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Homecoming Season 2 episode 5 begins with Walter Cruz released from lock-up and face to face with Alex. She calls herself Jackie and holds a fake VA card to convince him she’s there to help. In exchange for bailing him out, she tells him they need to an evaluation on him which they could do over a beer.

Meanwhile, Audrey prints out the paperwork ready for the partnership with the DOD. She heads down to the farmhouse just as Leonard begins to organize Hector and his men to rip up the berries. Only, Audrey shows him the injunction and mentions that the workers need to stop or face jail-time. Instead, Leonard takes the spade himself and begins digging up the plants.

Walter and Alex sit together in Skins and discuss the evaluation, with her pretending to be in the airborne. As they continue to talk, he shows her the PTSD brochure and confirms he was given treatment from Geist. Midway through talking, Alex phones Audrey and tells her things are completely harmless given Walter doesn’t know what’s really going on.

Heading back out, they have drinks together where Walter decides to try and pursue this matter no matter what given how poorly he was treated. Alex takes him aside and crosses out the different soldiers on the photo as a way of convincing Walter that these men killed themselves by asking so many questions. He pauses when Alex mentions the sniper hitting a target from 1100 metres before eventually kicking off and confirming he’s going to get answers no matter what.

Bunda meets Audrey and tells her she should be leading the project. She comes up with an idea of a launch event with big balloons and making the project fun to bring in prospective buyers. With the project in her hands, Audrey delegates and tasks Lane and the other workers to get the place geared up for the party.

Alex phones Audrey that evening and asks how her day was while retreating back to her hotel room, eyeing up the Geist test tube in the bin. Realizing what she needs to do, Alex heads out to the supermarket and begins buying ingredients, with the camera zooming in on a melon as the final shot of the episode.

Seeing Alex and Walter together in the diner as they discuss his past certainly starts to shine more light on what’s really going on given Geist hired her to keep him quiet. Ironically her interference in the matter has actually acted as the catalyst to get him geared up to do something and hit back at those residing at the company. Walter deliberating over Alex mentioning metres when discussing snipers is certainly worth picking out too, especially given the paused emphasis and zoomed shot of Walter’s face, and I’m sure this will probably be picked up in future episodes.

For now though Homecoming has felt like a perfectly enjoyable thriller. It’s one of those shows that feels designed for a one-night binge and I think watching this in that fashion may actually make this a more enjoyable thrill ride. Question marks certainly remain over how this one will end though.

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