Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 8 Recap & Review

A Little Too Late?

After the previous slower episode, this latest chapter of Homemade Love Story picks things up with some interesting developments for our characters.

There’s still plenty more drama to come for this weekend series but after just a few weeks, the story has already become quite fun and intriguing for our characters, even if it can be a little predictable at times.

Episode 8 of of Homemade Love Story starts with Soon-Jung taking her daughter away from Ms Kim. While Jae-Hee drives them back, Joon-Sung asks Chae why her old bullies are suddenly resurfacing. Chae-Woon remains vague about it and tells her that she won’t be easily bullied now.

At the villa, Jae-Hee is getting annoyed when he sees how much Na-Ro is helping out. There is tension between the two while Soon-Jung tells Chae-Woon that she is frustrated because she wants to help her more. Chae-Woon replies that she is fine but reveals that Seo-A is her boss at work and that she has been putting her at a disadvantage.

This angers Soon-Jung who wants to go and talk to her. Chae-Woon insists that she wants to be the done taking care of things once and for all.

Meanwhile, Man-Jung is eating alone in a hostel. She curses Hwak-Se about his behaviour and decides to confront him. When she arrives at the nightclub where he performs, she sees that drunk men are causing trouble for him on stage. She comes to his rescue though and throws her shoe at the troublemakers.

Back at the villa, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee talk about Mi-So and bullying, getting closer to each other while Min-Seok shows his sister new divorce papers, showing that she will get an alimony and shares in the company. She tells him to stay out of way as she wants to take care of things herself.

The next day, Jae-Hee visits his dad to talk about his mother. Jung-Hoo is not happy with his wife as he claims she hasn’t been fulfilling her duties as a wife after he fed and clothed her. Jae-Hee replies that she is not a housekeeper and has worked so hard over the years for him and suffered a lot too.

Jung-Hoo explains that he warned her when they got married but also reveals that he didn’t even want to get married in the first place. They then continue arguing about Jae-Hee leaving home, which prompts the latter to write a letter renouncing his inheritance.

After wishing Hae-Dun good luck on her first audition, Chae-Woon heads to So-Mi’s work and asks her again to help clear her name. So-Mi hesitates but tells her she doesn’t know anything about it.

Meanwhile, Ra-Hoon heads into work and is surprised to see that Ba-Reun has started working there too. She reveals that she is there for him so Ra-Hoon feels he has no other choice but to tell her he has a girlfriend. He then get a calls from Hae-Dun who has unfortunately failed her audition.

He rushes over to comfort her but is also followed by Ba-Reun. The latter gets jealous and asks if she is her girlfriend. Ra-Hoon decides to lie and Hae-Dun plays along for her brother.

Later that day, So-Mi has a change of heart and comes to LX fashion to meet Chae-Woon and Seo-A. She apologises to Chae and admits that they shouldn’t have lied about the bullying in high school. She asks Seo-A to tell the truth but the latter denies it and leaves the room.

However, in the bathroom two colleagues ask Chae-Woon if she hit Seo-A in the past. Seo-A happens to be there too and tells them it is a false rumour and to stop spreading it.

In the lift, Chae-Woon thanks Seo-A and tells her she regrets not sorting this out in the past instead of running away. Seo-A tells her she doesn’t regret it and goes into her office feeling very annoyed and frustrated.

Ms Kim decides to meet with Jung-Soo and tries to convince him to apologize to Min-Jae. Reluctantly, he heads to a curtain shop where his wife is shopping. They then visit a park where Jung-Hoo tries to reason with his wife and offers to hire a new housekeeper.

Min-Jae doesn’t believe he will ever change and tells him she wants to be treated like an equal. He asks why he married her, which upsets her greatly as she replies that it is because she loved him. The conversation ends with Min-Jae telling him she wants a divorce and to not meet in person ever again.

After work, Seo-A finally admits to her mother the lies she spread about being bullied by Chae-Woon. She tells her she was jealous of her in art class and was afraid her mother would leave as she was adopted and wanted to be good in everything.

Ms Kim is touched and comforts her, promising never to leave. She then calls Chae-Woon and apologises about the situation. She’s happy that she was right about her being a good person. This touches Chae-Woon greatly and makes her feel very relieved.

Hae-Dun returns to the villa after work but when her family asks about her audition, she lies and says that she has passed the first stage. Everyone wants to celebrate and call Jung-Soon to tell her the good news.

The episode ends with Jung-Hoo walking through the market and remembering the past. He heads home and finds a letter and list from Min-Jae showing what to do in the house. Finally realizing what he did, he rushes over to Min-Jae’s new place. He then kneels down and apologises for everything.

The Episode Review

This episode of Homemade Love Story showed Seo-A finally coming clean about her lies. Her mother was quick to forgive her though when she played the emotional card. I am not sure this will stop her from bullying Chae-Woon at work but we will have to wait and see.

Chae-Woon is for now very happy and touched by Ms Kim’s words. Of course, when the truth comes out this will be a very dramatic moment for many of the characters.

I am also enjoying seeing Jae-Hee getting close to Chae-Woon and how jealous he becomes of Na-Ro. The other two siblings have also got their fair share of hardships and I am really rooting for them.

It looks like Jung-Hoo has finally realised the mistakes he made with Min-Jae and how badly he has been treating her. The apple scene when she was pregnant was heartbreaking and it is a shame she wasn’t able to leave him sooner.

Min-Jae seems determined to get her freedom and it looks like it might be too late for Jung-Hoo. To be fair though, he deserves it. I wonder if he will meet Soon-Jung again and if the two will get close.

I am looking forward to see what this drama will bring over the next few weeks and how the story will develop for our characters. For now though, Homemade Love Story carries on being quite the fun and enjoyable series to watch.

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