Holy Family – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Son of The Moon 

Episode 8 of Holy Family season 1 starts with Santi darkly narrating how nature can sometimes be wrong and lead to fatal consequences.  The scene then cuts to Aitana quickly packing and saying goodbye to Abel. She no longer wants to be around Gloria, and the whole Marcos situation has her on edge. She asks Abel to run away with her, but he says he can’t leave their mom behind. Like the frog in Santi’s narration, Abel refuses to jump out of the water until it is too late!

Aitana tries to persuade Abel to join her, but he refuses. In the end, she gives him a letter to deliver to Gloria. Abel assures her this is not the end for them, and they will reunite. They say their loving goodbyes and Aitana leaves.

Elsewhere, Caterina remains antsy as she waits for Germàn to return. On the other hand, Blanca prepares her son for his school show. She insists he is ready even though the little boy is anxious and has no desire to perform in front of the public.

Who has been lying to whom?

As things get hectic, Abel visits Germàn in the place where Gloria is keeping him hostage. Abel is pissed and hurt that Germàn has lied to him. It dawns on them that they have both been lying to each other; they don’t even know each other’s real names. Germàn asks Abel to kill him and flee.

In the meantime, Fernando calls Caterina to make sure all systems are a go, and the baby’s kidnapping will proceed as planned.  Fernando plans to escape with the kid when the baby is in his hands. He warns Caterina to ensure things go as planned; if not, she should be prepared to pay the price.

After talking to Germàn, Abel gives Gloria an ultimatum. He asks her to get ready and start packing. He says he is calling the shots moving forward and informs her that he has released  Germàn. He gives her Aitana’s letter, threatens to leave with the baby if he returns, and finds her unprepared to leave. He reminds her that he is all she has left and should tread carefully. 

What happens to Aitana after leaving?

In her last letter to her mother, Aitana mourns the death of Julia( her mom’s real name). To Aitana, Gloria and Julia are two different people. Julia was a loving mother, and Gloria is the mother from hell—a nightmare for her children. After leaving the house, Aitana stops by Marcos’ funeral and plays his favourite song for him. It is her last way to honour him. While there, she runs into Natalia. Natalia begs her to talk, and they leave together.

What happens to Blanca and her family?

Her husband returns home, and they fight about his promotion at work. Blanca feels like her husband has been ignoring his duties in the family. She tells him she is trying to be a good wife and mom, but he doesn’t even try. She leaves with Lorenzo( their son ) and heads to the school. Unfortunately, Lorenzo runs away during the performance, leaving Blanca devastated when she realises he is not ready.  In a way, she realises maybe she has not been the good mother she claims to be!

What happens to Pedro and Alicia?

After the devastating news that the adoption won’t go through, Pedro is initially distraught. By the final episode, he has gone through most of the stages of grief and is now ready to accept the new reality. He decides to focus on Alicia and promises her they will be fine. Alicia worries they might be giving up too quickly but allows Pedro to move on. 

However, Pedro’s determination to forget about having kids is tested when Caterina stops by and asks him to watch her daughter. She casually brings up the prospects of Pedro and Aicia becoming foster parents and notes he will be an awesome dad. She leaves the young girl in his care and heads off to take care of business. In her mind, she left the child with Pedro because she knew she would be safer there. In retrospect, it seems like Caterina actually cared about the child and is not as heartless as we believed her to be. 

What happens to Caterina and  Germàn?

After being released by Abel, Germàn calls Caterina and informs her about Gloria’s plans. They agree to meet at the cross street near Gloria’s house. Caterina leaves the kid with Pedro and gets to work. She drives to the meeting point, but Germàn betrays her by crushing into her car. She passes out from the impact, and Abel witnesses the whole scene. He tries to wake Germàn up, but it is a futile attempt. With time running out, Abel flees the scene. 

How Does Holy Family Season 1 End?

As Gloria packs, Aitana returns. Aitana has had a change of heart after talking to Natalia. She is at the house to pick up Hugo and return him to his rightful mother. Of course, Gloria sees this as a betrayal and asks Aitana how she can do this. Aitana blatantly points out that Gloria’s actions are causing Natalia pain. She, of all people, should know what it feels like after losing a child and shouldn’t put Natalia through the same pain. Aitana picks Hugo and leaves a stunned Gloria behind. 

Aitana takes Hugo to the park to meet Natalia, but Gloria follows. She demands to get Hugo back and stabs Aitana in the process. Amid the commotion, Abel arrives and orders everyone to get in the van. He holds Natalia at gunpoint and forces her to come along. As they hurriedly walk to the van, Gloria spots Lorenzo looking at them. He skipped the performance and was hiding in the park. 

The show ends with a flashback of the good times when Natalia took a family photo and everyone was smiling.

The Episode Review

Gloria is a woman going through so much pain, and it has caused her to make some big mistakes. After losing Santi, it seems she starts having a breakdown and really sees herself as Hugo’s mom. Her actions led to the family hiding, and her remaining kids paid a huge price for Gloria’s decision to kidnap the kid. 

On the other hand, we have Caterina and Germàn. These two worked well until Germàn fell for Abel. In retrospect, that was the beginning of the end for their mission. It was also Gloria’s downfall because Able also fell for Germàn. 

The situation is exacerbated further when Aitana also falls for Marcos, forcing Gloria to take him out of the equation.  There was no way anyone’s plan was going to work out.  Gloria had not thought about the pieces of life that no one can control. In her grand plan, she never thought her kids would fall for other people and betray her. 

As we head into season 2, how will things play out? It seems Abel is now in charge. Aitana is clearly not happy about being stabbed by her mom, and then we have Natalia. This is certainly not how she pictured her reunion with her son. What will happen to the child Caterina left with Pedro? We would also like to know if Caterina and Germàn survived that fatal accident and what Fernando will do next. 

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