Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 21 Recap & Review

Tears and Tantrums

Episode 21 of Homemade Love Story starts as Soon-Jung runs after Chae-Woon who has just left in a taxi. She collapses to the floor crying but eventually heads back inside. Everyone is still busy having fun but Man-Jung notices something and follows her sister into her room.

Soon-Jung tells Man-Jung that Chae-Woon did the right thing and the two end up crying together again.

After calling her siblings, Chae-Woon rings the doorbell of her birth mother’s house. Ms Kim rushes over when she sees who it is but Seo-A gets angry. Chae-Woon asks her to stay, which of course Ms Kim agrees to.

She takes her inside to meet with the chairwoman who pretends to be so shocked – and then grateful that she is alive. The old lady carries on lying and wonders why Soon-Jung was the one who raised her.

Ms Kim retires to her room and calls Soon-Jung to let her know Chae-Woon arrived safely. Soon-Jung apologises for sending her so quickly but she didn’t want to upset her siblings. Jung-Won also mentions that the Chae-Woon is with the chairwoman which worries Soon-Jung. She then sees a call from her earlier in the day and wonders if that it the reason why Chae left.

Back in the lounge, Chae-Woon quickly confronts her grandma though as she thinks she knows where she has been all along. She mentions she heard her over the phone and is determined to get to the truth and clear her mother’s name. The chairwoman pretends to be shocked about the accusations just as Seo-A and Jung-Won come back in the room. Chae-Woon has to change her story and tells them she thought she got a call from her grandma earlier.

After heading outside for some fresh air, Chae-Woon is confronted by Seo-A who accuses her of taking her mother and Jae-Hee from her. Chae-Woon defies her though as she knows she was never dating Jae-Hee. This angers Seo-A even more who insists that if it wasn’t for her, they would be together by now.

She then starts screaming at her, claiming that she is here to get revenge. Ms Kim and the chairwoman quickly come outside just as Seo-A screams even louder and collapses on the floor.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoo wonders why Min-Jae has been looking so sad. He suddenly starts remembering snippets of memories which include arguments with both his ex-wife and Jae-Hee.

At the same time, Na-Ro and Jae-Hee share drinks in a pop-up bar. The latter tries to get the truth out but Na-Ro denies everything. Jae-Hee insists as Na-Ro knew who Chae’s biological mum was and asks him to leave the villa. The conversation ends with Na-Ro losing his temper and knocking the table to the floor. Frustrated, he grabs Jae-Hee by the collar and tells him that he should be the one leaving.

Back in the villa, Ra-Hoon wonders how Ba-Reun is now doing while the chairwoman tells Jung-Won that she should do another DNA test. She tells her daughter that she shouldn’t push Seo-A away and thinks Chae-Woon is a lowlife who is better off dead. She reminds her that it’s thanks to Seo-A’s father that they were able to make the company this successful and warns that her aunt and uncle are still after her position as CEO.

Chae-Woon calls Soon-Jung to say good night but asks if she knows who Pil-Hong is. Soon-Jung quickly lies as she doesn’t want her daughter knowing who he is. Jung-Won comes in as she hangs up the phone and gives her some clothes to change into. She insists that she wants to decorate the room herself which makes Chae-Woon remember the time her mother surprised her with her own bedroom.

Jae-Hee returns home and wonders where Chae-Woon is after hearing from Hae-Deun that she had to go into work. After receiving a text, he quickly calls her and berates the girl for not telling him where she went. Chae-Woon explains that she wants to clear her mother’s name and lies that everything is ok. Jae-Hee doesn’t want to hang up as he wants to stay on the phone until she falls asleep, which brings a smile to her face.

The next day, Jae-Hee offers to help Soon-Jung with breakfast. He tells her he spoke to Chae-Woon who is worried about her. He then promises to be there and that she can rely on him.

As everyone sits down to eat, Ba-Reun suddenly arrives to give her key back. She then comes clean to the rest of the villa and explains that she is Jun-Won. She had nowhere to go and had to pretend to be a boy as they told her they only accepted men.

Jung-Hoo jumps in and explains that Ba-Reun had to move out of her previous place to pay for her father’s surgery. Soon-Jung wishes she had come to her but mentions that she shouldn’t have lied. Jung-Hoo quickly comes to her defence and Ra-Hoon promises that nothing happened. Soon-Jung then takes pity on the girl and gives her some breakfast.

In LX fashion, Seo-A summons Na-Ro to her office and tells him that Chae-Woon is now living in her house. She decides that their deal is off and dismisses him. Na-Ro then asks for approval to be by her side if he manages to get Chae out of her house.

Meanwhile, Chae-Woon meets with Jae-Hee. They are both happy to see each other before discussing the current situation. They spend a sweet moment together but Chae-Woon can’t help but think that their relationship will affect Ms Kim. Unbeknown to them, Pil Hon is watching from afar.

In the villa, Soon-Jung is busy packing Chae’s things away, crying while listening to the song “Red Dragonfly”. Jung-Hoo hears it too and grabs his head as he starts having memories of the song. The episode ends with Min-Jae entering the villa and Jung-Hoo remembering the two girls staring at him in the same way when they were all a lot younger.

The Episode Review

What another emotional episode for the residents of our favourite villa! Many tears were shed and tantrums were thrown. Both Na-Ro and Seo-A threw their dummies out as things are not going their way.

Seo-A had the biggest fit of rage though and as always both her mother and grandma indulged her too much. Hopefully, they will eventually see through her spoiled attitude and teach her a lesson.

It looks like Jung-Hoo’s memories are slowly coming back now, which will be very interesting to see since he has been acting differently. Will he stay kind and caring towards others? I certainly hope so as I have enjoyed seeing this side of his character.

Learning a bit of backstory from Ba-Reun was quite welcomed too and I am sure she will end up staying in the villa. As expected though, things are going to become more difficult for our main couple thanks to Seo-A and the chairwoman, who has now taken the crown of most evil character after her comment regarding Chae-Woon.

Just how the story will develop for all our villa residents remains to be seen, but one thing is guaranteed – we will have plenty more dramatic episodes, full of fun moments, tears and of course tantrums!

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