Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Two New Tenants

The latest episode of Homemade Love Story brings us the final two tenants of the villa which promises to cause a lot of drama going forward.

The series carries on with the same pace and tone as we get to know these characters more each week. With plenty of light humour and a good dose of intrigue, the story remains interesting and enjoyable even if it can sometimes be a little predictable.

Episode 5 of Homemade Love Story starts with Ra-Hoon arriving home and hearing everyone scream. He rushes over to the bathroom to find his sisters and aunt shocked at the sight of Jae-Hee naked.

After the commotion, Soon-Jung arrives too and she explains that he will be staying as a tenant. As everyone starts eating Soon-Jung’s delicious food, Chae-Woon gives them the good news that the plagiarism issue has been solved and she will now be working at LX fashion. Everyone is ecstatic and they celebrate.

In her office, Seo-A is dreading the next day as it will be when Chae-Woon starts working. Jae-Hee tries to call his mum but the number seems disconnected. He then calls his father but the latter lies, saying that Min-Jae is in bed.

Chae-Woon joins him outside and the two agree to carry on working together in the evening. Seo-A suddenly calls him as she is not happy he didn’t tell her that he moved.

During the night, Jung-Hoo is starting to feel the absence of his wife, while Chae-Woon studies in preparation of her first day. Only, she’s unable to forget the shower incident with Jae-Hee, who is having trouble sleeping too.

The next day, Soon-Jung makes her daughter blow again on her flower petals from her book for good luck. She then remembers the day Jung-Hoo gave her that book and wonders how he is doing now.

Chae-Woon’s first day doesn’t start too well when she accidently gets stuck in a door and Ms Kim jumps to her help. This annoys Seo-A but her mother tells her that she has to look after her employees.

Thankfully, the day gets a little better when Chae-Woon suggests a good idea during a meeting. However, Seo-A asks her to do a presentation and gives a lot of work for her to do with a two-day deadline.

Meanwhile, Jung-Soo is still wondering where Min-Jae is. He calls her brother but he has no idea either. The latter then meets with Jae-Hee and both are worried about Min-Jae. Thankfully, they quickly receive a text from her, telling them she is okay and to be patient. We then cut to Min-Jae and we see that she has been pampering and treating herself for once.

While delivering again in the college, Ra-Hoon comes face to face with the girl he met before, Cha Ba-Reun. She takes him to karate tryouts and manages to convince him to sign up.

Hae-Dun on the other hand is allowed to audition for a new group called Trot girls and will be a trainee again. Her mother and Hwak-Se are very happy for her and the latter heads to the doctor to check on his throat.

In the surgery, he is surprised to see Man-Jung who lies and explains that she is here to help out a friend. She also insists that there is nothing wrong with her clinic in Jeju.

On her way home, Ms Kim is surprised to find Chae-Woon still working hard on her presentation. She gives her some advice and when she sees how kind she is, wonders if she really did bully Seo-A.

In the evening, Jae-Hee heads to the construction site and is happy to see that Chae-Woon kept her word. He congratulates her on a job well done and later gives her lift back home where she falls asleep, exhausted.

At home, Jung-Hoo is having trouble making himself some dinner and burns it. Jae-Hee arrives to look for his mother and stands up to him, warning about the state of her wellbeing.

At the same time, Hwang Na-Ro keeps looking through Chae-Woon’s phone and when he sees that her mother is looking for a tenant, decides to apply. He heads to the villa and Soon-Jung offers him the basement room.

When Chae-Woon returns home after work, she meets Na-Ro and as she trips, she falls into his arms. Jae-Hee follows her in but when he sees the scene, breaks the two up. This, in turn, causes him to bang foreheads with Chae-Woon again.

The episode ends with Soon-Jung preparing a fancy meal for her employer and her guests. As she greets them, she’s shocked when one of them is Ms Kim. Both women recognize each other and almost faint as Soon-Jung wonders what Seo-Yeon’s mother is doing there.

The Episode Review

Hardworking Chae-Woon finally starts seeing her luck change as she starts her new job in LX fashion. However, it won’t be without hurdles with the shadow of Seo-A lurking in every corner.

Since we can predict that Jae-Hee will certainly fall for Chae-Woon, this will create even more rivalry and sparks from Seo-A, who I imagine will be quite the evil character going forward.

We now also have a full house and I can already predict a love triangle with Chae-Woon, Jae-Hee and Na-Ro. I do wonder what Na-Ro wants to achieve exactly though and I am looking forward to find out more about him.

The biggest reveal is Soon-Jung and her shock of seeing Ms Kim. It is starting to become clear that she perhaps knows that she is the biological mother of Chae-Woon and something dark must have happened in the past.

I can imagine that a lot of characters are connected and intertwined in this story which I am sure will developed over the next few months for this weekend drama.

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