Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 46 Recap & Review

Romeo and Juliet

Episode 46 of Homemade Love Story starts with Min-Jae and Jung-Hoo talking to Jae-Hee and Chae-Woon about the conversation they overheard. Jae-Hee is shocked to hear about their parents dating but they tell him he is being overdramatic.

As Jae-Hee has trouble believing his father is in a relationship, the latter invents a story about finding someone in a dating service. This surprises everyone, and in particular Min-Jae. The latter heads home and runs into Professor Son. He offers to go for a walk with her and wants to make sure she is okay with what he told her earlier in the day. Min-Jae seems torn and doesn’t say much.

Meanwhile, Jun-A takes Hae-Deun home to speak to his mother. They sit down and ask her to approve their relationship as they don’t want to wait or be apart anymore. Jung-Won walks off but Jun-A comes after her. She tells him that she feels he has never really considered her as a mother deep down.

Back in the lounge, Na-Ro and Seo-A arrive home and are surprised to find Hae-Deun there. The two girls almost come to blows again and are stopped by Na-Ro.

Hae-Deun then asks him what he is really doing since he used to be all over her sister. Seo-A seems shocked but he denies it all. Jung-Won returns in the room with Jun-A and tells Hae-Deun and Na-Ro that she doesn’t like them so she doesn’t want them in the house. She tells her children that she will try opening her heart to them but they should wait until then.

In the villa, Soon-Jung speaks to Hwak-Se about what happened and why he had to go with Eun-Ji to the hospital. Man-Jung returns home so Hwak-Se follows her in her room. He tells her he has applied for another contest but quickly apologizes again. He eventually manages to make her smile with his positive and fun nature and the two hug.

Hae-Deun storms off from Jung-Won’s house with Jun-A in tow. He finally catches up with her by the villa and tries explaining himself. He tells her that his mother thinks he doesn’t consider her as a mother so he feels guilty. He asks her to trust him and promises to convince her.

The next day in LX fashion, there is a lot of tension between everyone. In the villa, Man-Jung asks her sister to show her how to cook porridge as she wants to bring some to Eun-Jin in hospital. Soon-Jung then gets a call from the orphanage she used to work at. The director reveals that someone called Kim Eun-Ji wants to visit as she claims to be Ra-Hoon’s mother. She is, of course, shocked and realizes that it is the same woman as Hwak-Se’s friend.

Both sisters head to hospital and while Man-Jung takes a call, Soon-Jung enters the room. She introduces herself then mentions the conversation she just had with the orphanage director. Eun-Ji apologizes as she was too ashamed and couldn’t have come earlier. She asks her to keep this between them for now and apologizes again.

Meanwhile, Ra-Hoon and Ba-Reun spend the day together, doing all the things on their list. After their time together, Ra-Hoon returns home as Soon-Jung prepares him his favourite dishes.

At work, Jae-Hee asks his dad why he is rushing his mother into a relationship. Jung-Hoo insists that he is dating someone but Jae-Hee still thinks he will regret this. Min-Jae later visits Jung-Hoo and asks to see proof that he is really dating someone or she won’t believe it. He thinks about it and promises to give her some.

We then see Jung-Hoo later staging some pictures of himself in a cafe with two cups of coffee and tickets. She still doesn’t believe him though and thinks they are fake.

Pil-Hong meets with Mr Kim and asks him to let Na-Ro be now that he has paid his due. Mr Kim wants none of it though and starts threatening Pil-Hong. He tells him he will go after everyone around him including Chae-Woon, so he’d better stay put.

Hae-Deun returns home but is not happy when she sees that Jung-Won is visiting her mother. She decides to hide in Jun-A’s old room but, unbeknownst to her, Jun-A is inside packing. He quickly hides as she enters. She then lays on the bed and falls asleep.

Jun-A eventually comes out of hiding and decides to lay next to her, eventually falling asleep. Both mothers then enter the room to get Jun-A’s clothes and everyone is startled when they see the pair together. Jung-Won then drags Jun-A out and away from Hae-Deun despite their protests.

In the evening, Ra-Hoon takes Ba-Reun to eat at the pork trotter restaurant and meets Eun-Ji for the first time without knowing who she is. She keeps staring at him and Ra-Hoon wonders why.

Jung-Hoo delivers food in Pil-Hong’s shop and is surprised to find Jae-Hee there, fixing a leak. Chae-Woon happens to walk by so the two hide. After she leaves, Jung-Hoo finds out who Pil-Hong is.

Jung-Hoo walks back to the restaurant just as Min-Jae calls him. She accuses him of putting on a show and wonders if he is doing this because he feels bad about the way he treated her. Jung-Hoo confirms that he does and wants her to start dating now she has someone more exciting in her life. Min-Jae doesn’t understand why he is acting that way and wonders if it is because he wants her back. He denies it and tells her that he can’t do any more for her as he has no right.

Chae-Woon returns home and talks to Hae-Deun about her situation. The latter then mentions the clothes altering shop that has just opened and shows her the little teddy the owner gave.

Back in the altering shop, Pil-Hong despairs about how Chae-Woon must feel about him. He feels bad and immature for opening a store to be near her. Jae-Hee does his best to reassure him just as Chae-Woon walks by. She almost walks in herself but stops. Jae-Hee and Pil-Hong walk out and find a new jacket with his name on it hanging on his door. Pil-Hong realizes that it was Chae-Woon who left it there and starts crying.

The Episode Review

We’ve only got a few episodes left now before we say goodbye to the residents of Samgwang villa and I can imagine these will be used to wind down each stories for all our characters. Hae-Deun and Jun-A are the Romeo and Juliet of the show as both their mothers are against their relationship. I understand why Jung-Won is against Na-Ro but she doesn’t really have a good reason to dislike Hae-Deun. Still, I am sure she will eventually come around to accept their dating.

The Min-Jae/Jung-Hoo saga carries on with the latter lying about being in a relationship. While it is quite noble of him, it is still very clear that they have feelings for each other and I wonder who will do the first step towards a reconciliation.

It was also quite surprising to see the show bringing Ra-Hoon’s biological mother towards the end of its run-time. It doesn’t allow much time for that story to develop, especially as he is going away in the army. Perhaps, we will get a time jump?

On the other hand, Chae-Woon has taken a positive step forward as she left a warm jacket for Pil-Hong outside his shop. The latter was so touched and it looks like the two are on their way to a better relationship. Unfortunately, Mr Kim lurks in the distance and hasn’t said his final word. This indicates that more drama is coming our way!

Homemade Love Story has been quite the enjoyable drama so far and while I will miss watching it, I am looking forward to see how the show will wrap up all of its stories!

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