Homecoming – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Homecoming Season 2 episode 6 begins with Alex taking the melon back to the hotel room with syringes. We then cut forward to her heading out for a hike and trying to engage in a natural exchange with Walter. The melon, as it turns out, is actually for practice to work out how hard she needs to inject the syringe into Walter’s neck. Stashing the gear in the corner of the closet, she heads up to the cabin in the woods and sneaks in to investigate.

After phoning Geist and realizing Walter may be plotting his move against them, Alex turns the corner and runs into Walter himself who apologises for his behaviour at the bar. He tells Alex he needs to head down to Geist but invites her along to go fishing beforehand.

Out on the road, Alex suspects something up but he remains casual while she tries to find an opportune time to stick him with the needle. Before that though, they speak about Audrey and their relationship before stopping the truck at the familiar location we saw at the start of the season. He plants seeds of doubt in her mind about Audrey before they head out into the woods together.

He confirms that snipers record in yards not metres and thanks to his doubts, decided to follow her that evening and this morning, right up to these very moments. Realizing he’s clocked onto her, Walter chases Alex through the woods now that the jig is up and she confirms that Geist sent her to deal with him given the company got nervous.

Just before she sticks him with the needle, he turns it on her and injects the serum straight into her arm. Backing away, Alex jumps on the boat which catches us up to the events at the start of the season. Just before she forgets everything, Alex phones Audrey and tells her that Walter knows everything and she messed up, which is where the episode ends.

If there’s one gripe with the penultimate episode, it comes from the music choice during the chase sequences in the wood. It’s certainly different but does dissipate some of the tension somewhat.

However, the story has progressed nicely and although the mystery itself is pretty simplistic, finding out what led to Alex’s memory loss has certainly been enjoyable and engaging, especially since Walter has returned in this season. With all the puzzle pieces starting to come together now, all eyes turn to the finale to see how this one will end.

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