Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 47 Recap & Review

The Unexpected Wedding

Episode 47 of Homemade Love Story picks where we left off with Pil-Hong crying over the jacket Chae-Woon left him. Jae-Hee then heads over to the port trotter restaurant and offers to walk home with his father. The latter finds out that Chae-Woon knows about Pil-Hong working in the neighbourhood so he offers to check up on him from time to time.

Jae-Hee and Jung-Hoo arrive home and find Chae-Woon cleaning. The three are in good spirits and tease each other. Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee then go out to look at some furniture, while at home Min-Jae wonders what she should do about Professor Son. The latter suddenly calls her as he needs a favour: his babysitter has gone home and he asks her to look after Ba-Wi.

Meanwhile, Jun-A and Hae-Deun face-time each other. They are surprised by Jung-Won who once again tells her son that they shouldn’t be dating. Jun-A remains positive though and tries convincing her mother to agree.

Seo-A meets with Mr Kim to give him some money in exchange of him leaving Na-Ro alone. Mr Kim laughs it off and asks for more or he will go to the police as he has information on Na-Ro that could put him in jail. At the same time, Pil-Hong gives Na-Ro details of crimes Kim has committed. Na-Ro needs evidence though but Pil-Hong wants to stay away from people like him.

Back at the villa, Eun-Ji looks at her son and Ba-Reun from afar and smiles as she can see how happy he is. Man Jung sees her looking at the villa and goes in to ask her sister what she knows about her. Soon-Jung tells her she may be Ra-Hoon’s mother and the two discuss this revelation. Man-Jung then starts thinking and wonders who the father could be. She then heads in Hwak-Se’s room and finds the latter singing with Ra-Hoon.

In LX fashion, Hae-Deun hears of a new position which gets her to work close to Ms Kim on the smart clothing project and thinks she will be a good fit for it. She later meets with Jun-A, where both decide to go to the other’s mother to convince them. Jun-A heads to the villa first and decides to help Soon-Jung sweeping around. She tells him it wont work though and sends him home.

Ms Kim looks at the potential candidates for the job and chooses the third one after looking at their portfolios. When she sees that it is Hae-Deun, she refuses to give her the job as she thinks she is doing that to get her approval.

After their failed attempts. Hae-Deun and Jun-A call each other to discuss their next step. Hae-Deun has an idea and asks Jun-A to meet him. She asks if he would marry her if they had their mothers’ approval. He tells he would so she suggests that they get their marriage registered now. That way they can show their mothers how serious they are and can try convincing them after. Jun-A is surprised but eventually agrees and the two get married. Afterwards, they are a bit worried though and decide to hold off telling their mothers until they approve.

Meanwhile, Soon-Jung and Eun-Ji meet for coffee. The latter reveals she had a health scare two years prior when she found out she had a brain tumour; that’s what made her decide to meet her son. Soon-Jung understands but suggests that they do a DNA test to be certain. Eun-Ji doesn’t want to do that as she just wants to watch her son from afar as she doesn’t want to show her face after abandoning her son. Ra-Hoon then enters the restaurant but it is too much for Eun-Ji who has to walk away for a minute.

As she leaves the restaurant, Soon-Jung runs into Pil-Hong. He takes her to his shop where she asks if Chae-Woon knows. He replies that she does and that she bought him this jacket. He also reveals that Jae-Hee and his father are aware but not Jung-Won. Soon-Jung is concerned and worries about the latter finding out too.

Chae-Woon and Min-Jae meet for lunch and discuss Min-Jae’s love life. She explains how torn she feels as she wants her freedom but is also confused by her feelings for both men. Chae-Woon mentions that she wants to cook her a nice meal but her birthday. Min-Jae is grateful but tells her she wants to spend it alone for once as she wants to reflect on her life.

Worried about Pil-Hong, Jae-Hee decides to visit him at his store. There, he sees two big men talking to him. Pil-Hong explains that he is speaking to them because Na-Ro is being threatened. He then accidentally reveals that Chae-Woon asked him to look after Na-Ro as Jung-Won is worried about Seo-A dating. He also mentions Mr Kim who is after him.

Chae-Woon, Jae-Hee, Seo-A, Na-Ro arrive for their family dinner in Jung-Won’s house. Jun-A is not far behind with Hae-Deun. Jung-Won is surprised to see her there so Hae-Deun explains that she is acting as Jun-A’s girlfriend and potential employer in the smart clothing project.

Chae-Woon finds out from Jae-Hee that a certain Mr Kim is blackmailing Na-Ro. She heads over to see her sister and overhears her on the phone with the same Mr Kim. Chae-Woon asks if she is being blackmailed. Sea-A explains that she is just stalling him as Na-Ro has promised that he will get rid of him, asking her not to say anything.

At dinner, Jung-Won congratulates Na-Ro on his recent work. The latter then receives a threatening text from Kim who also mentions the money he has received from Seo-A.

Jung-Won takes Na-Ro to another room and asks about his marriage to Seo-A. He tells her he is not sure about it as he knows he is not good enough but promises that he loves her. Afterwards, he decides to call the detective to report someone.

Jung-Hoo and Pil-Hong meet for dinner and discuss Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee. Pil-Hong is envious of him but Jung-Hoo tells him his life hasn’t always been rosy, especially with his son. He promises to help Pil-Hong patch things up with Chae-Woon. Pil-Hong is grateful and tells him how he wants to do his best to be a good father to her as he always used to take his family for granted. This has Jung-Hoo thinking about Min-Jae and when he sees the teddies Pil-Hong has been making, he asks to show him how.

The next day, Na-Ro leans that Kim has been arrested. He meets with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee who are worried about Kim blackmailing them. Na-Ro reassures them as he just found out that Kim has been arrested. He promises to change as he wants to get along with them now. He then calls Seo-A to give her the good news.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoo has been sewing a teddy and decides to drop it by her flat with a cake. He runs into Chae-Woon in the cake shop who has the same idea. Suddenly, Min-Jae walks in and meets with professor Son and Ba-Wi who are surprising her with a small party.

Chae-Woon and Jung-Hoon watch from afar and both are not too pleased. Things get a little awkward when Min-Jae asks Ba-Wi what he wants for his birthday and the latter replies that he would like a mum like her. Jung-Hoo overhears it and can’t help but walk to the table. He tells her that something has come up at home and to follow him.

The Episode Review

Hae-Deun and Jun-A have certainly taken a big step by getting married, and knowing what they are like I’m sure that it won’t stay a secret for very long. They are quite the fun couple but still not as funny as Hwak-Se and Man-Jung. The latter also seems to think her boyfriend may be Ra-Hoon’s father but I have doubts that it would be the case.

These latest twists are quite surprising and fun to watch but a little rushed too as they are brought up towards the end of the series.

Jung-Hoo seems to finally be determined to take a stand for Min-Jae now and I wonder what her reaction will be. I think she will not agree to get back together at first or she will have some conditions. These two have had quite the journey so far and I am really rooting for them to get back together. The actors have great chemistry too and along with Hwak-Se and Man-Jung, they are my favourite characters in the show.

Only 3 episodes left now and we will have to say goodbye to our family in the villa. I think it will be very emotional but hopefully everyone will get the happy ending they deserve!

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