Homemade Love Story – Kdrama Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Bike Fall

Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee are definitely getting closer as the weeks tick by, which doesn’t please Na-Ro. The actors are doing a great job with their characters and the chemistry is growing with each passing episode. The story carries on advancing at a decent speed too with some revelations and ghosts from the past promising to show up very soon!

Episode 10 of Homemade Love Story starts with Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee hugging. They quickly stop though and walk to a park where they both eat a subway. Jae-Hee reveals that his parents are getting a divorce, which is what has upset him.

Chae-Woon thinks that he needs to support them and that it won’t change anything as they will still be family. Jae-Hee puts his foot in it though and explains that it is not that easy, especially with family whom you share blood ties with.

Chae-Woon is taken aback and tells him that she knows what it is like being in a family, even if she is adopted. Jae-Hee quickly realizes what he’s said and apologises.

On her way back with everyone’s lunch order, Ha-Deun sees her mother waiting for her. She rings and continues lying about her audition while Chae-Woon carries on working hard at LX fashion and impressing Ms Kim. She later finds out in the toilet from her colleague that Seo-A is not Ms Kim’s biological daughter which surprises her.

Back at the villa, Ba-Reun asks if there is still a room available to rent. Soon-Jung wants to give her Man-Jung’s but Hwak-Se refuses as it would make Man-Jung very angry.

Meanwhile, Jae-Hee clears the air with his mother and gives her some flowers. They hug and she gives him the keys for a new car she bought for him.

Ms Kim later calls Soon-Jung and asks her to cater for a dinner Seo-A is having for her colleague. She later looks at the cctv footage around the building which shows Na-Ro lurking around.

On her way home, Chae-Woon heads to the clinic intending to convince Man-Jung to come home after her mother asked her to. Man-Jung is reluctant so Chae-Woon gives her a big hug and apologises.

Later in the evening, Chae-Woon can’t stop thinking about Jae-Hee. She waits for him outside, pretending to do a work out. When he shows up, Jae-Hee teases her with her little teddy he found and the two chase each other around the house.

Man Jung arrives soon after to pick up a few things. Everyone is happy and want her to stay. She refuses though, believing everyone hates her. Soon-Jung gets annoyed and reminds her that she dropped out of school to work so she could pay for her study. Hwak-Se and the rest of the family also join and ask her to stay.

The next day, Chae-Woon and Jae-Hee walk to the bus stop together. He apologises to her again for what he said about her family, then asks her about the teddy. She tells him it comes from her birth father but she doesn’t remember him.

Ms Kim visits Pil-Hong in prison and shows him the picture of Na-Ro lurking around the building. Pil-Hong pretends not to recognise him but asks her about Soon-Jung. Ms Kim is surprised by his questions and warns him against plotting anything while in prison.

In the evening, Soon-Jung heads to Ms Kim’s house with all the food she prepared. She looks around the ground and realizes that Chae-Woon could have grown up there. When Ms Kim and Seo-A arrive home, she learns that Ms Kim is the CEO of LX fashion and who Seo-A is exactly. She realizes that Chae-Woon is probably going to be there and wants to leave.

In the office, Chae-Woon is just finishing before going to the diner but gets a call from Jae-Hee, who urgently needs her help at one of his construction sites. She rushes over to help and berates Jae-Hee as she is missing out on a great feast.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hoo has been following Min-Jae’s instructions she left behind. He still struggles on his own though and remembers the past when he was poor and hungry. He regrets how he treated Min-Jae and falls to the floor, crying.

The episode closes with Soon-Jung heading to the country to visit her late husband’s tomb. Jung-Hoo also happens to be there on a trip. They walk past each other and Jung-Hoo ends up falling off his bike, hitting his head.

He wakes up in hospital with the doctors and Soon-Jung looking at him, asking if he knows what his name is. He struggles at first but finally mutters that his name is James.

The Episode Review

Soon-Jung found herself in a difficult position in this episode when she realized that Ms Kim and Seo-A are Chae-Woon’s bosses. She is also starting to feel guilty and wonders if Chae-Woon would have had a better life there. Will her guilt eventually be too much to bear? And will she have to admit the truth to the people around her? Or perhaps Na-Ro is the one to spill the beans?

There are still a lot of questions to be answered and plenty of time for those to be resolved. Another mystery has intrigued me; what happened between Jung-Hoo and Soon-Jung? They seemed very much in love and with this new encounter, will they get a second chance?

I am definitely looking forward to find out more about all our characters and their past. Homemade Love Story is a really easy and fun series to watch and with a good 50 episodes to get through, it would be difficult not to get attached to the villa family and their friends!

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