Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Koala and Headbutt

The latest chapter of Homemade Love Story brought some difficult moments for some of our main characters. This of course makes this drama more entertaining and easy to get hooked on.

The pacing carries on being consistent with some development into the main mystery already. The actors are doing a good job with their roles so far too.

Episode 6 of Homemade Love Story starts with Soon-Jung still a little shaken with seeing Ms Kim. The latter joins her on the balcony and tells her how pleased she is to see her again. After talking about their children, Soon Jung awkwardly tries to leave. She wants to carry on with the cooking, avoiding any more conversations.

Meanwhile in the villa, the misunderstanding with Na-Ro gets cleared and the latter properly meets with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee. Jae-Hee recognizes him as the one who found Chae’s phone though which he finds a little strange. Na-Ro explains that it happens to him very often but Hae-Deun thinks it is a great coincidence.

As we return to the dinner party, Soon-Jung has a flashback of herself running away with a baby. Back in the present, she drops some plates which prompts her boss to send her home for being ill.

Ms Kim offers to drive her which makes Soon-Jung uncomfortable. During the drive, Ms Kim reminisces about the time they used to spend together with Min-Jae when they all seemed to be happy and carefree.

Soon-Jung arrives home and all three of her children notice how pale she is. On the back of this, they decide to take care of her and comfort the girl. After Dae-Hun and Ra-Hoon leave the room, Soon-Jung explains she met someone from her past and we learn that she feels a lot of guilt towards her.

On his way home, Hwak Se comes face to face with Man-Jung who is drunk again. They share a moment but Man-Jung quickly asks him to not tell anyone he saw her in the hospital.

Back in the villa, Chae-Woon gets to know Na-Ro. She then heads outside to work on her presentation and receives some advice from Jae-Hee. Their conversation soon turns into bickering while Na-Ro watches them from inside.

Meanwhile, Ms Kim remembers the day her daughter Seo-Yeon got kidnapped and the hole she has left in her heart.

In the morning during breakfast, all the residents sit down to eat. Na-Ro seems to be fitting in well with everyone which makes Jae-Hee a little jealous. However Hwak-Se is not happy with Man-Jung as she has kept him up all night again with her snoring.

Jung-Ho is still struggling to feed himself or do anything in the house without his wife. On the other hand, Min-Jae is enjoying her new-found freedom.

Later that morning, Na-Ro gets a call from Professor Kim who tells him that Pil-Hong’s ex-wife is Kim Jung-Won. He then walks to LX fashion building. As he looks up, he tells himself that Chae Woon is Ms Kim’s daughter, which will make him her future son in law.

At work, Chae-Woon finds out that her meeting has been cancelled by Seo-A. This frustrates her after the latter was the one who gave her the deadline. She then spends the rest of the day working hard in one of the stores.

Still worried about his mother, Jae-Hee decides to visit a Hanok hoping to find her there. Seo-A happens to walk by and the two come face to face with Min-Jae who had been staying there. She leaves them to go for a walk while Seo-A convinces Jae-Hee to have lunch with her.

While eating, he asks her about her new intern. Seo-A reveals that it has been bugging her as she is the bully from school. This shocks him but he quickly stops the conversation and leaves the restaurant, just as Chae-Woon arrives to get something to eat.

Meanwhile, Hae-Dun is struggling with her dance rehearsal. She promises the trainer that she will do better but later, hears the other girls making fun of her. Her mother arrives with food and notices that the other trainees are bullying her. She still gives them food though and tells her daughter to be strong as she believes in her.

In college, Ra-Hoon almost gets discovered while doing karate. He tries running away but Ba-Reun catches up to him. He tells her he has to quit the club so she decides to admit the truth that she likes him. This surprises the guy but runs away, knowing that his lies are getting too complicated.

The next day, Jung-Ho has tracked his wife to a letting agency. She tells him she is looking for a new flat but he laughs it off and tells her to go home. She refuses and stands up to him, announcing that she wants a divorce.

At the same time, Chae-Woon finds out that she has been deliberately excluded from a presentation meeting. Knowing that it is Sea-A’s doing, she confronts her and asks the girl if she is really that bothered. She then mentions that she must still feel guilty from framing her into looking like a bully and making her drop out of school.

Ms Kim arrives and interrupts the lively conversation when she sees her daughter looking flustered. She then takes Chae Woon to her office to clear things up .

The latter reveals that she never bullied Seo-A in school but was framed by her. She wished she had fought back but had to drop out of school to help her family. Ms Kim doesn’t believe her though and calls her cruel. However, after consideration, she tells her to do her job well and stop dwelling on the past.

The episode ends with Ms Kim receiving a call from Na-Ro revealing that her daughter is still alive and close by.

The Episode Review

There is already some great chemistry between Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee and I really like the nickname they have for each other. The more I look at Jae-Hee, the more I actually think he really looks like a koala!

However, Chae-Woon is getting quite friendly with Na-Ro who has so far charmed his way into the family. Unbeknownst to them though, he has an ulterior motive, which makes him a very interesting character.

Soon-Jung’s story is also quite intriguing as she has to face some big demons from her past. Plenty of questions remain; why did she kidnap Seo-Yeon and what is her connection to the mysterious Pil-Hong? The story so far has definitely got me hooked even if it can sometimes be a little predictable.

Let’s not forget Jung-Ho who is getting his comeuppance and left to fed for himself. Min-Jae also finally stood up to him which was an excellent scene to watch. What will happen next for these two remains to be seen but for now, Homemade Love Story brings us another dramatic and fun episode.

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