Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 31 Recap & Review

The Rumours

Episode 31 of Homemade Love Story starts as Chae-Woon reflects on what just happened while Hae-Deun is getting frustrated that they still have to hide. As we return to Ms Kim, her brother asks her to confirm if Chae-Woon is really not her daughter.

Ms Kim remains silent so Seo-A quickly tells them that Chae-Woon is telling the truth but her mum is too flustered to talk. Before they leave, Ms Kim finally gets up and lies too. The uncle leaves but is not happy because of the rumours. Soon-Jung heard the whole conversation and is shocked that Ms Kim lied. She tries apologizing to Soon-Jung but the latter refuses to and leaves with her children.

Back in the villa, Man-Jung is unable to look at Hwak-Se but tells him that she made him an appointment in her hospital with a ENT specialist as she wants him to carry on following his dream. She asks if he would give her a hug as no one is around. He quickly embraces her and apologizes as he knows that she had to be like this.

He explains that he has been through a lot since he was little and asks if anyone could cure his broken heart. She is touched, telling him she will and to accept her love for him. They hug again and admit their love for one another.

The family return to the villa and sit down for some dinner. Man-Jung wonders what has happened but everyone remains quiet about the evening they had. Frustrated by what’s transpired, Jung-Won decides to go to the villa and speak to Soon-Jung in private. Man-Jung gets angry and demands to know what is going on as she doesn’t want her sister to get upset.

Everyone arrives in the lounge and Hae-Deun bravely relays what has been happening to Man-Jung. The latter gets angry with Jung-Won for denying her daughter. Hwak-Se and Soon-Jung stop her though while Jae-Hee notices Na-Ro and confronts him. He asks him if he was the one who leaked the pictures. He denies it but Jae-Hee promises that he will pay for what he did soon.

Ms Kim finally sits down with Soon-Jung and Chae-Woon, apologizing again. She tells them she was about to tell the truth but had to think about her company too. Soon-Jung understands but she will make her a formal request to add Chae-Woon to her family register.

Once it is done, she will move forward with the dissolution of adoption. She agrees but asks for some time because of her position and her employees. Chae-Woon tells her that it is not important for her to be her daughter on paper but she doesn’t want to be a burden so she asks to end the conversation for now.

After saying goodbye to Ms Kim, Soon-Jung sees Jung-Hoo who has been waiting for her. He wanted to make sure she was okay as he heard what happened earlier. He tells her to always smile just like he did in the past.

Back home, Jung-Won finds Seo-A waiting for her. She tells her she is wondering who could have sent the emails and thinks it may be someone who wants to keep Chae-Woon a secret.

After everyone is gone, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee get together to talk in his room. She tells him that she understands Ms Kim but she can’t help feeling sad and angry at the situation. Jae-Hee understands and does his best to comfort her.

The next day in LX fashion, Seo-A rushes over to her mother’s office and tells her that Pil-Hong called her uncle to confirm that they had a child together. Seo-A heads to see Chae-Woon next to relay this latest development. Chae-Woon is not convinced she is telling the truth and knows that it is all too convenient for her. Seo-A urges her to consider Jung-Won and the position she is in.

Jun-A calls Hae-Deun as she didn’t show up to work. She tells him she is sick so he decides to pick up her project for their next client. Jae-Hee arrives in his office and tries convincing him to visit his mother. Jun-A is not sure it is a good idea but promises to see her today.

Meanwhile, Min-Jae walks over to the villa, determined to sneak the dictionary back in. She runs into Jung-Hoo and is surprised that he is working. She asks him for a glass of water to take her medicine and accidently leaves the book behind.

Jung-Hoo picks it up and remembers the day he gave it to Soon-Jung and how upset Min-Jae was as she wanted the book. He understands how upset she must have been so he purposely leaves it on the table, enabling Min-Jae to quickly sneak in and retrieve the book.

On their way to work, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee see Pil-Hong walking by. Jae-Hee remembers Na-Ro’s words and quickly runs after him. He then shouts his name and Pil-Hong turns around, confirming his suspicions.

The Episode Review

What a shocking cliffhanger! Jae-Hee now knows his employee is Chae-Woon’s father but I don’t think he will tell her quite yet. I can imagine he will confront the man first before saying anything. I don’t think this is a good idea as I’m sure Chae-Woon would want to know the truth and might feel betrayed that her boyfriend kept this from her.

I was glad to see Man-Jung and Hwak-Se reconciling finally while Jung-Hoo carries on embracing his new personality more and more. I am quite curious to see what will happen between him and Min-Jae, whether they will get back together or if he will end up with Soon-Jung. I predict the first option as it is more likely to happen, considering how selfless Soon-Jung always is.

Poor Ms Kim faces a really big dilemma for her company. We can see she really wants Chae-Woon in her life but she has so many people ready to take everything from her. I feel that she should act more confidently and face all the toxic people in her life; Seo-A being the main one. These confrontations are bound to happen soon, which the show will inevitably build up to as we slowly edge to the finale.

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