Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 41 Recap & Review

The Return

Episode 41 of Homemade Love Story starts with Jung-Hoo dressed as “James” arriving at Jae-Hee’s work and asking him to come home. Jae-Hee thinks his father has lost his memories again but the latter quickly reassures him. He decided to dress like this as this is the only time he is fond of him. The two discuss their strained relationship and start making ways in understanding each other.

Jung-Hoo tells him he is determined to show that he is willing to change and wants to tell him a secret. He then calls Jae-Hee’s old friend Beom Jim who admits that Jung-Hoo helped him and his family tremendously in the past.

Jae-Hee is very surprised and tells his father he wished he told him. Jung-Hoo thinks it wouldn’t have made any difference as their relationship was already in bad shape. He then tells him to go back to Chae-Woon as life is too short.

In LX fashion, Chae-Woon looks at Ms Kim’s smart clothing proposal. The latter arrives and Chae-Woon tells her she thinks that her project is a good idea. She agrees to do some research while Ba-Reun carries on modeling for Jun-A and Hae-Deun. Ra-Hoon comes to pick her up to go to work but she has to stay as she is not quite finished.

Man-Jung and Hwak-Se walk to the villa, very much in love. They start talking about the night they spend in Ganghwa island just as Jung-Hoo arrives behind them. He surprises them and they quickly tell him that they spent the night holding hands while looking at the sunshine. Jung-Hoo laughs and teases him but both are happy to see each other.

Man-Jung and Hwak-Se arrive in the villa and ask for Soon-Jung approval in their relationship. She doesn’t smile and tells them she won’t approve. This shocks them but she tells them that she will approve when he pays his rent. The trio then happily hug when they realize she was joking.

Later on, Min-Jae gets asked out for dinner by professor Son. The two have a good time together and Min-Jae goes home feeling very giddy.

In the evening, Chae-Woon heads to Jae-Hee’s office. Soon-Jung calls her while she is there to make sure she is ok and to tell her Hwak-Se is back. After hanging up, the residents carry on eating together but there is still tension as Hae-Deun refuses to speak to Jun-A.

Back in Jae-Hee’s office, Pil-Hong knocks at the door. Chae-Woon doesn’t open the door though when she hears who it is. Pil-Hong tells her how worried he has been and wanted to make sure she was okay. He explains that all he wanted to do was be a good father for her and promises he had no idea about the contract.

She replies she doesn’t need a father as she has been doing just fine up until now. Pil-Hong starts crying as all he wanted was to get a decent job so she could be proud of him. She tells him to go home and promises to arrange a meeting one day.

As Pil-Hong walks away, he runs into Jae-Hee and apologizes to him. As Chae-Woon opens the door, she is surprised to find Jae-Hee there. He tells her that he promises to never leave her alone and to always be by her side. He apologizes and the two hug.

Back in LX fashion, Jung-Won finds out that the subcontractors of Jae-Hee wants to press charge, which means that Seo-A and the chairwoman will be investigated. Jung-Won then heads home to confront her daughter.

Seo-A finally admits what she did to her mother but defends herself as she didn’t think this would cause so much trouble. Jung-Won wants her and Na-Ro to turn themselves to the police but Seo-A calls her mother cruel and insists that she wouldn’t have said this to Chae-Woon. She then storms out and tells her she is done depending on her and will instead depend on someone who actually cares.

Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee happily walk back to the villa and discuss their future wedding plans. Chae-Woon insists that they can do it soon and make it small.

When they arrive in the villa, Jae-Hee gets a great reception from everyone. They then sit with Soon-Jung to ask for her blessing as they want to get married soon. She agrees and wishes them well. Everyone then bursts into the room as they have been listening. They cheer and congratulate the couple and all decide on what to do to help them.

Seo-A arrives at Na-Ro’s place with a suitcase and ask him to stay. He replies that he doesn’t think it is a good idea but Seo-A insists as he is all she has left. He then receives a call from Jung-Won who has found her daughter’s room empty.

Soon after, Chae-Woon gets a call from Jung-Won too and rushes over there. Jung-Won tells her that Seo-A has gone over to Na-Ro’s place. Chae-Woon tells her that she doesn’t think Na-Ro will agree to have her stay over just as the latter also arrives.

He explains that he came as soon as he heard about Seo-A and has called Jun-A to check up on her. He tries to reassure her that she is safe but that they love each other. Jung-Won gets agitated as she is not happy her daughter is seeing him.

Chae-Woon takes Na-Ro aside and asks if he really loves Seo-A. Na-Ro confirms it and asks her to trust him just this time. Chae-Woon has trouble believing him so she asks him to come clean about everything he has done so far. Na-Ro refuses to as he knows that Ms Kim will not accept him.

Later in the evening, Jung-Won gets off the phone with Jun-A, who promises to stay with his sister. Chae-Woon has decided to sleep over and also tells her mum that Jae-Hee has come back. Jung-Won is upset that Seo-A is behind it all and doesn’t know what to do with her anymore. Chae-Woon thinks Seo-A will eventually realize everything she did for her.

The next day, Jae-Hee heads over to his father’s office to sign the loan agreement. Things seem a lot better between the two as they joke around and discuss the upcoming wedding. Jung-Hoo also tells him he has realised that Seo-A was the one behind his company not getting the contract.

Both Chae-Woon’s mothers meet to discuss the wedding. Jung-Won admits feeling guilty about not adding Chae-Woon in her family registry yet so Soon-Jung tells her that now might be her last opportunity.

Meanwhile, the chairwoman uses her final hand as she meets with Pil-Hong to offer him money in exchange of speaking to a journalist about the truth behind Jung-Won and Chae-Woon. She is doing this as the board meeting to dismiss her is about to start.

As we cut to the meeting, Jung-Won finally reveals the truth about having a biological daughter. Chae-Woon comes in the room to bring some documents so Jung-Won introduces her to everyone. She apologies to everyone and agrees to take any punishment they want to give her. Everyone is shocked and Seo-A gives her a very evil look.

The Episode Review

Jung-Won has finally stepped up and revealed to everyone the truth about Chae-Woon. And just in time too as it looks like Pil-Hong was about to betray everyone again.I am a little disappointed to see that he agreed to the deal but I wonder if he will have last minute doubts?

Things are about to become very dramatic for Jung-Won as everyone in the meeting looks so outraged. I still don’t get why she had to hide it as it really wasn’t her fault her daughter was taken away.

On the other hand, both couples were reunited and I absolutely loved the scene with Man-Jung and Hwak-Se walking to the villa as James surprised them and later with Soon-Jung finally approving them. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh watching all those characters. Those fun scenes really help balance the more heavy and dramatic moments we get with the main story and they are a perfect addition.

I am still not convinced Na-Ro is telling the truth in regards to his feelings for Seo-A, and I wonder what will happen to his character. For now though, we are getting nearer to the end of this family drama. It may not be the best one out there but I still recommend it thanks to its easy to follow story and multiple endearing characters.

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