Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Simmering Tensions

This latest episode of Homemade Love Story felt a little slower than the last couple as the story didn’t advance as much. It still had some fun moments though and the characters continue to deliver good chemistry throughout. Let’s hope things pick up a bit in the next instalment.

Episode 7 of Homemade Love Story starts where we last left off with Na-Ro telling Ms Kim her daughter is still alive. After the initial shock, she demands to know more. Na-Ro stays quiet though and hangs up.

Chae-Woon tries to comfort Ms Kim just as Seo-A enters the room. The latter is surprised to see Chae-Woon so close to her mum but she leaves soon after.

After work, Chae-Woon starts walking in the rain when Na-Ro suddenly turns up with an umbrella to share with her. They then grab a bite to eat where Na-Ro talks about things Chae-Woon likes, which we see he has learnt from going through her phone.

At the same time, Jae-Hee takes Ms Kim and Seo-A home. Once inside the house, Ms Kim reassures Jae-Hee about his mother and explains that she wanted a break.

In a flashback, we see Ms Kim talking to Min-Jae about her divorce and tells her to make sure she talks about the issues with Jung-Hoo before making any decisions. They then remind themselves how they both tried to talk each other out of their bad love choices in the past.

Chae-Woon walks home with Na-Ro who gives a rose to Soon-Jung when they arrive at the villa. Jae-Hee arrives at the same time and gets jealous again. Suddenly, they hear screaming and when they rush in, see Man-Jung and Hae-Dun arguing. The latter has stolen her aunt’s credit card to buy a skin care package to make herself look young after the other trainees made fun of her.

Shocked by this, Soon-Jung stops the argument and tells her daughter to cancel the treatment. Hae-Dun is not happy so Soon-Jung explains that they will have to leave the villa next year and can’t afford things like that. She tells them about Man-Jung losing her flat and wants all of them to be on the same page.

The conversation turns sour again though when Man-Jung tells them she got fired and dumped again. She doesn’t want to be a burden anymore so she decides to pack up and leave the villa.

Hae-Dun and Ra-Hoon try stopping her but in vain. Chae-Woon then berates her sister for always causing trouble and stressing her mother. Overhearing her daughters, Soon-Jung comes outside to put an end to their argument.

In her room, Soon-Jung thinks about Chae-Woon and feels guilty for taking her away from her amazing and rich mother. Chae-Woon comes in the room and Soon-Jung apologises for giving her so much burden. They then have a drink together and Soon-Jung suggests looking for her birth parents together.

Chae-Woon is touched but tells her mother that she has now decided against it. She reassures her mum that she is fine and tells her how much she loves her. Unbeknownst to them, Jae-Hee has been listening to their conversation the whole time. He is shocked to hear that Chae-Woon is adopted and thinks about Seo-A too as she has also been adopted.

During the night, Hwak-Se is finding it difficult to fall asleep and wonders why, while Man-Jung has trouble finding a place to stay. Her sister goes in her old room and looks sad when she finds it empty.

The next day, Chae Woon is determined to settle things with Seo-A. She enlists the help of her siblings and asks them to find Seo-A’s best friend from high school, Park So-Mi, to prove she didn’t bully her and was framed.

While looking for So-Mi, Ra-Hoon realises that Ba-Reun has been following him. He asks her why and she replies that it is because she likes him. He tells her it is not possible and reveals that he is not a student of the college, hoping that it will be enough. Ba-Reun tells him that she already knew, which embarrasses Ra-Hoon so much he passes out.

Meanwhile, Ms Kim decides to visit Pil-Hong in prison. When she gets there, he declines her visit while Min-Jae tells his son she is planning to divorce his father. Jae-Hee is shocked by this revelation and rushes over to his father’s office. The latter refuses to see him so Jae-Hee meets with his uncle. He tells him he is worried that Min-Jae will manage on her own and plans to talk to both his parents.

Hae-Dun has tracked So-Mi down so Chae-Woon rushes to the location. She gets a lift from Ms Kim while Soon-Jung does the same. Chae-Woon spots So-Mi quickly and tries convincing her to tell the truth. So-Mi remains tight-lipped though and a few minutes later, Ms Kim arrives and recognises So-Mi.

After the latter leaves, Ms Kim berates Cha-Woon for digging up the past. Chae tries to defend herself but Ms Kim brushes her off again. As the two leave each other, Soon-Jung and Hae-Dun arrive and take Chae away, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Na-Ro is definitely getting closer to the family and making his wish come true. Having all the information from Chae-Woon’s phone definitely helps him with his scheme, and I wonder how long it will take for the characters to find out.

Jae-Hee might be the first one as we know he is not a fan of him. I am still intrigued to know the the reason why Soon-Jung took Chae away when she was little. I am guessing it could have been to protect her from Pil-Hong who is now in prison? He is bound to come out at some point, which of course will bring a lot of drama.

It was quite surprising to find out that Seo-A was adopted. Did Ms Kim take her in after Chae-Woon was kidnapped? Does Seo-A know she is adopted? When the truth finally comes out, their rivalry will be even worse and sparks will definitely fly!

The episode was a little slower this week but still had some fun scenes. Hwak-Se seems to have developed feelings for Man-Jung after we saw that he was not able to sleep once she had left the villa.

Ra-Hoon also has someone after him and she seems determined to get her way. The diverse and amusing characters really help this drama and I’m looking forward to find out what happens next!

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