Homecoming – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Homecoming Season 2 episode 2 begins with Jackie heading outside and finding the car with a bag of cat litter in the boot. With little clues to go on, she buys a taser and makes her way to Audrey’s house. Sneaking inside, she hears Audrey on the phone leaving a voicemail for Alex asking just what happened that night and to contact her.

Hurrying back to her car, Jackie races off in hot pursuit as Audrey arrives at Geist ready for an upcoming launch event. Jackie hangs back, watching her from afar until confirming to one of the workers she’s there for testing. The group leader takes her into a focus group for a perfume product test. Realizing where she is, Jackie impatiently tries to leave.

Audrey meanwhile arrives at Leonard’s greenhouse and questions him over the upcoming event and their new partner calling the shots at the company. Jackie meanwhile tasers the group leader and sneaks away, managing to make it into Audrey’s office where the familiar Geist test tubes happen to be held. A picture of herself pinned up on the wall acts as another distraction that catches her attention.

However, Leonard’s booming voice snaps her out of her thoughts. He tells the eager listeners in the atrium a story about giants and things take a turn for the worst. Audrey cuts his mic to act as damage control as Leonard warns about what’s coming. Balloons rain down from the sky and music plays, drowning out his message as Jackie and Audrey both cross paths and lock eyes.

Audrey throws her arms around Jackie and kisses her, calling her Alex and asking where Walter Cruz is. When Audrey notices Jackie’s blank expression, she takes her away from the party and somewhere more private.

With more trademark Esmail shots, including the overhead shot with the stairs ripped right from Mr Robot season 4, the mystery continues to deepen this episode. Geist is much more prominent this time around too and Audrey bringing up Walter Cruz at the end is indicative of where this season may be going as it ties the past into the present. So far so good though and quite what will happen next, remains to be seen.

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