Hollywood – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Hooray For Hollywood Part 2

Episode 2 of Hollywood begins with Jack taken downtown but he makes bail thanks to Ernie. Unfortunately Ernie has another job for him to do that night; escorting Avis to the auction house and then out dancing. Given he has a screen test in the morning, Jack tells her he can’t be too late but it turns out she’s actually married to Ace, who happens to own the studio.

Raymond meanwhile visits Miss Wong and speaks to her about his script. He discusses the ideas he has but she scoffs at the notion, given the prejudiced views in Hollywood surrounding Asian women. He remains adamant that it will work though and advises that Ace Studios may well take it on. When Raymond gets there, he learns from Dick that Anna was snubbed in a previous role despite an award-winning performance.

Jack completes his screen test but it’s not good, to say the least. He shouts, turns his back to the screen and awkwardly shuffles off screen. Dick scoffs at the idea of him being a star but Ellen Kincaid sees something in him – deciding to give him a shot.

Camille meanwhile gets her big call up and manages to shift her takes effortlessly before heading home to Raymond. He continues to sift through scripts but the only one he finds that’s appealing is Peg, a movie adaptation about Peg Entwistle jumping off the Hollywood sign. Raymond chooses this as the picture to pitch going forward and after it’s green-lit, Claire Wood tells Jack that she’s going to put her name forward to be part of the cast.

After another intimate evening with Archie, Roy heads off to a meeting with an agent named Henry Wilson, who decides to take him on but under the pretense of him changing his name to Rock and following his every instruction… including forced oral sex.

As the episode closes out, Jack meets Archie and Raymond at the studio and talks to them about the movie.

Essentially acting as the second part of a single episode, Hollywood starts to shift into more social commentary this time around with lots of speeches about inequality and racial tensions. While this in itself is fine, the plot seems to meander a little as we’re introduced to several different characters and learn about their backstories. Unfortunately this feels a little contrived at times, with long-winded exposition used rather than natural show-don’t-tell themes. Still, the production and casting is excellent and Jim Parsons is brilliant in the role as the icy Henry, keeping this one interesting for the time being.

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