Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 17 Recap & Review

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Episode 17 of Homemade Love Story starts with Ms Kim not believing her friend. Soon-Jung explains that Pil-Hong came to her, asking to take care of Seo-Yeon for a few days as he claimed that her mother couldn’t cope with her newborn daughter.

In a flashback, we see Pil-Hong bringing Seo-Yeon to Soon-Jung and giving her money to look after her. We then cut to Ms Kim finding the crib empty and Pil-Hong telling her Seo-Yeon has been kidnapped.

Back in the coffee shop, Ms Kim realizes what her friend has done and starts screaming at Soon-Jung. Chae-Woon arrives at that same moment and helps her mother. Overcome by emotions, Ms Kim collapses and is taken to hospital.

Chae-Woon then walks Soon-Jung home. The latter is not happy that her daughter quit her job after working so hard. She also feels guilty about keeping her to herself. Chae-Woon dismisses her words though and tells her that she doesn’t need her birth mother as she is convinced she abandoned her, despite what Soon-Jung has said.

She wants to quit her job and claims that Soon-Jung is her real mum, especially since she loved and raised her.

Later that day, Ms Kim wakes up in hospital with Seo-A by her bedside. She sends her daughter away who deep down has guessed what made her mother unwell. Hae-Dun serves Seo-A’s brother, while Jun-Ha and Ra-Hoon start their new job in a food truck.

Meanwhile, Min-Jae tries to call and text her ex-husband. Jae-Hee texts her back and pretends to be his father but she still wants to meet. He then decides to ask Jung-Hoo to “pretend” to be his father and talk to Min-Jae. He explains that he needs to be abrupt and cold which he barely manages to.

Angry about the situation, Seo-A storms in the villa to confront Chae-Woon and Soon-Jung. Jae-Hee is surprised to see her there and wonders what is going on. Ms Kim arrives soon after and asks Jae-Hee to take Seo-A outside. The latter explains that her mother fainted because of Soon-Jung claiming that Chae-Woon is her biological daughter.

Inside, Ms Kim asks Soon-Jung why she kept this secret from her all these years. She tells her that even her mother checked Seo-Yeon’s body and that they had her death registered.

In a flashback, we see Ms Kim’s mother begging Soon-Jung to raise Seo-Yeon for a few years. She explained that it was the only way to keep Jung-Won out of Pil-Hong’s clutches. Once she gets fully recovered in the States, they will take the child back.

Back in the present, Soon-Jung tells Jung-Won that she can’t tell her why. Jung-Won wants to take care of Chae-Woon as she knows that they will lose their house next year but she also thinks Soon-Jung wants to use her money.

The rest of the household happen to have been listening so Man-Jung walks in and defends her sister. After she leaves, Chae-Woon does the same so Jung-Won decides to get a DNA test done. Chae-Woon refuses though and insists that she will quit her job.

Afterwards, the rest of the residents digest what they just found out. Ra-Hoon and Dae-Hun head into their sister’s room who tries to reassure them about the situation.

In the evening, the chairwoman calls Soon-Jung after she text her. She is surprised she told Jung-Won the truth. Soon-Jung confronts the old lady about what she did in the past when she asked her to look after Seo-Yeon.

However, she admits that she didn’t tell Jung-Won about what the chairwoman did. She will take the blame as she doesn’t want her to suffer more if she finds out what her grandmother has done.

A few days later, Chae-Woon is in better spirits and decides to help her mother in the kitchen. The rest of the family come down and everyone sit down for breakfast. Chae-Woon then walks Jae-Hee off to work. He tries to convince her to go back to work with him but she refuses.

While working, Jae-Hee learns that Chae-Woon has applied for a job in Busan while Soon-Jung arrives in LX fashion and gives Ms Kim the DNA results.

Jae-Hee then rushes to find Chae-Woon and berates her for leaving as he offered her a job. She explains that she is in desperate need of fresh air and will earn some money in Busan. Jae-Hee then tells her he will miss her too much and asks her why she keeps ignoring his feelings.

She is surprised that he still likes her though after what happened. He tells her he really likes her so she walks to him, admits that she likes him too and the two share their first kiss as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

The latest episode of Homemade Love Story shows us the aftermath of the big revelation for our characters. It was a terrible shock for Ms Kim who had trouble understanding why her oldest friend hid such a terrible secret from her.

Soon-Jung hasn’t told her everything yet though as she wants to protect Chae-Woon. I have a feeling that there is more to the story and that the chairwoman is hiding something.

Once Pil-Hong gets out of prison, I am sure more will be revealed in this mystery and also what Na-Ro’s involvement is in this story.

After all that, Chae-Woon has decided to leave for Busan. Will she actually go through with it now that she has admitted her feelings to Jae-Hee? The end of the episode was very touching and the chemistry between the two has really grown over the weeks.

Personally though, I would still like to see more of the secondary characters like Man-Jung, Hwak-Se and the other siblings. Although the return of Seo-A’s brother could bring another storyline here, I am thinking that he might end up with Hae-Dun, which is where her luck might finally turn.

There’s still plenty of time for all the different stories and characters to develop and I’m looking forward to spending more time with the fun residents of Samgwang villa!

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