Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 2 Recap & Review


The second chapter of Homemade Love Story develops its characters further as each settle into their story arcs. While some can be a little predictable, the drama is still entertaining nonetheless and has interesting elements to keep you watching.

Episode 2 of Homemade Love Story starts where it left off with Chae-Woon meeting her potential birth mother. The adoption worker tells them that they still need to run some tests to confirm it. While they’re run, the two share some food together.

She meets her adoptive mother for lunch afterwards but still feels guilty about her secret.

After leaving her daughter, Soon-Jung takes the bus back and sees the strange woman she met at the park. She runs after her but the woman pretends she doesn’t recognize the girl.

The strange woman then meets with a man and the two mention their boss, a certain Pil-Hong, before being joined by a third young man.

At home, Soon-Jung discusses her strange encounter with Hwak-Se. Back at work, things are awkward between Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee. The latter helps with her indigestion, which embarrasses her.

Meanwhile, Hae-Dun clashes with the singer, Se-Mi, from the group emerald. The latter manages to rile her up, mentioning that she should have groveled before being kicked out.

Hae-Dun doesn’t take it though and accuses the singer to have no talent. She then goes on to mention her breakup with Ra-Hoon.

During a meeting, Jung-Hoo asks the board members why other companies are doing better than them. His brother-in-law, Min-Seok, explains that they have had the chairmen’s sons as strong successors.

This angers Jung-Hoo as he knows his son is not interested in taking over the company. At the same time, Jae-Hee visits his mother and the two discuss how strained his relationship is with his father.

After some failed interviews, Man-Jung joins Hae-Dun at a bar where Hwak-Se is singing. On their way home, Hae-Dun admits to her aunt that she is looking for her birth parents but asks her to keep it a secret.

Chae-Woon arrives home and is surprised to find her potential birth mother there. She quickly takes her away before Soon-Jung sees. She knows deep down that she is not her real mother. We then see a flashback of Pil-Hong asking someone to seek out Soon-Jung as she may be the one looking after his daughter.

Later in the evening, both sisters argue over Chae-Woon trying to find her birth parent. She defends herself and explains that she wants to see the face of the people who abandon their children.

Elsewhere, Man-Jung asks her sister if she can stay in the free room. Ra Hoon joins the sisters in the bedroom and they end the evening reconciled, sleeping together just like they used to when they were little.

In her bedroom, Soon-Jung writes in her diary. We see in a flashback that she met Chae-Woon’s potential birth mother. She then looks at an old picture and mentions Jung-Won, whom she thinks she did a great wrong to.

The next day, Min-Jae receives a package from her friend Jung-Won featuring a very fashionable outfit. She decides to meet her for a drink and asks to stop sending her clothes as they’re not her style. There is a little bit of tension between them when Min-Jae gives her food.

At work, Chae-Woon receives some amazing news when she learns that she’s won the fashion contest. Her family is ecstatic and they all celebrate in the evening, discussing her promising future.

In the morning, Seo-A returns to the office of LX fashion and is surprised to see who the winner of the contest is. Chae-Woon later arrives but is told that her win has been cancelled as one of the judge claims that she’s committed plagiarism.

Chae-Woon insists that she didn’t but this pleading is in vain. She then rushes home to find the proof that it was her idea. After going through the trash, she finds her old sketchbook and brings it back to the company.

They still refuse to let her see anyone so she decides to follow the CEO, Jung-Won, to her home on a bike.

Determined, she rings the doorbell claiming that she didn’t copy anyone’s work. Jung-Won opens the door and Chae-Woon explains what happened. Distraught and weak, she collapses in Jung-Won’s arms and calls her “mom” as she faints.

The episode ends with Jung-Won having a flashback of a day she was playing with her young daughter.

The Episode Review

Poor Chae-Woon reminds me a little of Kim Cheong-A from Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life as she is down on her luck but wants to work so hard to get what she wants.

Seo-Ah is evidently the evil character here and it will be interesting to see the reason why. Their future interactions will be very dramatic, especially if they are really sisters.

While we can already guess what will happen with some of its characters, there are still plenty of mysteries waiting to be unfolded.

Who are the people after Soon-Jung and just what happened in that orphanage? I am looking forward to discover the answers to those questions in the upcoming weeks and slowly getting hooked in this weekend drama!

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