Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! – Episode 2 Recap & Review

It’s Super Warm Inside the Snow Fort

In the opening scene of Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! Episode 2, Fuyuki sneaks up on Tsubasa while he checks over a flier. After understanding that he is eager to attend the Kitami Winter Festival, Fuyuki tells him that she will go with him.

On her return home, Fuyuki informs her mother and younger sister that she will be heading out to the winter festival with a friend and will not be able to join them. She seems reluctant to go now that her childhood memories are flooding back to her.

Fuyuki and Tsubasa accompany each other to the winter festival later on that same day. In stark contrast to his life in Tokyo, Tsubasa is captivated by the snow sculptures, the cuisine, and the surroundings. Fuyuki is relieved because she worried that he wouldn’t enjoy the festival since he hails from a rich background in Tokyo.

On a subsequent stroll with Tsubasa, Fuyuki asks as to whether she can stop by his house. Even though he’s on board, he’s anxious about bringing her to see his grandma. On the way to the house, they spot a snow mould. Just as Fuyuki is bringing Tsubasa into the snow mould, his grandmother spots them.

Initially, Fuyuki is not well-received by Tsubasa’s grandma. However, after she helps her with her umbrella and directions, she happens to soften up and invites Fuyuki for a cup of tea. Fuyuki brings so much joy to Tsubasa, and his grandmother notices it as she takes the tea for her. The innocent grin on Tsubasa’s face leads her to put her faith in Fuyuki.

The Episode Review

In the second episode, Tsubasa and Minami decide to go to the Kitami Winter Festival. Tsubasa is anxious and wants to know if it’s a date. In the afternoon a few days later, Minami approaches Tsubasa and asks if she can stop by his house. They pass a snow mound on their journey.

The episode is charming, moving, and fun to watch. This episode really sets the tone for the rest of the series and elevates the characters’ likeability and intrigue compared to the previous one.

The show has gotten off to a fun and entertaining start, so it will be interesting to watch how the storyline evolves.

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