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Episode 22 of Homemade Love Story starts with Jung-Hoo remembering some of his past just as Min-Jae arrives in the villa. He carries on cleaning while his ex-wife announces to Soon-Jung that she is here to take him home. After mentioning her divorce, she explains how difficult her life has been and the depression she is going through. Despite all that, she wants to try her best to help get Jung-Hoo’s memories back.

After the conversation, Min-Jae decides to slowly reveal the truth to Jung-Hoo. She first tells him that they are married but he doesn’t believe her and thinks that she wants him to pretend to be her husband as he knows he looks like him.

Min-Jae insists that he is, which makes him wonder if Jae-Hee is his son. Min-Jae confirms it but Jung-Hoo is having a hard time coming to terms with this reveal. He refuses to leave and starts getting agitated. Soon-Jung comes back and tries convincing him too. He then begs her to stay which makes Min-Jae cry and throw a tantrum over it.

The next day, Chae-Woon heads to work at the construction site. She jokes around with Jae-Hee, who later greets the new engineer. As fate would have it, that turns out to be none other than Pil-Hong.

In LX fashion, Na-Ro and Seo-A plan what their next steps will be. They want to break Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee by using her criminal father.

Back in the villa, Soon-Jung uses her calm mannerisms to explain everything to Jung-Hoo. Finally realizing that they are telling the truth, he agrees to go home with Min-Jae. He bids an emotional farewell to Soon-Jung and Hwak-Se, eventually following Min-Jae.

While walking, he remembers more of the past before suddenly being startled by men chasing someone. This scares him as he thinks they are creditors and he runs away. Unfortunately, he falls and bangs his head in the process.

Jae-Hee takes Chae-Woon to LX fashion and gives her a gift; a miniature version of Samgwang villa and her family. As she heads in, she comes face to face with Na-Ro who asks her if she moved to Ms Kim. She confronts him as she knows he was one of the people who didn’t want her to move there. She knows that he was after her because of who she is. She asks him to leave the villa but he refuses to go.

Chae-Woon heads into Ms Kim’s office and is greeted by the CEO and Seo-A. The latter acts like she’s fine with the situation and welcomes Chae back to the company. Jung-Won takes Chae-Woon shopping next, but she feels guilty and thinks of Soon-Jung.

At home, Hae-Deun notices that Chae-Woon’s things are gone. She realizes quickly where she is so she heads to Ms Kim’s house to confront her. Chae-Woon doesn’t say much though and promises to talk more once they are both less emotional. She heads inside where Jung-Won shows her her new room.

Outside, Jun-A arrives just as Hae-Deun was about to leave. He wonders what she is doing there and assumes that she is looking for her boyfriend. He mentions that someone he knows lives there but Hae-Deun is not interested in what he has to say. He is almost caught by his mum too, so he follows Hae-Deun who thinks he wants to ask her out.

Meanwhile, Soon-Jung meets with the chairwoman who is not happy that she sent Chae-Woon back to them. Soon-Jung defends herself as she couldn’t keep her away from Jung-Won any longer.

The chairwoman reveals that Chae-Woon heard her talk over the phone about the situation which makes Soon-Jung realize that is the reason why Chae left. She then asks the old lady to treat her as part of the family and warns that she will be watching her.

In the evening, Hwak-Se heads over to his gig which consists of singing at a school reunion. Unfortunately, everyone is too loud and drunk to listen to him. Suddenly, he spots Man-Jung on one of the tables.

After everyone starts booing him, she takes to the stage to defend him and calls him her boyfriend. When the crowd carries on making fun of him, she decides to drag Hwak-Se out the club.

Outside the room, Man-Jung admits to liking Hwak-Se and hopes that she didn’t get the wrong impression about him. Hwak-Se is touched and admits liking her too, but is worried about his situation. She replies that hers isn’t great either after what happened. The two then happily embrace and kiss each other when they realize that they both feel the same way.

In the villa, Ra-Hoon tells Hae-Deun that he has guessed that Chae has gone to live with Ms Kim. They talk about their family while Chae-Woon receives a package full of her things from Soon-Jung. She finds her mum’s dictionary and decides to walk over to the villa. She finds her mother outside, waiting as always and quickly gives her a big hug.

In the hospital, Jung-Hoo has a nightmare about the past when his creditors were after him. When he wakes up, he finds Jae-Hee and Min-Jae by his bedside who are over the moon that he is awake. The episode ends with Jung-Hoo finally remembering and calling Jae-Hee his son while calling Min-Jae “honey”.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Homemade Love story sees some important developments for some of our characters. Jung-Hoo gets his memories back, which was a very emotional moment for Jae-Hee and his mother. I am intrigued to see where the show will go next for those three and I am really hoping Jung-Hoo will carry on being more like “James”. The last scene of the episode showed a dark look on his face though so this may not come to fruition.

Let’s not forget Hwak-Se and Man-Jung who have come forward with their feelings. I really love those two together; they have great chemistry and some really fun scenes! Can we have a Hwak-Se and Man-Jung spin-off please?

Chae-Woon is still struggling with her decision to move out though, which brought her back to Soon-Jung at the end of the episode. It doesn’t help that Seo-A is so difficult and of course, her grandmother is dead set against having her in the family. Pil-Hong is also getting closer to her and I am sure we will see more of him and his scheme to get what he wants.

The latest episode was definitely one full of twists and turns as always. It may not be the perfect drama but it remains an entertaining one nonetheless and easy to get hooked on!

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