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Episode 28 of Homemade Love Story picks up where we left off as Na-Ro arrives in the construction site, claiming to look for someone. Pil-Hong asks the couple if he is a friend of theirs but they deny it. Na-Ro teases the man, telling him he looks familiar but Pil-Hong skillfully lies about ever meeting him.

Outside, Na-Ro and Pil-Hong confront each other about what their plans are. Pil-Hong ends the conversation by warning Na-Ro against hurting Chae-Woon while Jung-Hoo wonders where the teddy he found, comes from. He calls Min-Jae to show her and she recognizes it, calling Cutie, her comfort toy. He doesn’t remember how she got it though so she tells him not to throw it away.

Meanwhile at the villa, Man-Jung tells Hwak-Se she knows Na-Ro from prison. She tells him she doesn’t want to judge him but remembers feeling like he was a fraud the first time she saw him.

Hwak-Se wants to give him the benefit of the doubt though as everyone has their own stories and skeletons in the closet. He remembers that he did when he lived in the street too. Therefore, he tells her that he should know his place given how happy he’s been for the last few days. Man-Jung doesn’t want to end things and decides to tell the truth to her sister. However, when she walks to her she quickly has second thoughts.

At work, Jung-Hoo can’t help but think of the villa and Hwak-Se. He starts smiling again too, which surprises everyone. Talking to one of the terrified cleaning ladies, he realizes again how mean he used to be.

Na-Ro talks to Seo-A about his time in prison and admits that he met Pil-Hong there. The two get quite close when she trips and he catches her in his arms.

Ms Kim has drinks with Min-Jae who relays that her mother has visited Soon-Jung. According to Jung-Hoo, she seemed like she was there to threaten Soon-Jung. Jung-Won doesn’t understand why and asks her if she knows more.

Min-Jae explains that Jung-Hoo could tell that there was something Soon-Jung was not telling him and that the chairwoman was involved. Na-Ro and Seo-A come into her office next as the latter wants Na-Ro to be one of her assistants.

Hae-Deun and Jun-A carry on working together and seem to be getting on quite well. Jun-A later heads over to the LX fashion building and hesitates to visit his mother. He sees Pil-Hong walking by and recognizes him from the construction site. The latter denies meeting before and quickly walks away.

Pil-Hong finally calls Ms Kim and asks to meet. He is very cheerful about this reunion while Ms Kim is dreading it of course. In a coffee shop, Jung-Won confronts Pil-Hong about taking Seo-Yeon from her. He acts all innocent again and thinks that she gave money to Soon-Jung to raise her. He insists that he has changed and asks her to accept him as Seo-Yeon’s father. She refuses and tells him to disappear.

He then spins the truth, admitting that he left their daughter with Soon-Jung but lies that she ran off with the child. Jung-Won gets angrier when she learns that Pil-Hong has weaseled his way into Chae-Woon’s life so she ends up throwing a glass of water in his face. Unbeknownst to them though, manager Gu has witnessed the exchange.

In the villa, Chae-Woon surprises the residents with a visit, which makes everyone happy. They tell her what has been happening with Ba-Reun, while Ra-Hoon finally comes clean to his sister and Aunt about not being in college. They are surprised at first but all become emotional when they realize how hard he has been working. Hwak-Se breaks the tension with his usual comedic self and clears the air for everyone.

Jung-Hoo visits Min-Jae in her store and learns from her brother that Jung-Hoo is now acting all nice to people at work. She is annoyed that he is still the same with him though.

Suddenly, Professor Son comes in with flowers and macaroons for Min-Jae. Jung-Hoo watches the exchange and becomes jealous when Son asks her out. He manages to convince Min-Jae to work overtime so she has to decline the offer.

Soon-Jung returns home and finds Chae-Woon waiting for her. She asks her daughter why she visited the chairwoman. Chae-Woon tells her that she doesn’t want her to be mistreated anymore and want them to go and confront her. Chae-Woon calls Ms Kim and they all agree to meet. Jae-Hee returns home too and offers to give them a lift.

Back in the store, Jung-Hoo criticizes Min-Jae for liking macaroons. She gets angry as she realizes one day that she shouldn’t stay married to someone who made her eat snacks in secret. She suffered a lot when married to him and even felt guilty when he had amnesia, believing it to be her fault.

She regrets ever falling in love with him and is fed up with him popping up in her life all the time. She tells him to throw away Cutie and declares that he won’t bother her anymore.

Walking home, Jung-Hoo realizes he was better when he had amnesia. At home, he suddenly remembers where Cutie came from. In a flashback, we see Min-Jae and Jung-Hoo coming back from his father’s birthday celebrations. Min-Jae worked very hard for the dinner and revealed that it was also her birthday.  Jung-Hoo had never given her a present though as he thinks birthday presents are a waste of money.

Suddenly, he saw that there was credit left in a crane game and he won a teddy. He gave it to Min-Jae for her birthday, which made her very happy as it was the first present he ever gave her.

Realizing how much he has hurt Min-Jae, Jung-Hoo sobs and starts washing Cutie, apologizing to Min-Jae over and over again.

The episode ends with Chae-Woon and Soon-Jung meeting with Ms Kim and heading up to see the chairwoman. The latter is surprised to see everyone in her flat so Ms Kim tells her Soon-Jung is there to tell her something.

The Episode Review

This latest episode of Homemade Love Story gave us more of an insight into Min-Jae and Jung-Hoo’s story. Poor Min-Jae really suffered for years with Jung-Hoo, in what was clearly a one-way marriage.

I couldn’t help but feel so sad for the woman as he never even celebrated her birthday. Their story arc is certainly one of the more interesting in the show as we have seen their characters change and evolve throughout the weeks.

Jung-Hoo has been realizing just how selfish and horrible he has been to his wife too, and it was quite heartbreaking to see him cry while washing Cutie. He is starting to make changes though as he donned the clothes from the villa, but I do think he really needs to become the best of his old self and new one.

Pil-Hong finally met with Jung-Won, which of course sparked a tense reunion. This also sets the scene for a confrontation between our main three women and the chairwoman. Hopefully, the truth will finally come out and the old woman will get her comeuppance.

The drama has remained really consistent since the start and done a good job building up its multiple characters. There are a lot of dramatic moments in the series too but some of the characters do bring comedy into the fold, which balances the darker scenes really well.

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