Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 48 Recap & Review

Jung-Hoo 2.0

Episode 48 of Homemade Love Story picks up where we left off as Jung-Hoo and Chae-Woon lead Min-Jae outside. Chae-Woon walks her in-laws to Min-Jae’s house and pretends she has to go back to work to make sure she leaves the two of them alone.

Inside, Jung-Hoo gives her the teddy he made. Min-Jae is surprised and amused by the gift. Jung-Hoo tells her that he didn’t realize how much she cherished the teddy he won for her.

She explains that it was the first and only present that he only got her. Jung-Hoo then asks her for one last chance as he wants to make it up to her. Min-Jae is surprised so Jung-Hoo replies that he changed his mind and also reveals that he lied about being in a relationship.

Min-Jae is flustered and tells him she wants her freedom. Jung-Hoo insists though as he wants to give it a shot and promises not to hurt her feelings. If he can’t get through to her, then he will just give up. She replies that it will be easier to reject him than have him telling her to move on with her life. Jung-Hoo then decides to leave and wishes her happy birthday again.

In the villa, Jun-A is trying to clean again and offers to make Kimchi. Soon-Jung refuses and tries sending him home but he insists that he won’t leave until he’s made all the kimchi.

In LX fashion, Hae-Deun waits for Jung-Won as she has chosen her to work on the smart clothing project. Hae-Deun promises to work hard and follows her out.

Unable to keep it to herself, Man-Jung heads over to the pork trotter restaurant to talk to Hwak-Se and Eun-Ji. She tells them she knows Eun-Ji may be Ra-Hoon’s mother and asks them point blank if Hwak-Se could be the father. The latter is shocked by the revelation but also by the question too.

Eun-Ji reassures her that he is not and explains she is not sure as two boys were dropped at the orphanage in the same time. Unbeknownst to them, Ra-Hoon and Ba-Reun are listening behind the door. Man-Jung apologizes for suggesting this and wonders if Eun-Ji should do a DNA test. Eun-Ji replies that she feels too bad to face Ra-Hoon.

Ra-Hoon walks away completely shocked with Ba-Reun next to him. He tells her that they should keep this to themselves as he knows how hard this was for Chae-Woon. He doesn’t want to worry Soon-Jung.

Chae-Woon meets Jae-Hee for lunch and discusses what happened with his parents this morning while Soon-Jung decides to forgive Pil-Hong and bring him some food. She then invites him to come over for a meal in the evening. Pil-Hong is grateful but unsure because of Chae-Woon. Jung-Hoo arrives in the shop and insists that he should come with him.

Back in the office, Ms Kim tells Chae-Woon that she is going to accept Seo-A and Na-Ro’s engagement. She knows that there are still some shady things about his past but if he behaves well in the future, she will accept him.

Pil-Hong and Jung-Hoo arrive later in the villa, ready for the dinner. They are greeted by Soon-Jung and Jun-A, her new kitchen assistant. After chatting, Jae-Hee and Chae-Woon arrive too but the latter is not to pleased to see her father there. Soon-Jung takes her into her room and tries convincing her to let Pil-Hong enjoy a meal with them.

Chae-Woon remains quiet during the meal but finally decides to follow Pil-Hong out as he leaves. She tells him that they will have him over one day but Pil-Hong tells her it is not necessary and how this invitation was enough. She tells him to not skip his meal and leaves, looking emotional and very happy.

In LX fashion, Hae-Deun has been waiting for Ms Kim as she needs to give her some styling advice for events she will attend. Ms Kim agrees and suggests that they also have dinner together. After eating, Hae-Deun decides to sneak back in the house and wait for Jun-A to come home. Unfortunately, the latter decides to do the same at the villa.

Meanwhile, Ra-Hoon, Ba-Reun, Man-Jung and Hwak-Se are in a bar cheering Ra-Hoon on and wishing him well. Hwak-Se then gets up to sing his usual song but has changed the lyrics for Ra-Hoon.

On his way home. Ra-Hoon runs into Eun-Ji as she gets out of the restaurant. The two then sit down and share a cup of coffee. Ra-Hoon doesn’t say anything though and wonders if she could really be his mother.

The next morning, Seo-A and Jung-Won are shocked to find Hae-Deun asleep in Jun-A’s room while Jun-A tries sneaking out of the villa as he has done the same. Soon-Jung gets a call from Ms Kim to let her know that Hae-Deun has spent the night there.

At breakfast, Jung-Hoo reveals to Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee that he is ready to win Min-Jae’s heart again. Chae-Woon is really happy and promises to help him while Jae-Hee is a bit unsure about it. They first decide to get him a new brighter look.

Jung-Hoo heads over to Min-Jae with a rose and offers to take her to work. He tells he wants to show her he has changed and calls himself Jung-Hoo 2.0.

Soon-Jung heads over to the restaurant where Eun-Ji has left a letter for her. She apologizes and explains that she has found out that it was the other child who is her son. Ra-Hoon overhears everything and starts crying in his mother’s arms.

In LX fashion, Ms Kim tells Na-Ro and Seo-A that she is finally accepting their engagement. Unfortunately, Kim calls Na-Ro and reveals that he is not in prison but has faked the whole thing. He also tells him that retribution is coming his way.

Suddenly, Ms Kim receives a parcel with pictures of Na-Ro from when he used to spy on her and Chae-Woon. She summons him to her office and tells him she now knows what he has done. Both Chae-Woon and Ms Kim confront him and ask if things would have worked with Chae, he wouldn’t have approached Seo-A.

Na-Ro is shaking and admits that he did but his time in the villa made him understand how shameful he was. Falling in love with Seo made him regret his actions too and he now wants to live an honest life. Ms Kim refuses to listem and tells him to leave the company; she will tell Seo-A that he went away on a business trip.

Na-Ro heads over to his flat, thinking about the day he just had. Seo-A calls him and lies that he has an outside meeting. He tells her to go back to the office and apologizes. Na-Ro then asks Pil-Hong if he knows where Mr Kim is as he is determined to make sure he gets put behind bars.

Pil-Hong then receives a call from Detective Park who wants to talk to him about Kim. The latter calls him next and mentions that he might change targets now he knows Pil-Hong is the one that reveals all his crime.

Pil-Hong is worried and as he walks to the police station, sees Chae-Woon on the other side of the road about to cross. As she does, a car comes rushing from around the corner and just as it is about to hit her, Pil-Hong runs and jumps in front as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

What an emotional episode! Homemade Love Story delivers its best installment so far with plenty of humour, emotion and dramatic moments too.

As expected, Jung-Hoo has finally taken the first step towards a reconciliation with Min-Jae. The evolution of his character is definitely the best of the series and Jung Bo-Suk has given excellent performances throughout its runtime. I am looking forward to see what Min-Jae will do in the last two episodes but I am sure she will eventually give in.

The fun saga of Hae-Deun and Jun-A continues with the two getting in awkward situations again. They do mean well though but I am not sure how the mothers will react when they find out that they are married.

This episode also finally unraveled Na-Ro’s story as the truth about his past is revealed to Ms Kim and Chae-Woon. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him a little. As we can see, he had a difficult life which led him to crime. He was also finally ready to have an honest life.

Unfortunately, his actions have resulted in the evil Kim to act out against Pil-Hong, and what a cliffhanger we just had at the end of the episode!

Pil-Hong has showed the ultimate proof of fatherly love by jumping in front of Kim’s car, and I am really hoping that he will be alright. I have definitely laughed and cried a lot during this installment. I am sure I will have more tears of joy and sadness during the next two, as we have to unfortunately say goodbye to the villa and its residents.

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