Homecoming – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Homecoming Season 2 episode 4 begins with Audrey meeting Pam Bailey and heading into the hearing, claiming what Geist did was wrong. She takes responsibility for what happened and the situation is seemingly put to bed.

Audrey heads out to Leonard’s farmhouse in the wake of this and confirms that the situation with the DOD may be resolved. Leonard puts his foot down and decides they’re not going ahead with the Roller anymore. Instead, they’re getting back to basics and working on making soap. Midway through talking, Bunda requests a tour of the facility and to bring Leonard along with her.

Walter Cruz however happens to be the wildcard here and he learns that Geist did his treatment. Given they’re a private contractor, the clerk working doesn’t have the answers he wants and subsequently he gets himself arrested after a frustrated, violent outburst.

Leonard takes her down to the farm and confirms they’re going to rip up all the berries and disband the program. Only, Bunda is actually there on behalf of the Pentagon who want to go ahead and partner up on the project, doubling efforts but changing the tactics this time around.

Although Leonard walks away from the deal, Bunda turns her attention to Audrey, convincing her to jump onboard. Given they need someone on the project who knows how to farm the berries, Audrey deliberates on the offer. Given Leonard won’t listen and Bunda sees something in her, back home Alex convinces her girlfriend to accept this brand new contract.

At dinner, Alex continues to plan out their lives as she talks about having a baby together, settling on the name of Olive already. That evening, Audrey struggles to sleep as she receives an email confirming Walter Cruz wants his records from the Homecoming project. Although Alex brushes this off as nothing, Audrey is not so sure.

In the morning Alex decides to put Audrey’s mind at ease and agrees to step forward and deal with the Walter situation. Heading out, Alex gets a hotel room close by but throws the vial from Geist in the bin before heading into prison and bailing Walter Cruz out, which is where the episode ends.

With some nice stylistic cues, including the split screens and continued zoom shots, Homecoming delivers another episode that jumps back in time to fill in more of the blanks. Trying to piece together what happened is certainly engaging and the answers arriving in a timely manner is a welcome inclusion, preventing any filler from being injected into the story.

So far Homecoming has been a pretty solid thriller and while it’s not at the same level as the first season, the pacing is excellent nonetheless and the stylistic cues are enough to keep watching this one.

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