Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 32 Recap & Review

A New Assistant

Episode 32 of Homemade Love Story starts as Jae-Hee calls Pil-Hong and realizes who he is. Chae-Woon joins them and asks to come get lunch with them.

He politely declines but Jae-Hee remains silent. As they sit down for some lunch, Chae-Woon tells Jae-Hee how seeing Mr Lee (Pil-Hong) always seems to cheer her up. She then relays what Seo-A told her about her uncle receiving a call from Pil-Hong, confirming that she is his daughter.

Meanwhile, Min-Jae sneaks in Soon-Jung’s room to drop off the dictionary. She is surprised to find Jun-A there, followed by Soon-Jung and Hae-Deun. The four sit down for some tea and Min-Jae later leaves with Jun-A. She berates him for not telling his mother that he is back and tells him to go and see her now.

Min-Jae runs into Jung-Hoo who tells her he wants to go with her to her doctor’s appointment. He knows why she has been going and wants to help like she did when he lost his memories. She is surprised by his change of behaviour and accepts.

Na-Ro meets with the chairwoman who offers her support and in return, promises to get rid of Pil-Hong for her. The latter meets with Jae-Hee and apologizes for lying. He promises he didn’t have any ill intentions and when Jae-Hee mentions Na-Ro, Pil-Hong explains that he stayed around Seo-Yeon because he didn’t trust him.

He denies having sent the email so both come to the conclusion that it was Na-Ro. Pil-Hong acts all nice though and asks to stay for a bit. Jae-Hee agrees for him to stay in the construction site and not to tell Chae-Woon for now, as he wants to keep an eye on him.

In the clinic, the doctor tells Jung-Hoo that Min-Jae’s negative emotions are because of him. She suggests that they do couple counselling but he tells her he might not have time while Jung-Won’s emergency meeting didn’t go very well.

The board members warned her that they might have to take a vote to potentially replace her. The chairwoman arrives in her daughter’s office and tells her she needs to fire Chae-Woon before people find out who she is. She then brings Na-Ro in and declares that he is her assistant. When she’s not in, he will be Seo-A’s.

Jung-Won later confronts Seo-A about how manipulative she has been. Seo-A replies that she had no other choice as she feels she only cares about Chae-Woon. She will have Na-Ro as her assistant and believes this will benefit her as the directors are fond of him.

When Na-Ro finds out from Seo-A that his job is now official, he decides to call Soon-Jung to tell her the good news. The latter congratulates him and tells him how proud she is.

Hwak-Se is seen by a ENT specialist who tells him that his throat is in bad shape and will need to be treated. Man-Jung arrives in the room and has introduced him as her boyfriend. She later shows him that she found a singing competition and insists that he should participate.

When Min-Jae arrives home, she finds a little boy, Ba-Wi, outside as he has been locked out. He tells her he is waiting for his father so she invites him inside. The father eventually comes to pick his son up and Min-Jae is surprised when it turns out to be Professor Son, who has just moved in next door.

Unfortunately, things become a little awkward later on when Jung-Hoo arrives to bring Min-Jae macaroons. He is surprised to find a child and the professor in Min-Jae’s house and ends up getting angry when the child calls him gramps.

Jun-A finally makes his way to LX fashion to see his mum but runs into Pil-Hong first. He tries chatting to him just as his mother arrives. She is shocked to see Pil-Hong but he doesn’t stay. She then faces Jun-A who apologies for not coming to see her any sooner. She replies that she knew he has been in the country for six months but she was waiting for him to call. She blames herself for him feeling that way and tells him to come home whenever he wants.

Pil-Hong meets with the chairwoman as he has a business proposal for her. She dismisses him as she knows he is here to get money out of her. He declines it and blackmails her as he has proof that she was the one behind faking Seo-Yeon’s death. He will release a recording to the world if she doesn’t acknowledge Seo-Yeon as her granddaughter and accept his investment into his business.

Chae-Woon finds out her mother is having drinks with Pil-Hong and rushes over to see them. Unfortunately, she is too late and misses him. She sits down with Jung-Won though who tells her that she doesn’t want her to see Pil-Hong. She despairs about Seo-A and Na-Ro who has been made her assistant. Chae-Woon then suggests moving back in the villa for her and Seo-A’s sake.

In the evening, Jung-Won invites Soon-Jung over to tell her that Chae-Woon wants to go back home. She also reveals that at the moment it wouldn’t be wise for her to publicly acknowledge her as her daughter.

Chae-Woon arrives in Jae-Hee’s office and finds the place with lights, candles and flowers everywhere. He starts singing a love song and proposes to her. She accepts and the two kiss.

The Episode Review

Amidst all the negativity Chae-Woon had to face lately, she is given a very happy moment when Jae-Hee proposes to her in a really sweet way. It is nice to see that their relationship is still going strong but I do wonder how she will feel when she’ll learn that he kept Pil-Hong’s identity a secret from her.

Na-Ro and Seo-A carry on with their scheming, which seems to be working in their favour for now. Although, we did see that Na-Ro is starting to feel a little guilty after he called Soon-Jung. It is clear that deep down, he just wants to be accepted but the root of his evilness is quite deep and I wonder what the show has in store for him next.

The saga of Min-Jae and Jung-Hoo carries on and seems to be making some progress, but only to be brought down when Jung-Hoo saw the professor in her house. I still have some hope for those two and I am looking forward to seeing more development in that story.

The drama has really done a good job at building these characters up and while many of its stories can be a little predictable, the show remains consistently enjoyable and easy to watch.

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