Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 45 Recap & Review

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Episode 45 of Homemade Love Story starts with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee heading over to the Pork Trotter restaurant to ask Jung-Hoo to come with them to the villa. There is an emergency meeting as Hae-Deun and Jun-A’s dating has been discovered by their mothers.

Everyone returns to the villa where Soon-Jung and Jung-Won are already discussing the situation with their children. They are not happy and decide to speak to their own children separately.

Back in the restaurant, Hwak-Se and Eun-Ji catch up while Man-Jung watches them from behind the window. Jung-Hoo sees it all and later tells Hwak-Se to make sure he lets Man-Jung know that Eun-Ji is a childhood friend and nothing more.

In the villa, Jun-A tries to justify the relationship to his mother as Chae-Woon will soon be on their family registry. Jung-Won dismisses it though as she believes that Hae-Deun will still be considered to be Chae-Woon’s sister. Jun-A insists as he can’t just stop his feelings for her.

The rest of the villa sit down with Soon-Jung. Chae-Woon talks first and tells her mum that maybe they should wait and see for a while. Soon-Jung is not convinced, especially if they were to break up. Jun-A then takes his mother home and everyone says goodbye.

Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee then head home with Jung-Hoo while Pil-Hong is watching from his shop, feeling a little jealous of Jung-Hoo. At the same time, Hwak-Se returns to the villa and gives a rose to Man-Jung. He tells her that Eun-Jin is a childhood friend and is sorry if she worried about her. Man-Jung insists that she wasn’t jealous but Hwak-Se teases her about it anyway.

Jung-Won and Jun-A arrive home where the latter speaks to his sister about what happened. She of course doesn’t approve as she is getting fed up with the villa residents. Jun-A then mentions her dating Na-Ro and they argue about each other’s partners.

Jun-A later talks to Hae-Deun on the phone about the day they had. They soon get interrupted when Jung-Won comes in Jun-A’s room. Hae-Deun hears Jung-Won suggesting that Jun-A should stay here for a while. He agrees to it which upsets Hae-Deun.

Meanwhile, Eun-Ji walks by the villa, looking very sad. She looks at it longingly and whispers: “My baby, Sweetheart.”

The next day in LX fashion, Seo-A confronts Hae-Deun about dating her brother and accuses her of being after his money. Hae-Deun defends herself of course, so Seo-A bluntly tells her that neither her or her mother like her. Hae-Deun replies that she should concentrate on her own relationship with Na-Ro as she is in a similar situation. Seo-A doesn’t like hearing the truth so she starts pulling Hae-Deun’s hair. The two start fighting but are soon stopped by Jun-A and Na-Ro. Jun-A takes Hae-Deun out of the room. He again makes excuses for his sister and mentions that she is really unstable. Fed up that he never takes his side, Hae-Deun storms off.

At work, Jung-Hoo runs into Professor Son. He invites him for lunch and decides to be upfront about Min-Jae. He tells him that Min-Jae and him are just friends and that they will never get back together. Son is surprised and reveals that Min-Jae thinks of him a lot and never has anything bad to say about him.

In the villa, Hwak-Se is getting ready for his singing contest but because he is very nervous starts getting hiccups. He heads down where Soon-Jung, Ba-Reun and Ra-Hoon wish him good luck. The rest of the residents also call him but it is consequently a text from Man-Jung that manages to relax him and stop the hiccups.

As he walks by the restaurant, he sees Eun-Ji working hard. Suddenly, she clutches her stomach and collapses on the floor. He rushes over to her, panicking as she loses consciousness.

Back in LX fashion, Jung-Won and Chae-Woon talk about Jun-A and Hae-Deun’s relationship. Chae-Woon wasn’t sure about it at first but she has realised that it has been really good for her sister. They then talk about the smart clothing project and how hard Na-Ro has been working on it. Jung-Won asks Chae-Woon what she knows about him, as she knows Seo-A is getting serious. Remembering the conversation she had with Seo-A, Chae-Woon remains vague but promises to look more into him.

At the radio station, Man-Jung is getting worried when Hwak-Se doesn’t turn up for the show. She finally gets a call from him and he tells her where he is. She rushes over to the hospital where Hwak-Se explains to her what happened. She is not happy though as he could have called her but left her to worry. She tells him he could have asked her to come and he could have gone to the contest. Hwak-Se is very upset but admits that he didn’t know what to do and felt bad as she didn’t have a guardian. Man-Jung asks him if they are more than friends but he insists that they are just old friends. She is not happy with him though and walks away.

Chae-Woon decides to meet with Pil-Hong to discuss Na-Ro. Pil-Hong has been asking around and has learned that Na-Ro is honest now and working hard. However, he is concerned that there might be some guys from his past who could go after Na-Ro now that he has money, so he promises to take care of them. He is happy that she’s called him though and explains that he is working for a clothing alteration store. He promises that he is doing honest work now just before she walks away but also makes sure she pays for their drinks.

In the evening, Min-Jae returns home after work and runs into Son and Ba-Wi, who have made cookies. She invites them in and the three sit together. Son mentions his lunch with Jung-Hoo and what the latter said to him. Min-Jae is really surprised but Son thinks he did because he knew that Son had feelings for her.

Na-Ro is working from home on the smart clothing project. He suddenly gets a visit from Kim who asks him for more money. The two start fighting just as Seo-A arrives. They then stop and Kim walks out. Na-Ro apologizes that she had to see that but Seo-A asks how much he needs, as she wants to help. Na-Ro refuses though but Seo-A insists, asking him to not keep anything from her.

Later on, Na-Ro decides to visit Pil-Hong where he asks for his help with Kim. Pil-Hong is reluctant at first but eventually agrees to help him out for Chae-Woon’s sake.

In the villa, Hae-Deun walks in Jun-A’s room then decides to go find Jun-A. At the same time, Jun-A tells his mother that he can’t do it anymore and runs out. Both Jun-A and Hae-Deun run into each other in the street and as they realize they were both heading towards each other, they embrace.

Jung-Hoo arrives home and is surprised to find Min-Jae there with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee. Min-Jae has something to tell Jung-Hoo though, so he takes her in his room. Min-Jae asks him about what he told professor Son so Jung-Hoo tells her that he truly believes that she should be with someone decent like him. He then lies and tells her that he is seeing someone so she doesn’t have to feel guilty. Jae-Hee, who has been listening to the conversation, bursts in the room, shocked by the revelation.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Homemade Love Story brings quite a lot of drama as we head towards the final couple of weeks. Jun-A and Hae-Deun faced a big hurdle when their mothers found out the truth. Seo-A also makes sure she let her opinion well known to Hae-Deun and this ended with an expected clash between the two. Thankfully, the episode concluded with the two getting together despite all the difficulties.

Poor Hwak-Se missed his contest and while he of course had to help Eun-Ji, she only had a bad stomachache so he could have left or asked someone else to stay with her. I understand that Man-Jung was quite upset too as he didn’t even think to call her. Things are not looking good for the two of them and I really hope they will work through this.

Na-Ro faced trouble again and surprisingly has turned to Pil-Hong for help. The latter is determined to do well for his daughter and has finally turned a new leaf. Perhaps she will realize this soon and the two will have a better relationship.

Min-Jae and Jung-Hoo are still not getting anywhere as the latter is certain that she would be better off without him. I still think they will get back together though and with just a few episodes left, we won’t have long to find out!

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