Hold Tight – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Password

Episode 4 of Hold Tight picks up with Nika being interrogated by her kidnappers. They want the password to get into the tablet, which she soon divulges – Nikola2002. It appears that their end goal here is some sort of file but which what this is and what it entails is a mystery.

The guy, Natan, soon turns his attention across to torturing her, complete with brass knuckles. However, Nika is ready for him. Having managed to break her binds earlier in the episode, she takes a pair of scissors and stabs him in the shoulder. Nika flees, straight across this abandoned trainyard she’s been kept in. Although the woman with Natan catches up, she decides to let Nika go.

Meanwhile, Anna and Michal head over to Pawel’s, desperate to speak to Kaja. She claims that Adam and her have only just started to message each other, but he now knows about the spy software. Adam’s parents are forced to delete the app, as Adam messages Kaja and relays through her that he’s “disappointed in them both.” Apparently he’ll be back soon, but first he wants Kaja’s help.

As she skips out, Adam messages Michal and tells him that he’s not ready to come home yet and that he needs more time. Anna believes something is up and goes to the police. Only, Kaja has been there just prior to this and apparently the officer actually spoke to Adam himself on the phone. This directly contradicts Kaja’s account at school later on though, when she mentions that Adam is afraid of the police.

Kaja heads off to visit Guru but when Gajos finds out, he hurries after her. Kaja finds Joanna but she feigns ignorance, claiming she doesn’t know who Adam is and he only showed up a few times.

When Kaja walks back from the club, she’s stopped by Bartosz, the man whom Anna hit originally. Thankfully, Gajos appears and manages to to save her from a particularly nasty situation.

Pawel heads to the police station and questions the candles and the abandoned scene. The police have already ruled out foul play as we know, but the officer does admit something strange is going on in town. Nika’s parents came in earlier and reported them missing, and the list of those who have disappeared is growing longer by the day.

Kaja eventually heads home but she’s worried, given Adam has now stopped texting. At the same time, Nika is picked up and heads in to see the police, repeating her story. She also retraces her steps to find the abandoned house. However, when she and the police get there they find the place has been burned, with all evidence destroyed. Marek, one of the other officers, finds Renata’s body in a separate location, courtesy of a drone.

While this is going on, Inspector Oliwia from the Bureau shows up and tells Anna she needs to be questioned down at the station.

The Episode Review

Numerous people have gone missing, some showing up dead and others alive. However, the one person who hasn’t appeared is Adam. The whole mystery is centering around him and what happened to Igor but at the same time everything feels a little too convoluted and disparate with the two kidnappers.

What’s on the tablet? What are they looking for? And how does Guru tie into all of this? I’m sure we’ll find out soon rather than later but with two episodes left, the show does also feel a little messy.

Despite that, Hold Tight is still very watchable and there’s plenty to like with this one, given how many people appear to be holding secrets.

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