Homemade Love Story – K-Drama Episode 39 Recap & Review

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Episode 39 of Homemade Love Story picks up in the aftermath of Jae-Hee leaving as Chae-Woon heads into his room.

Man-Jung comes inside and asks her niece where Jae-Hee is. Chae-Woon explains that he is going to work in a different site but lies when she asks her if she has been crying. The next morning, she also hides the break-up from her mother before going to work.

Jung-Hoo wakes up to a tidy home and a note from Jae-Hee, thanking him for his help and promising to work hard. Jun-A visits him mum to tell her he has been working at her company. He asks her and Seo-A to treat him like a stranger for now when they bump into each other in the company. Na-Ro then arrives to take Seo-A to work. Jun-A is surprised and tells his sister she shouldn’t need anyone to take her to work.

In LX fashion, Ms Kim watches as Chae-Woon works very hard while Jae-Hee does the same in Incheon. Hae-Deun and Jun-A arrives too and when the former sees her sister, she tells Jun-A how sad she is for her. She explains what has happened with Jae-Hee and how she believes Seo-A is behind it. She tells him she hates both Ms Kim and Seo-A. Suddenly, Jun-A realizes that they need another model so Hae-Deun decides to ask Ba-Reun to come and do it for them.

While they wait for Ba-Reun, Jun-A and Hae-Deun run into Seo-A. The latter is surprised to see Hae-Deun working in the company and the two clash. Seo-A tells them she thought the company had hired a competent stylist but now she sees they took on some random girl.

Hae-Deun doesn’t take it though and defends herself. Na-Ro also sings her praise but as Chae-Woon walks by, Seo-A uses that moment to humiliate her again. Hae-Deun confronts Seo-A but Jun-A quickly takes her away. Seo-A then mentions to Chae-Woon that her whole family is now sponging of the company.

Chae-Woon replies that she must be doing the same thing too since she is Ms Kim’s daughter. She also tells her that she and her sister got the job thanks to their hard work and ability. This angers Seo-A as Na-Ro has to stop her before she causes a scene.

Man-Jung texts Hwak-Se, telling him she misses him and to reply to her text and calls. We then see that he is working in a restaurant when he receives her text. She tells him how happy he made her and to make sure he carries on singing.

Soon-Jung has managed to track him down and visits him in the restaurant. She berates him for leaving without saying anything so he tells her he was too ashamed to face her. Seeing Man-Jung upset was too much.

Soon-Jung is not happy with his reaction and tells him she is disappointed in him. She explains she had to be careful as she considered him as a brother and wanted to make sure she would never lose what they had. She tells him that he can’t just come back when he feels like it and wants him to win the contest for Man-Jung before coming back.

Back in LX, Ba-Reun arrives and does a great job modelling. Jun-A is very happy with her performance and asks her to occasionally model for them. Chae-Woon later sits down with Jun-A. The latter asks about Jae-Hee but she remains vague again. She asks about his panic attacks which prompts Jun-A to tell her how they started.

When they were at school, he begged his father to help his friend’s father who was having financial difficulties. Unfortunately, he didn’t help and the father ended up getting ill and dying. This made him very stressed and this is how the panic attacks started.

Later on, Na-Ro comes to Ms Kim’s office to show her the work he did on one of her projects. She congratulates him but she is also not happy as he started that project without her permission. She also tells him that she will never approve of him for Seo-A. He defends himself though as Seo-A has been better since they have started dating.

Min-Jae finds out that it was a affiliate company of LX fashion who was behind taking the deal from Jae-Hee. She goes to confront Seo-A about it and asks if it was her. Seo-A acts outraged and denies it. She then spins more lies and tells her it was all Pil-Hong’s plan as he is ready to do anything to get money. She even tells her he was thrilled when he learned that his son-in-law-to-be comes from a rich family.

Pil-Hong comes out of prison and wastes little time retaliating, sending his voice recording to Ms Kim. The latter heads over to her mother’s and makes her listen to the recording. After playing it, Jung-Won tells her mother to resign and blames her for all the difficulties she had to go through.

Jung-Hoo rushes over to Min-Jae’s doctor appointment but sees her talk to professor Son. He stays behind and listens at the two of them talk and become friendlier with each other.

Jun-A decides to visit Jae-Hee to talk about his latest situation. He then mentions Na-Ro and how closed he has gotten to Seo-A. Jae-Hee tells him that he needs to stay away from her as he is behind his deal failing and only wants to use people to succeed.

In the evening, Soon-Jung returns home and runs into Jun-Hoo at the restaurant. She tells him about Hwak-Se and Man-Jung and how she regrets a little how she spoke to Hwak-Se. Jung-Hoo has some kind words for her and the two carry on talking.

At the same time, Min-Jae arrives in the neighbourhood and watches the two talking together. She thinks that they can be good friends with a connection and walks off.

Meanwhile, Jun-A confesses his feelings and tells Hae-Deun she likes him. She is surprised at first and doesn’t know what to say. Jun-A starts to cry as she tells him she actually does like him. He smiles and the two kiss.

Seo-A brings some food to Na-Ro in his flat and gives him the key to a car. He also gives her a ring and tells the girl he loves her.

In the evening, Jae-Hee has drinks with Do-Hyun and tells him he made right decision to distance himself. If he’d stayed, he would have caused more pain to Chae-Woon.

On her way home, Chae-Woon sits on the same bench she sat with Jae-Hee and starts crying silently as she remembers him. Unbeknownst to her, Pil-Hong is behind a bush, upset as he sees her crying.

We then see that Chae-Woon has been working very hard and non-stop too, to keep her mind busy. The episode ends the next day as she heads into work after working most of the evening before. As she steps out, she starts feeling dizzy and faints.

The Episode Review

Finally Jung-Won knows what her mother did all those years ago and she seems to get some back-bone as she tells her to resign.

I do hope she will stand her ground and will be sorting Seo-A next. The latter hasn’t wasted any time manipulating the people around her and this time, it was Min-Jae.

It was also good seeing Hae-Deun standing up to her as there are now two sisters against her in the company. Let’s just hope she doesn’t make her life difficult as well. Although with Jun-A in her corner, I think she will be ok.

Min-Jae and Jung-Hoo both still think that they will be better with other people and I hope this will change soon as they still clearly have feelings for each other.

I quite like how Soon-Jung spoke to Hwak-Se too. It was a bit harsh but leaving without saying anything was also a bit too easy. He probably thought it was for the best but unfortunately it wasn’t. I am looking forward to see how he does in the contest and I’ll certainly be rooting for him to win!

The actors have really grown well into their roles in this family drama. We have only got a month left and it has been a very enjoyable and entertaining series so far.

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