Hobbs & Shaw (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Album Review


Track Listing

Time In A Bottle – YOUNGBLUD
Next Level – A$ton Wyld
Even If I Die (Hybrid Remix) – Cypress Hill, Idris Elba & Hybrid
Keep You Alive – Brothers Voodoo
I’m Comin’ Home – Aloe Blacc
Masta – The Movement & Anonymouz
All Roads Lead Home (Hobbs & Shaw remix) – Ohana Bam
Getting Started – Aloe Blacc
Hobbs & Shaw Rocks! – Tyler Bates
Even If I Die – Cypress Hill & Idris Elba



One of the best things about the Fast and Furious franchise, aside from the cars and action of course, is its eclectic selection of music. Blending rock and hip-hop influences, the soundtracks have consistently been one of the staples of this film series. Hobbs & Shaw continues this tradition with another decent soundtrack, one with a good variety of music inspired by, and featuring within, the film itself.

The album eases into proceedings with its first rock track, ‘Time In A Bottle’; the perfect way to start the Hobbs and Shaw soundtrack. Shifting tempo several times across its 5 minute run time, this anthem perfectly captures the mood of the film, settling into a groove early on and setting the foundation for the rest of the tracks to follow. From here, the rest of the soundtrack swings between rock and hip-hop, with ‘Next Level’ and ‘Masta’ nestling itself in the gritty hip-hop scene while an unexpected cameo from Idris Elba shows up for rapping duties in ‘Even If I Die’.

Interestingly, as the album progresses, sprinkles of Latin and Country influences show up too. For the most part though, the soundtrack predominantly sticks to its own rigid set-up of bouncing between its two core genres. If there’s one stand-out track that doesn’t quite work though, it comes from the instrumental Tyler Bates track. It’s not that this doesn’t fit per-se but as the only instrumental here, it feels out of place and stands out for the wrong reason. It’s also worth noting that ‘Even If I Die’ features twice here and despite the first acting as a remix, with only 10 tracks here it is very noticable.

If you’re looking for something to capture the same tone and mood of the film, the soundtrack to Hobbs and Shaw does that perfectly. The Idris Elba cameos work reasonably well and the individual tracks ooze those Fast and Furious vibes, touching on the fun, action-packed feel of the film. It may not be the best Fast and Furious soundtrack in the catalogue, but it is another solid one, making it well worth a listen after watching the film.


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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