Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 42 Recap & Review

The Preparations

Episode 42 of Homemade Love Story starts where we left off with Jung-Won announcing that Chae-Woon is her biological daughter. The news travel fast in the office, where her colleagues start to feel bad about how they treated Chae-Woon.

Soon after, Seo-A bursts into her mother’s office to confront her. Jung-Won tells her that she will have to be questioned by the police and finally has decided to stop coddling her. Seo-A defies her and announces that she is planning to marry Na-Ro. This of course shocks Jung-Won, but Seo-A just storms out and heads over to see Na-Ro.

The chairwoman learns that her dismissal has been approved so she wonders what Pil-Hong has done. We then cut to Pil-Hong and see that he actually didn’t go ahead with the deal and didn’t speak to the journalist.

Chae-Woon visits Jung-Won next as she is worried about what her reveal will do to her reputation. Jung-Won reassures her and is sorry it took her so long for her to realize what is more important. Chae-Woon then gets a call from Soon-Jung and tells her what happened.

Pil-Hong meets with Jung-Won to tell her about her mother’s plan but he explains that he refused. Jung-Won is pleased but she asks him to stay out of trouble now that Chae-Woon is getting married. He accepts but asks to come along to the wedding. Jung-Won refuses though as she doesn’t think it would be a good idea.

Ra-Hoon and Ba-Reun have a date together and talk about her new modelling job. He tells her he is a little sad they can’t always work together but is happy she is happy. When Ba-Reun leaves to go to the bathroom, Ra-Hoon receives a message with a schedule to enlist to the Nonsan Training Center.

Meanwhile, Jun-A asks Hae-Deun if she will forgive him now that his mum has told the truth. She tells him that she is okay but wants them to just be colleagues. Jun-A insists though as he knows they have feelings for each other. Despite the complicated situation, he has been really happy. Hae-Deun tells him she doesn’t want to worry her mother and Chae-Woon as her sister is getting married.

Jae-Hee and Chae-Woon head over to Min-Jae’s place next. The latter asks to speak to Chae-Woon separately. Min-Jae asks her about Pil-Hong and his involvement. Chae-Woon explains that he is not behind Jae-Hee losing the contract and tries to reassure her about him, as Min-Jae appears quite worried.

Pil-Hong then asks to meet with Soon-Jung who invites him inside when she sees how cold he is. Pil Hong starts by apologizing for creating havoc in Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee’s life, but in particular wants to apologize to her for leaving Seo-Yeon all those years ago. She is surprised to hear him say that but admits that raising Chae-Woon was an amazing gift.

Pil-Hong then gives her a token of his gratitude, a handmade gift. She then leaves the room to get something just as Chae-Woon returns home too. She is upset to find him there and asks him to leave. Soon-Jung returns in the room with a jacket to give Pil-Hong after she notices that his clothes weren’t warm enough. Pil-Hong sadly thanks her and leaves the villa after seeing how upset Chae-Woon is.

Afterwards, Chae-Woon speaks to her mother who explains why he was in the villa. Chae-Woon then relays that Min-Jae is worried that Pil-Hong will cause trouble. Chae-Woon reassures her but admits that she has been feeling stressed and torn about the situation. Soon-Jung comforts the girl and tells her it is not her fault. She doesn’t want to keep torturing herself because of him.

Na-Ro finds Jun-A in LX fashion and asks him to convince Seo-A to return home. Man-Jung walks to the villa, wondering if she should postpone working in the general hospital. She decides she should help Hwak-Se with his singing first.

Jung-Won decides to visit Seo-A to try and convince her to return home. She apologizes and asks her to give some time to think about her marriage to Na-Ro. Seo-A starts crying and the two hug.

Hae-Deun has been listening to Soon-Jung and Chae-Woon’s conversation. She decides to relay what Min-Jay said to Jae-Hee who is quite surprised and promises to take care of things.

Jun-A asks Hae-Deun to come to his room as he has been thinking about their situation. He mentions that once Chae-Woon is in his family register, she will no longer be her sister. This means they can date again. Hae-Deun is surprised but also pleased too. Jun-A then asks if they can date again but she smiles and tells him she will think about it. They later meet for their first date but decide not to tell anyone for now.

The next day, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee start looking at places they could move into. Jae-Hee feels bad as because of him, they will be restricted. Chae-Woon then suggests renting the second floor in his father’s place. Jae-Hee is unsure because of his relationship with him but Chae-Woon thinks it is the perfect opportunity as his father seems to want to bury the hatchet.

They later meet with Jung-Hoo but Jae-Hee is convinced his father will not agree. When they ask, Jung-Hoo tells them he is not sure but only because he is worried Chae-Woon will be uncomfortable. She reassures him that she wont and they agree on a deal, which surprises Jae-Hee.

Jung-Won invites Chae-Woon, Jae-Hee, Soon-Jung and Min-Jae to a big department store. She tells them to go and choose some furniture as she bought them a new apartment. As she is not aware, they tell her that they have decided to live with Jung-Hoo. They want to be somewhere they can afford. Jung-Won is quite surprised so Chae-Woon thanks her and explains that she would have felt like a burden if she had accepted everything.

Soon-Jung returns home feeling sad as she knows she is not able to offer Chae-Woon as much as Jung-Won is offering. She only has handmade gifts for her.

After leaving the store, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee head to a wedding dress store. The episode then ends as we cut forward to the wedding with everyone looking their best and getting ready for the happy day.

The Episode Review

The episode started with Jung-Won finally telling Seo-A that she will no longer coddle her. Unfortunately, later on, she starts feeling bad and apologizes to her. While I understand that Jung-Won doesn’t like seeing her daughter hurt, Seo-A really needs to be taught a lesson and the people around her need to make her see sense.

Poor Chae-Woon had to deal with her father’s ever growing presence again as Min-Jae relayed her worries to her. Thankfully, Soon-Jung was there again to comfort her as she always does.

This woman has such a big heart and I really hope the end of the drama will bring her a lot of happiness. It was good to see her and Pil-Hong clearing the air and I was happy to see that he actually didn’t go ahead with the deal the chairwoman made with him. Let’s just hope he will slowly build a better relationship with Chae-Woon.

On a side note, Ra-Hoon has received the inevitable invite to the training camp and is having trouble telling everyone. We can see that he is quite torn but I am sure his family and Ba-Reun will be there for him. Talking about big changes, Man-Jung also has the opportunity to have a better job but decides to put that on hold while Hwak-Se goes after his dream. I am sure if he knew he would want her to go for it though.

We can see that Jae-Hee and his father are making bigger leaps towards a better relationship. I have really enjoyed seeing this evolution and with the wedding next, we are also bound to get even more emotional and happy moments in the next episode!

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