Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! – Episode 5 Recap & Review

Super Bitter, Super Sweet

A karaoke session where Minami sings her heart out opens Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! Episode 5. The fact that she can sing amazes her classmates. Following this, she helps Tsubasa and Sayuri in choosing their song selections. The trio and their classmates then have a discussion about Valentine’s day. On Valentine’s Day, Minami offers chocolates to everyone, not just a special someone, which is a relief for Tsubasa. On the other hand, Sayuri claims she would rather put her money into her hobbies and isn’t interested in making chocolates.

Later that day, Minami and Sayuri run into each other at the supermarket. Minami tells Sayuri that she’s there to pick ingredients to make chocolates. Then, since Sayuri wants to make chocolates for her, she asks her for help in picking the ingredients. On their way home, Minami casually brings up the subject of Sayuri’s feelings for Tsubasa, which causes an uncomfortable silence from both of them.

Tsubasa is seen studying and getting ready for his exams later that night, while Minami has made chocolates for her classmates. Then, after realising she can’t make chocolates on her own, Sayuri calls Minami for help. In her haste to help Sayuri, Minami spills milk and soy sauce over her chocolates, ruining the batch. But she continues to be polite and hopeful when she speaks to Sayuri. This gesture truly touches Sayuri.

The following day, Minami distributes store-bought chocolates to her classmates, including Sayuri and Tsubasa. Later that day, though, while she and Tsubasa are alone in a classroom, she eventually opens up to him about how she ruined her chocolates. Following that, he lifts her spirits by playing the piano.

On the other hand, Sayuri happens to overhear the exchange and so she gives Minami and Tsubasa the chocolates she made. Following that, they celebrate their time together with a chocolate party.

The Episode Review

In episode 5, Tsubasa’s friends at karaoke are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Sayuri acts uninterested at first, but then she runs into Minami as they both stand back and admire the Valentine’s display. She proceeds to approach Minami with a question.

Just like the previous episodes, this one is enjoyable, lighthearted, and entertaining. The episode also has a lot of heartfelt moments that make the story more compelling and meaningful.

Tsubasa, Minami, and Sayuri’s friendship is the show’s strongest element. Watching the charming chemistry among the three of them is a pleasure every time. Their individual arcs, however, are underdeveloped, which is one of the show’s biggest criticisms.

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