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Episode 24 of Homemade Love Story starts with the chairwoman confronting Soon-Jung about her intentions and demanding that she shuts down the villa so that she can move somewhere far away.

If she does this, the chairwoman will acknowledge Chae-Woon as her grand daughter. Otherwise, she will make sure she has the hardest of times. Soon-Jung refuses to as she wants to watch her daughter be happy. The chairwoman insists though and throws money at her but to no avail – Soon-Jung won’t budge.


Meanwhile, Jae-Hee and his mother call Jung-Hoo to ask how he is doing. The latter dismisses them and acts standoffish again. Jae-Hee then suggests to his mum that they keep quiet about his memories coming back. The doctor explains that he may still feel confused though and develop depression.

At work, Hae-Dun finds out from her boss that her training has been moved forward and that she can move to her dorm the next day. Just as she is about to call Ra-Hoon to tell him the news, she sees him and Ba-Reun working together in a food truck.

The truth finally comes out so Ra-Hoon reveals that he failed the entrance exams three times and didn’t have the heart to tell his mother, especially seeing how hard she always works. He gets very emotional about having lied for so long as he didn’t want to let anyone down.

At the construction site, Pil-Hong gets closer to Jae-Hee. Elsewhere atwork, Chae-Woon longs to meet her father. As she heads out, she runs into Jae-Hee who is bringing her some much-needed food.

They then talk about his father and Na-Ro before she has to head back to work. Seo-A has also been watching them and quickly runs after Jae-Hee before he leaves.

She is angry that he came here to see Chae-Woon and begs him to stop dating her or she will make her life even more difficult. Unfortunately, Chae-Woon comes back down to give Jae-Hee his scarf back and witnesses their conversation.

Ms Kim calls Soon-Jung in the evening to invite her to a styling event. Soon-Jung tells her she is not sure it is a good idea. Ms Kim understands and has some kind words for her friend, thanking her for everything she did for Chae-Woon.

Meanwhile, Hwak-Se waits from Man-Jung to return from work. He gives her a big hug and the two walk around the neighbourhood. Hwak-Se tells her that an old woman came to the villa, who has left Soon-Jung very upset.

In his house, Jung-Hoo has trouble forgetting the villa and starts cleaning just like he did when he lived there. He start missing the times he had with his son and believes he won’t be the same now.

In LX fashion, Chae-Woon is working late and happens to be visited by Jun-Won, who gives her daughter words of encouragement. Chae-Woon then bravely asks how she lost her all those years ago.

Jun-Won explains that she was really ill back then but knows that it is not an excuse and apologises. After clearing the air, the two walk home, laughing and having a good time. When they get IN, Seo-A comes out of her room very jealous to see the two together.

In the villa, Ra-Hoon feels guilty and almost tells his mother the truth. Ha-Deun stops him though and – unbeknownst to him 0 we learn that Soon-Jung actually knows the truth but is not sure she should tell him.

The next day, Jung-Hoo returns to work and thanks his staff for working hard during his absence. However, he overhears two of his workers talk about how they were happier when he was away.

At the construction site, Jun-A surprises his old friend Jae-Hee. After catching up, he confronts him about hurting his sister and asks him to do something about it.

It’s the day of the fashion event and a nervous Chae-Woon rehearses her speech. Min-Jae arrives and gives her some words of encouragement, followed by Soon-Jung. Both women leave to sit in the audience and they talk about Jung-Hoo.

The event starts and Chae-Woon holds her own as she announces the different styles of clothing on the models. Suddenly, one of the models doesn’t turn up as we learn that their outfit has disappeared.

In the audience, Seo-A gives Na-Ro a knowing glance, showing that they are of course behind this. Chae-Woon calls Seo-A on stage and uses her to showcase some of their products, recovering from the previous awkward moment.

After the show, the chairwoman berates her daughter, Seo-A and Chae-Woon for what happened. Both Ms Kim and Seo-A try to defend Chae-Woon but the chairwoman wants none of it and demands that she gets punished. Unfortunately, Min-Jae and Soon-Jung overhear the whole conversation.

Afterwards, Chae-Woon heads back in her office and hears her colleagues speak about her. She apologises to them and assures that she didn’t get her job through nepotism but hard work. They all seem to believe her and Na-Ro tells them that they are getting very good responses online from the event.

Ms Kim has no other choice than to reprimand Chae-Woon, which she does with Seo-A in tow. Chae-Woon apologises and Seo-A walks away with a smirk on her face.

After a meeting, Jung-Hoo decides to leave work and heads over to the villa. He finds Soon-Jung there, who invites him inside. He still pretends to be James though as he knows no one from the villa knows he has regained his memories.

The episode ends with Na-Ro anonymously posting pictures on the work bulletin board of Chae-Woon and Ms Kim together and mentioning that they could be mother and daughter.

The Episode Review

Seo-A and Na-Ro have turned up the heat in their scheme to take Chae-Woon down in this latest episode. Chae-Woon did a great job at recovering from the mishaps they created though, but unfortunately the chairwoman is adamant to also make her life difficult.

Poor Soon-Jung had to witness it all and I am sure Jung-Won struggled here too when she had to reprimand her.

The episode also ended in a cliffhanger with Na-Ro publishing the truth, which will only spell more trouble for our main girl going forward. They may have won this round but I am sure Chae-Woon has not had her final say yet.

Jung-Hoo is definitely feeling torn since regaining his memories. He is back to his old self but can’t help but remember how he felt in the villa. This is really an interesting take on the amnesia trope and I am looking forward to see it develop some more over time.

Ra-Hoon had quite the emotional confession to make as well this episode and I am glad we are seeing more of the secondary characters.

We are about to reach the halfway point of this weekend drama and so far, the story has been quite dramatic but enjoyable too, thanks to its decent actors, entertaining plots and fun characters!

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