Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Macaroon

Homemade Love Story returns this week with more drama in episode 3 as the characters settle into their respective roles. While some of the storylines are a little predictable and some of the jokes do come off as forced, the show and plot are interesting enough to keep you coming back for more.

Episode 3 picks up where we left off with Chae-Woon fainting in Ms Kim’s arms. The woman calls the doctor while Jae-Hee meets Seo-A for dinner. However, she’s not happy when he sees that she has invited his dad as well.

Seo-A leaves allowing for the father and son to have a confrontation. Jung-Hoo berates Jae-Hee for walking away but the latter reminds his dad that he is the one who threw him out in his underwear when he was 19. The conversation ends with Jung-Hoo kicking his son out.

Outside, Jae-Hee berates Seo-A for inviting his father ALONG and leaves, feeling frustrated.

Back in Ms Kim’s house, Chae-Woon wakes up and explains her situation to Ms Kim. She shows her old sketch book as proof that she didn’t copy anything but Ms Kim finds it hard to believe that her staff would lie about this. Chae Woon doesn’t give up though and asks to see proof of plagiarism.

Hae-Dun arrives soon after to pick up her sister and Ms Kim agrees to have her staff get the proof. As the sisters walk out, Hae-Dun is in awe by the size of their mansion.

Meanwhile, Seo-A returns home and her mother confronts her about disqualifying the winner of the contest. Seo-A reveals that Chae-Woon is the girl who bullied her in school and didn’t think when she acted that way. This causes her to have a panic attack in her mother’s arms. After resting, her mother is concerned and tells her that she will take care of everything.

In the villa, the family finds out that Chae-Hoon has been dropped out and wonder what happened. Chae-Woon tells them that it hasn’t really been decided yet. Jung-Hoo returns home though and starts his usual inspection of the house. He finds his wife’s secret clothes and fires her. He also knows she has been seeing their son in secret.

The next morning, Chae-Woon reassures her family that she is okay. She asks her mother if she is making Man Jung pay rent for the room she is staying in. She wants to make sure they save as much money as possible and asks that they look for more tenants.

Later that same day, Ra Hoon faces a dilemma when he has to deliver something where Hae-Dun works. He manages to hide his face but sees Se-Mi messing his sister and ordering her around. He decides to send Se-Mi a text to get back in touch with her. At the same time, Soon-Jung finds out the reason why Chae-Woon was disqualified.

At work, Jae-Hee has an issue with a client and Chae-Woon offers her help. In return, she wants to be hired for his next two contracts. Jae-Hee refuses for now as he knows she wants to be paid quite a lot.

Chae-Woon then heads to a HR meeting at LX fashion where they show her proof that her design looks like it’s been copied. She agrees that they are similar but promises that she never saw the other sketches. Ms Kim then offers her an internship on the design team of a subsidiary. Chae-Woon however, is not sure about it.

As she leaves the office, she finds her mother at the reception, trying to get seen by the person in charge of the contest. Chae-Woon quickly takes her aside and firmly tells her that there is no point; she will not be able to convince anyone.

In the evening, Min-Jae finds out where her son lives and decides to confront him there. She is appalled when she sees the mess he lives in and starts cleaning. She begs him to come back home but Jae-Hee is adamant he manage on his own. The two then talk about Jung-Hoo potentially spying on them.

On her way home, Chae-Woon gets a text with the results of her DNA test and it is negative. The potential birth mother calls her to say goodbye and wants to wish Soo-Jung well. Chae-Woon realizes that her adoptive knows about her research and feels guilty, especially after the way she spoke to her earlier in the day.

She decides to drown her sorrows in a bar and is soon joined by a young man who tries having a conversation with her. She is not too interested though and leaves after a few drinks.

At the same time, Min-Jae returns home and is relieved when she sees her husband fast asleep. She sneaks in to the kitchen to eat the macaroon Jae-Hee gave her. As soon as she takes a bite, Jung-Ho arrives in the room and makes her jump.

Min-Jae starts choking on the cake while her husband berates her for eating and the situation with Jae-Hee. She tries in vain to get some water from the fridge and falls unconscious.

The episode ends with Jae-Hee rushing to see his mother in hospital. She is out of danger and resting so he decides to take his father outside and orders him to leave. Jung-Ho refuses and the two square off, shouting at each other.

The Episode Review

The mystery deepens regarding the reason why Seo-A dropped Chae-Woon. She claims to her mother that she was the girl who bullied her in high school but is she really telling the truth? I have my doubts, especially knowing that she was adopted and how cruel some kids can be.

If Chae-Woon turns out to be her sister though, it will come as quite the shock for the both of them.

On the other hand, Hae-Dun will probably be very envious as she dreams of becoming rich and popular. She also has to deal with some bad luck and hardships with the way she has been treated by Se-Mi. Thankfully, her brother seems to be there for her and it is that strong family bond between the characters that make this series quite special.

The award for worst character in Homemade Love Story has to go to Jung-Hoo for treating his wife and son so terribly. Let’s also not forget how stingy he is with everything. I am glad Jae-Hee is standing up to him and I am looking forward to see their confrontation next episode. This promises to be very dramatic!

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