Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 29 Recap & Review

A Special Jumper

Episode 29 of Homemade Love Story starts as Soon-Jung reveals that the chairwoman did ask her to raise Seo-Yeon. The old lady insists that it was Pil-Hong who brought the baby to her, pretending that his daughter was kidnapped to make up for money he lost gambling.

In a flashback, we see the chairwoman calling Soon-Jung, warning her that Pil-Hong was coming and to run away with Seo-Yeon. Soon-Jung confirms that Pil-Hong was the one who originally gave her the baby but after failing to hear from the chairwoman, she went to their house.

There, she saw that the parents were grieving for their lost daughter and as she was about to reveal the truth to them, the chairwoman begged her not to. She was sending Jung-Won to the States to get better and promised to be in touch with her to get the baby back once Jung-Won was better. Unfortunately, she never did and Soon-Jung tried for years to contact Jung-Won.

The latter confronts her mother, angrily asking her how she could do this to her. The chairwoman defends herself though, claiming all she did was protect her and insists that Pil-Hong was behind the whole thing. Chae-Woon then confronts the chairwoman for how she has been treating her mother and tells her she wont be able to forgive her.

Afterwards, a devastated Jung-Won tells Chae-Woon to go home with Soon-Jung while Jae-Hee drives her. As they arrive at the villa, Soon-Jung tells Chae-Woon to let her know if she ever hears from her Father. Soon-Jung later speaks to her sister in her room about what happened with the chairwoman. Man Jung is proud of her for getting everything off her chest as she knows it must have been so hard.

Meanwhile, all three siblings catch up with what has been happening in their lives. They’re happy to be reunited under the same roof for now. Hae-Deun admits that she currently faces a big choice in her life. Chae-Woon advises to go with the path that excites her the most.

The residents sadly say goodbye to Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee walks her out. They sit outside on a bench where Chae-Woon thanks him for always being there for her. She sadly tells him that now she knows the truth, she realizes that she’s an abandoned child. Jae-Hee then declares his love for her and plans to take all the sadness away.

Back in the villa, Man-Jung decides to visit Na-Ro in his room. After chatting, she finally tells him that she remembers him from when she volunteered in prison. He admits that when he came to Korea he had trouble adjusting and became close to a man who ended up like a brother to him. Unfortunately, that same man did some bad things in his name and got him in a lot of debt, which ended with him being charged for fraud. Man-Jung feels bad for him but she explains that she only wanted to know if he was who she thought.

Man-Jung heads outside after and relays everything to Hwak-Se, who was waiting for her. She tells him she is not sure Na-Ro’s tears were real but Hwak-Se, always so kind, tells her that he opened his heart to her. She calls him sweet and apologizes for earlier. He jokingly tells her that he doesn’t remember but understands her and is happy with the way things are.

Jung-won is surprised when Chae-Woon returns home as she thought she was going to stay the night in the villa. Chae-Woon tells her she was worried and reveals she wants to call her mum. Jung-Won cries tears of joy and thanks her as she has been dreaming about that moment. Jung-Won later sends Soon-Jung a text, thanking her for everything and apologizing too.

Meanwhile, Min-Jae receives Cutie that Jung-Hoo had delivered while the latter receives side dishes Min-Jae sent him. She calls him and both thank each other. Unfortunately, the conversation turns sour again when Jung-Hoo acts hostile towards her. After hanging up, he quickly regrets it as he starts eating the food she sent him.

The chairwoman talks to Pil-Hong on the phone and tells him that Chae-Woon knows everything about him and advises him to lay low. Pil-Hong is not fazed and warns that one word from him and Ms Kim will have to resign from her position as CEO.

At work, Jung-Hoo wears his villa jumper under his shirt. He makes his round and starts making changes, treating his staff better. His brother-in-law is surprised by this change and relays this to Min-Jae. He tells her all the employees are anxious as it is such a drastic change.

Hae-Deun is still having trouble deciding what she wants to do as she starts packing her things. However, when Jun-A calls her to tell her their previous client asks for more tips, she quickly rushes over there. She gives the client more advise and after being successful again, Jun-A asks her to stay and offers a raise. She eventually accepts negotiating the raise.

In LX fashion, Ms Kim tells Seo-A that she won’t let Na-Ro be her assistant. Seo-A is not happy and tries insisting. She later has Chae-Woon come in her office who warns her against having Na-Ro as her assistant as he is not trustworthy. Chae-Woon knows she is keeping him around to annoy Jae-Hee and to try getting rid of her.

As Chae-Woon has hit a nerve, Seo-A starts screaming that she wants her out.

In the evening, Hwak-Se is surprised when Jung-Hoo arrives in his restaurant, ready to work. Jung-Hoo tells him he has been feeling lonely and misses him. He accepts and the two are excited to be reunited.

Soon-Jung later walks by the restaurant and is surprised to see Jung-Woo there. He tells her why he has decided to work there and she explains that she has finally managed to pluck up the courage to get rid of the weight in her chest. She thanks him for the advice and later calls Min-Jae to relay what Jung-Hoo has been doing.

Min-Jae decides to spy on him and when he sees her, reveals that she’s too much while Chae-Woon waits for Jae-Hee to pick her up. She runs into Na-Ro who asks her why she always gets in his way. He starts becoming angry though and threatens her, getting very close to her face. Pil-Hong suddenly appears out of nowhere and pushes Na-Ro away and onto the floor as this dramatic episode ends.

The Episode Review

Soon-Jung finally got her secret off her chest as she confronts the chairwoman with the help of Chae-Woon. It was nice seeing her get rid of her burden and I hope she can finally move on with her life. I would like to see more consequences for the chairwoman now that her daughter realizes just how manipulative she can be but I have a feeling she hasn’t played her final card yet.

Jung-Hoo thinks that the solution for him to be a better person is to wear the villa jumper but, of course, it is all in his mind. He still acts selfishly and is bad tempered around Min-Jae. I can imagine it is because he originally wanted to be with Soon-Jung but still, Min-Jae has suffered enough and I’m not sure she is completely over him.

The episode ended with an interesting cliffhanger too as Pil-Hong came to rescue his daughter from Na-Ro. He is getting very close to her now and once the truth comes out, I wonder how Chae-Woon will react. It is clear he wants to be a part of her life but I am not convinced that there is not an ulterior motive for it.

I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long to find out but for now, Homemade Love Story remains quite the consistent and entertaining weekend drama.

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