon but for now, Homemade Love Story remains consistent and entertaining each week.

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