Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 26 Recap & Review

Double Date

Episode 26 of Homemade Love Story starts with Ms Kim explaining to Chae-Woon how sorry she is for the past. Chae-Woon understands and tells her she doesn’t resent her. Ms Kim also lies about not having seen her father in a long time.

Seo-A comes home drunk and after hearing her mother talk to Chae-Woon, receives a call from Na-Ro. He tries to get her to come out but she is too depressed to move. After Jung-Won leaves, Chae-Woon receives a call from Soon-Jung who wants to make sure she is ok at home and work. Chae-Woon lies and promises that everything is fine.

In the morning, Jung-Hoo decides to cook rice by himself. Min-Jae calls him and after taking his time to answer, eventually answers. Min-Jae knew he would do that and he puts on his usual abrupt tone, asking her how to switch the rice cooker on. This surprises Min-Jae who starts noticing difference in him.

In the villa, Soon-Jung asks Na-Ro if he knows anything about the post on the company website. He dismisses it and asks how she found out about it. Jae-Hee quickly comes in to stop Na-Ro from being too insistent. The rest of the house later come down to have breakfast and talk about what James and Chae-Woon like to eat.

In Ms Kim’s house, tension rises at breakfast when Jung-Won suggests going for a trip altogether. Seo-A mentions that she is older and that it is a bit weird that her sister is dating her ex. Chae-Woon defends herself though and reminds her that they never dated. This angers Seo-A who starts screaming on the table.

Later in the morning, Jae-Hee finds out from Soon-Jung that it was the chairwoman who sent her the post while the latter learns that Chae-Woon is dating Jae-Hee. This makes her angry as she knows that Seo-A is smitten with him.

After warning Na-Ro again to stop causing trouble, Jae-Hee wonders if Na-Ro went to prison and met Pil-Hong there. We then cut to the latter who is still plotting against Jung-Won and has managed to cut ties between Na-Ro and Kim.

In LX fashion, Chae-Woon also confronts Na-Ro about the post as she believes he has teamed up with Seo-A. He dismisses her so she warns him that she will make him pay if he carries on.

At the construction site, Pil-Hong continues to charm his way through to Jae-Hee. The latter calls Chae-Woon while Pil-Hong is listening to the conversation. Jae-Hee tells her that he has been asking his detective to find her birth father. Unfortunately, it is proving to be difficult so he has been thinking of another route; a potential connection to Na-Ro.

Soon-Jung rings Jung-Won to tell her about the message her mother sent her. Jung-Won reassures her that everyone is fine but asks her if her mother has been contacting her previously. Soon-Jung confirms she has and also believes that she hasn’t accepted Chae-Woon as her granddaughter.

After this, Jung-Won goes to confront her mother straight away about the text she sent. The chairwoman replies that she wanted to make sure Soon-Jung didn’t say anything and insists again that Chae-Woon should stay hidden.

At work, Jung-Hoo starts to realize how unhappy his employees are and that he is the reason behind it. Elsewhere, Hae-Deun meets with Jun-A to help him out again. Realizing her potential, he asks to work with him and promises to make her director. She tells him she will think about it as she may be going to training camp.

Min-Jae visits his son while he is working in a home department store. After talking to Jung-Hoo, she forgets to hang up and the latter listens to his ex-wife flirting with professor Son who also happens to be there. He gets quite jealous listening to them and tries calling his son.

Man-Jung and Hwak-Se meet for a date while Ba-Reun takes Ra-Hoon out for a meal. She wanted to thank him for letting her stay in the villa and also asks him again to be her boyfriend. He is surprised at first but finally agrees to it and the two head to watch a movie.

A hilarious scene follows when Ra-Hoon realizes he booked separate seats. When they arrive at the cinema, they are surprised to find Man-Jung and Hwak-Se sitting between them.

In the evening, the chairwoman visits Soon-Jung again, confronting her about talking to Jung-Won. She defends herself as she wants to make sure Chae-Woon is treated well. Just as the chairwoman is starting to get angrier, Jung-Hoo arrives to save the day. He introduces himself as Jae-Hee’s father, which make Soon-Jung realize that his memories are back.

Jae-Hee meets with Seo-A and tells her what her grandmother did. Seo-A starts drinking a lot again and just as Jae-Hee tries stopping her, she receives a call from Na-Ro. When Jae-Hee realizes who she is speaking to, he takes the phone off her and hangs it up.

Seo-A gets annoyed at him for interfering and tells him there are other men who want to date her. Jae-Hee warns her against Na-Ro as he tells her he is bad news. This makes Seo-A have another one of her really big tantrums. The waitress asks them to take it outside just as Chae-Woon comes in and witnesses her outburst. She then follows Jae-Hee outside as he carries a passed out Seo-A on his back.

The Episode Review

There is a lot of tension in the latest episode of Homemade Love Story as some our characters are facing each other. Both Jae-Hee and Chae-Woon are determined to get the truth revealed about who Na-Ro really is while Seo-A has reached boiling point again with yet another tantrum. She even got herself and Jae-Hee kicked out of a bar. Unfortunately, Chae-Woon witnesses the scene and it looks like this is going to put some dark clouds in her relationship with Jae-Hee going forward.

On a happier note, the scene with both new couples meeting in the cinema was a lot of fun and I am glad to see that some of the residents of the villa are finding happiness. Next on the list is Hae-Deun who, of course, seems to be getting closer to Jun-A. This might also make her dream of living in a rich family come true.

Jung-Hoo is still feeling torn about how he used to be and is slowly starting to understand just how his behaviour has been affecting the people around him. I have really enjoyed his character development and I do wonder who he will end up with in the end: Soon-Jung or Min-Jae. He shares some deep connections with both of them so it could be either.

While some of the stories may be predictable, there are still some that are a bit of a mystery. This helps make the drama even more enjoyable to watch. As we reach the business end of the season, who knows what will happen next!

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