Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 44 Recap & Review

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Episode 44 of Homemade Love Story starts with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee catching up with Jun-A and Hae-Deun. They think that they’ve been playing a prank and pretend to be dating. Hae-Deun and Jun-A stop smiling and reveal that they are in a relationship. Chae-Woon is shocked so the foursome decide to head inside to discuss the situation.

In the villa, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee tell them they are not pleased with them dating. Jun-A explains himself as they have thought it through. Once his mother registers Chae-Woon, she will no longer be considered as Hae-Deun’s sister.

Jae-Hee agrees that by law, they will be allowed to date but in their parents’ s eyes, this will be an issue. Hae-Deun thinks they will eventually get used to the idea and with their help too. They all start arguing just as Man-Jung bursts into the room. She tells them she heard everything and thinks they should come clean to Soon-Jung. The latter comes in the room too but Hae-Deun manages to stop her aunt from spilling the beans.

Ra-Hoon and Hwak-Se return home too just as Hae-Deun is about to tell her mother the truth. Chae-Woon tries stopping her but Ra-Hoon decides to announce that he is due to go to military service. Everyone is sad and Man-Jung gives him a big hug. Ra-Hoon follows his mother in her room as he can see how sad she is. Soon-Jung admits she is sad but also proud of him.

Ba-Reun returns home and learns from Hae-Deun that Ra-Hoon is due to enlist. The latter arrives in the room and realizes that Ba-Reun knows the truth. She is upset he didn’t tell her sooner and starts crying. He apologizes as he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. They all start crying just as Man-Jung and Hwak-Se walk in too, doing their best to cheer them up.

Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee head home with Jung-Hoo. After they head upstairs, Jung-Hoo thinks to himself that the house feels full and warm again and wonders if Min-Jae is lonely. We then cut to the latter as she returns home and runs into Professor Son. He invites her for a walk the next day and she gladly accepts.

In their room, Chae-Woon finds the teddy Pil-Hong gave Jae-Hee. She tells him she is not happy he met with him but Jae-Hee explains that he wanted to make sure he was doing okay. Chae-Woon is still worried he will cause trouble.

Meanwhile, Seo-A tells Na-Ro how at ease she has been feeling with him. She then gives him a present which touches him greatly. He then gets a call from Professor Kim who blackmails him and asks him for more money.

In the morning, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee head downstairs to make breakfast. They find Min-Jae’s recipe book just as Jung-Hoo arrives too. They are very touched by this and decides to make some pancakes and deliver them to Min-Jae.

In the villa, Soon-Jung learns from Jun-A that Na-Ro and Seo-A are dating but Jung-Won is not happy about it. He was involved in the failure of Jae-Hee’s deal and also learns that he got on Jae-Hee and Chae-Woon’s bad side when he lived in the villa. Man-Jung and Hwak-Se then explain what they know about him and his relation to Pil-Hong.

Ba-Reun has stayed up all night and shows Ra-Hoon a list of the things she wants them to do before he enlists. The two go through the list and become emotional while doing so.

Jung-Won takes Jae-Hee and Chae-Woon to see the chairwoman in the hospital. The latter feels embarrassed in front of Jae-Hee but he tells her he is pleased that she is taking care of everything.

The chairwoman finally admits all her mistakes and takes Chae-Woon’s hands, telling her that she hopes she will be able to forget one day. She has decided to stay in Jeju Island for now and asks Jae-Hee to be good to his daughter and granddaughter. She also explains that Na-Ro has made sure he was going to take the blame for everything.

Chae-Woon calls Jung-Hoo and lies that she won’t be able to come meet Min-Jae as she wants to two of them to spend some quality time together. Jung-Hoo waits for Min-Jae but unfortunately sees her coming out of the building with Professor Son. He then sees them walking together and Min-Jae looking very happy. This makes him realize that the professor is the kind of person she needs in her life.

In LX fashion, Na-Ro leads a presentation on smart clothing. It seems to be quite a success among the executives and Jung-Won is very pleased with it. She then asks him to take charge of the project and get a team together.

Soon-Jung decides to visit Na-Ro at work and asks him if everything about him she heard is true. He tells her they have misunderstood him but that he is also partially responsible for acting shadily. Soon-Jung takes his hands and promises to believe in him.

Seo-A asks her sister to come in her office as she has a favour to ask her. She would like her not to say anything to their mum about Na-Ro’s past. Chae-Woon is not sure she can, knowing what she knows about him. Seo-A takes her hand and insists as she has been doing better thanks to him.

Jae-Hee finds Pil-Hong in the neighbourhood as he has just bought a dry cleaners. He is not sure it is a good idea as it is very close to the villa. Pil-Hong promises to be good but to also hide from Chae-Woon. The latter calls Jae-Hee as she wants to talk to her father about Na-Ro since he is dating her sister. Jae-Hee speaks to Pil-Hong about it and the latter agrees to find out if Na-Ro is still up to no good. They almost get caught though when Soon-Jung happens to be walking by.

Chae-Woon visits Min-Jae and asks if she got the pancakes Jung-Hoo made for her. Min-Jae tells her she never saw him today and the two wonder why he didn’t come. As they head outside, they run into professor Son and Jung-Hoo.

Jung-Hoo comes in and tells Min-Jae he is planning to look for someone as he wants to remarry. She is really surprised and tells him she doesn’t think he will find anyone interested. Jung-Hoo then explains that she should move on too and starts dating.

In LX fashion, Hae-Deun is getting frustrated with Seo-A. Jun-A makes excuses for her so she tells him that he should stop letting her have her way so often and taking her side.

In the evening, Jung-Hoo heads over to the restaurant to work. He meets Man-Jung and Hwak-Se on his way over. A woman walks by and asks where the pork trotter restaurant is as she is applying for a job. Hwak-Se then recognizes her as Eun-Ji, an old friend and the two hug.

In the villa, Jun-A asks Hae-Deun to come in his room. She heads there and he tells her he wants to make sure she is okay. He has set up candles everywhere and gives her a necklace. The two hugs just as Jung-Won and Soon-Jung come in to surprise them. They are, of course, quite shocked to see the two of them together, which closes the episode.

The Episode Review

The latest episode has already brought some closure for some of our characters. The chairwoman has finally realized all her faults and is ready to make amends with everyone around her.

Soon-Jung also learns the truth about Na-Ro and tries to clear the air with him. I am not sure Jung-Won knows everything about him yet though and of course, Seo-A is worried about her reaction if she finds out. It must have been hard for her to ask her sister for help but of course, it is only for selfish reasons.

On the other hand, Jung-Hoo has realized that Min-Jae would be better off with someone else and has decided to move on himself. I really hope this won’t be the case as I am still wishing for the two of them to get back together. I am sure we will find out very soon, especially now that a new woman has arrived in the restaurant.

The ending of the episode also brought the truth regarding Hae-Deun and Jun-A dating. I don’t think the mothers will be too pleased and of course, Seo-A will have something to say too. I do hope the two stay together though and as Hwak-Se would sing, they make a “very, very good” couple!

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