Homecoming – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review



Homecoming Season 2 episode 3 begins in the past with Alex sitting and talking to a girl named Kaya, imploring her to protect herself as no one else will. After this, Alex phones Bob and tells her Kaya is leaving the company before buying some cat litter for Audrey’s cat.

Audrey meanwhile heads down to the reception and receives a call from Pam Bailey at the DOD (Department Of Defence) who confirms an audit is on the horizon and to be ready. Because of this, Audrey remains anxious and believes she’s going to lose her job thanks to the Homecoming project. Alex shrugs it off, suggesting she quit while she’s ahead but Audrey’s loyalty to the company means she refuses to take that leap.

Instead, Audrey holds a meeting with Colin and as we cut back and forth between this and her conversation with Alex back home, she successfully coerces Colin into signing a waiver to accept responsibility for the Homecoming Project.

After gaining his signature, she heads up and speaks to Leonard, introducing herself and confirming the DOD are getting involved but Colin will take responsibility. Only, Leonard remains baffled and confused over what the Homecoming Project actually is and calls Colin in to question him. After a lot of groveling, Leonard fires Colin and Ron as Audrey takes the reigns of the project in the wake of this destruction, promising to deal with the DOD investigation.

Back home, Alex gives her encouragement and tells Audrey she can deal with this. We then cut across to Walter Cruz who gets back in his car but flashes of the past continue to haunt him. So much so that he crashes into a sign by the side of the road. Back home he sifts through his old belongings and finds a picture with his old army buddies. Determined to find out what this all means, he shaves off a section of his hair at the back, observing what lies beneath with a mirror and leaves, which is where the episode ends.

With answers surrounding just who Alex really is and more information surrounding the Geist company, Walter Cruz returning for this second season feels like he could be the wildcard going forward. Of course, there’s still the question of how Alex ended up in the middle of the lake and quite who the man was who ran away from her but I’d imagine these answers will be given sooner rather than later.

Visually, Homecoming continues to look great and the camera work is consistent throughout too. While it’s not quite at the same level as the first season, there’s plenty of scope for this one to grow going forward.


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